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How to (Temporarily) Fake the Body You Want.

Updated on January 29, 2016

 So your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or eat healthier for glowing skin and hair has come and gone, but that does not mean your ideal body is not within reach. Here are a few products that will temporarily cover, push up, and slim your body until you decide to resume your resolution.

Fight and hide cellulite at the same time with cellulite controlling apparel. Cellulite controlling apparel shapes your body, smoothes cellulite, and often times include ingredients in the clothing to help reduce cellulite and tone skin with continuous wear. Cellulite controlling apparel varies in form which includes stockings to focus on thighs to body suits that focus on stomachs and hips. Popular Brand: Dr. Rey ShapeWear.

Add some junk in your truck with booty enhancing jeans and shorts. The extra padding and lifting support in these bottoms give rounder, curvier looking toned bottom on any woman. Some booty enhancing briefs go as far as incorporating silicone to achieve natural movement and feel as well. Popular Brand: Aerodynamics Dynamic Butt Enhancing Pant.

Cover rosacea, acne, discoloration, scars, and eczema with concealers and foundations that are compatible with your skin tone and texture. Make sure to use productions that do not include irritants like fragrance, talc, dyes, preservatives, or any other ingredients that your skin may have sensitivity towards. Popular Brand: BareMinerals.

Fake toned arms with slimming apparel for your arms. Just slide the apparel over your arms and wear under clothing for slender looking arms. A lot of these are designed like cropped shrugs, so they control back fat at the same time. Popular Brand: Slimpressions.

 Push up bras work well for large and small breasted women. The padding in push up bras gives large breasted women a more rounded shape and helps breast sit higher on the chest. For small breasted women, push up bras can give the illusion of an extra cup size and also pushes the breast together for cleavage.  Popular brand: Victoria’s Secret.

 Wigs and hair extensions are fast ways to add color, length, texture and volume to your hair. Clip-on extensions can be hidden easily under your own hair and lace front wigs blend in naturally with your scalp. Popular Brand: Jessica Simpson.


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