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Losing Weight and the Female Body Shape

Updated on February 8, 2018

One size does not fit all – and that is definitely true when losing weight. Women usually fall into four different body shape categories: hourglass, spoon, ruler, and cone. Different shapes require different approaches to losing weight. Along with calorie watching, cardio exercise and keeping a balanced diet, weight training (beyond the skimpy 5lbs dumbbells) can accelerate weight loss.

When speaking of ruler shaped women – those skinny runway models usually come to mind – but there are larger rulers as well. The ruler shaped woman that has weight also has the characteristic of no curves, and lack of muscle mass and strength. An overall total body workout will help these women lose weight, and create curves through muscle growth. Stretching, sit-ups, step classes, spinning, inclined treadmill, squats, and bench/shoulder presses should be incorporated into her workout.

Hourglass women (*sigh*), the shape majority of women wish they were born with are blessed with the goods. These women have the curvaceous hips, chest, and a small waistline. But these women have their flaws too like the rest of us – all those curves can become sloppy if not tended with care. To get those curves back in shape, its suggested that jogging, cycling, crunches, lunges, swimming, bicep curls, shoulder presses and squats be incorporated into the exercise regimen.

Cone women have a large upper body and smaller lower body. Because of the apportionment of their body, exercises should be geared towards strengthening their lower body and reducing weight in their upper body. Some suggested exercises are plank, stair climbing, running, inclined treadmill, leg squats/presses, and dead lifts.

Last but not least, the spoon women – complete opposite of the cone women. Spoon women have large lower bodies and smaller upper bodies. Therefore, their exercises should be geared toward strengthening their upper bodies and losing weight in their lower bodies. Suggested exercises are walking, cycling, lunge, jumping rope, leg lifts and dips, push/chin ups, and shoulder presses.

At the minimum for faster results – workouts should be done three days a week for at least thirty minutes per day. Increase weight once you are able to do three sets of eight to twelve repetitions – gradual increase (three to five pounds) – and continue the increase as you master the sets. Don’t worry about bulking up – weight training in women result in losing weight and toning the body. Increase cardio by three to five minutes per week until you’ve achieve your desired goal.


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    • nestle02 profile image

      nestle02 7 years ago from Florida, USA

      so true - thanks for your input!

    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 7 years ago

      Workouts that tone the body are great for women of all body types