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Why Soda is Bad for You

Updated on October 11, 2011

While we all love to drink those fizzy, sugary, flavoured canned and bottled drinks to quench our thirst and give us an energy hit, there are many reasons why we shouldn't drink them at all. Of course, the non-alcoholic drinks industry is huge and they are not about to go undermining their own products by telling you anything other that what you want to hear about them. meaning that the message that everyone is getting about fizzy soda pop drinks is that they're great to drink and everybody will have a good time if you all drink more.

That, of course is pure hype and advertising manipulation to get you to want the product enough to go and buy it. Its the same with everything these days. The television is awash with commercials for just about anything you care to name and hardly surprisingly, most of it you don't need. But you'll go out and buy it all anyway because the TV told you to!

Here, I'm taking a look at one very specific product from the proliferation of TV commercial madness and that's fizzy, soda drinks and I'll tell you why soda is bad for you.

Soda Bad

Non-alcoholic fizzy drinks that Americans call soda and the British don't are all much of a muchness in that they all contain more or less the same colelction of ingredients with different flavourings and either sugar or sugar substitutes, or artificial sweeteners to make the drinks taste sweet. Here is the first and biggest health risk from drinking this stuff.

The sugar or sugar substitute laden soda drinks are on one level when it comes to being really bad for you, in that the amount of sucrose that these drinks contain is high enough to raise your blood sugar levels to dangerous highs upon drinking them. Luckily for you, your body has a rescue mechanism called the spleen which contains a gland that secretes insulin. Insulin is the substance that regulates blood sugar levels and when you get too high a dose following a can of soda, a similarly large dose of insulin gets released into the bloodstream to counter its effects.

Its is fine if it only happens occasionally, as your body is designed to cope with these situations and clean up the mess you make. But when you do it on a regular basis, and its not uncommon for people to drink their way through several cans of soda every day, then the system that produces insulin gets overworked to the extent that you could be risking becoming diabetic, with type II diabetes becoming ever more wodespread.

If that's not bad enough, all that yo-yoing of blood sugar levels has another side effect in that it causes the body to store all that excess sugar as fat, in cells located in your belly. Ah, I see I have hit a moment of recognition! Yes, there are ads for belly fat reduction everywhere you look.

Why do you think that is?

Extensive research has been done ob the effects of belly fat and why it gets put there and not in other places. One of the results of those researches have uncovered disturbing evidence to suggest that people with increased belly fat are more susceptible to contracting colon cancer as well as other related cancers. This is because belly fat is deemed an "active" fat which secretes substances that nourish cancer cells to grow faster.

Artificial Sweeteners to Die For

Now lets turn our attention to fizzy soda drinks that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. These are usually Aspartame or Sorbitol these days. The artificial sweetener of choice used to be saccharin before the development of the former two, but its links with cancer have been known since the early part of the 20th century and in fact it has been banned on several occasions by governments around the world, most notably the United States, who reinstated it after pressure from diabetic groups who lobbied Congress amd won as far back as the 1930s.

Isn't it interesting to find out how long governments know about certain things and still manage to keep them quiet enough so the general public are not aware!

Well, back to our new friend Aspartame. I'll leave Sorbitol alone for reasons that will become clear soon enough.

If you thought saccharine was a horror story in the making, its got nothing on this contender for most widely used poison on the planet! You may not realise it, but Aspartame is the artificial sweetener that sweetens nearly every sugar free product that is currently produced. It would be fine if it was perfectly safe, because it sweetens products without leaving any discernable after taste as saccharine used to, but it is not. It is actually very far from safe and relatively so few people understand this that its scary.

Just like the untold millions of people smoked and the thousands who died of cancer because they were never told the dangers, and the millions who still smoke because they think they won't get cancer, millions of people trust government reports that Aspartame is perfectly safe. It is certainly not safe

From a health aspect, Aspartame (and Sorbitol) tricks the brain into making you to feel hungry, so even though you think you are helping your diet by drinking sugar free soda, you are actually hampering it because you are more likely to want to eat more and gain weight.

Aspartame contains wood alcohols that become unstable at temperatures over 83 degree Fahrenheit and convert to formaldehyde. This is the stuff undertakers embalm corpses with before burial. It is carcinogenic, which means it can cause cancer. Aspartame in its natural state has been linked with damage to cell DNA leading to healthy cells becoming cancerous.

Well, try googling "Aspartame dangers" and then tell me its safe.

You may brush this information off as mere scare-mongering, but so did all those millions of smokers. The hospitals are still full of lung and throat cancer patients that wouldn't be there if they had taken notice of what they were told about the dangers of smoking.


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  • talfonso profile image

    talfonso 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

    Even before reading this Hub, I knew why soda is bad for you. I'm now participating in a program called "Soda Free Summer," in which you have abstain from soda for 10 days. I've been mostly drinking water (about 10-12 cups) and I've lost 5-ish pounds (and 3.5 total inches, 2.25 from waist) during the program. Thanks for taking the time to write this!

  • GinaCPocan profile image

    GinaCPocan 6 years ago from Chicago

    I loved the info. It supports my anti-Aspartame issue. You touched on a very important point people need to take seriously about Aspartame.

    "Aspartame contains wood alcohols that become unstable at temperatures over 83 degree Fahrenheit and convert to formaldehyde. This is the stuff undertakers embalm corpses with before burial. It is carcinogenic, which means it can cause cancer. Aspartame in its natural state has been linked with damage to cell DNA leading to healthy cells becoming cancerous."

    I knew about this several years back. I was alerted to this by the one and only "Dr. OZ". This is very important information. I actively look for products that do not have Aspartame in it.

    Thanks for the Article. Good information.

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 6 years ago from England

    safiq ali patel thank you for your happy and oh so positive comment. Bless you.

  • safiq ali patel profile image

    safiq ali patel 6 years ago from United States Of America

    Some type errors in this account. And I think it is very well known all over the world that fizzy drinks containing high sugar are bad for people. Other than telling me what I already knew you article doesn't have much new to tell. Also you forget to mention or note that the main drinks maker in the world coca cola use sweetners in their diet drinks that you don't mention.

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 6 years ago from England

    Thanks everyone for dropping in to leave comments.

    Joe you're right in that most fruit juices are high in acidity. Some are worse than others, although apple juice is probably the best of the bunch.

    Its best to stick to plain water as much as possible, although we can treat ourselves once in a while. It just depends on how you see the additives in soda or the acidity of juices as a "treat".

  • JoeBradford profile image

    JoeBradford 6 years ago

    you have to be careful about fruit juices as well, because although they may be natural they can be potentially harmful as well. fruits in general have a lot of natural acids and sugars, citric fruits usually having the most acid, and that can be harmful for your teeth also. everything can be potentially harmful, you just have to learn to use moderation with all things.

  • deancortez044 profile image

    deancortez044 7 years ago from Las Vegas

    Just drink fruit juices instead! It's refreshing and good for our health. Young and adults alike.

  • profile image

    Abida Akthar 7 years ago

    very good and informative hub..inspite of all the awareness people stick to the cans!Sad!

  • fucsia profile image

    fucsia 7 years ago

    I absolutely agree!! I never drink soda...

    We must understand how something as trivial as a soda can be harmful to health nosta! Thank you for sharing this hub

  • profile image

    SamAntone 7 years ago

    Well, this is one thing I think I've about conquered: Nowadays I drink a soda only once in about 3 or 4 weeks. It's nice to see why I'm avoiding them.

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 7 years ago from England

    You're welcome DeBorrah K. Ogans!

  • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

    DeBorrah K Ogans 7 years ago

    Janice White, Nice interesting & informative hub! Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 8 years ago from England

    Thanks Ginsengcare, glad you liked it!

  • Ginsengcare profile image

    Ginsengcare 8 years ago

    It's a very informative hub. Keep it up!

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 8 years ago from England

    The worst of it is that if it weren't for all the aggressive advertising, most of us wouldn't be buying so much processed junk foods in the first place.

    I agree that reduced fat is something to be suspicious about. After all, when you reduce one ingredient, you need to increase another to maintain the product's bulk. If you reduce the fat, guess what usually get's increased? Sugar!

    Home made foods really are the best, because you can absolutely control what goes in and what stays out!

  • 2patricias profile image

    2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

    Thank you for a thought provoking Hub.

    Both of us have tried to go back to eating natural food, and if possible organic food.

    Labels like 'sugar free' give a sense of health, but as you point out this is an illusion.

    We think that if you really crave something sweet, it is probably better to have a moderate amount of something 'real' - such as a home made biscuit with all the ingredients being natural food.

    We are also a bit suspicious of 'reduced fat' foods.

    The thing is all these modified foods seem to give people an excuse to just eat and drink more than the body requires.

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 8 years ago from England

    Thanks Nisha, I doubt whether any governments will have the balls do anything like that. Its down to people power. If enough people stop drinking the stuff and say why, the industry will have to make changes or die.

  • profile image

    Nisha shan 8 years ago

    It is a useful hub without doubt. Many are affected by cancer due to soda. Government should take necessary steps to stop it as soon as possible.

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 8 years ago from England

    Thanks partluck, I also know of people who only drink soda (soft drinks) and they have no idea what its doing to their health - or they don't want to know, which is even worse. Especially as they give it to their kids wholesale. Not good, but hey, you can't force people to change, you can only try to educate and hope they see sense enough to change themselves.

  • partluck profile image

    partluck 8 years ago from Edison, NJ

    Awesome hub. I have been preaching against soda or pop for a long time. It should be treated and used like any snack or desert, it should only be once in a while, and it should not be given to children. I know people that drink only soda, how do they do it? Madness.

  • Janice White profile image

    Janice White 8 years ago from England

    prasetio30, thanks for your comment. You're right that soda or soft drinks accompany junk food and the two go hand in hand in slowly killing us. Plain water is the best thirst quencher there is, but it seems too many people have forgotten that!

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

    thanks for share. Soda is friend of fast food or junk food. Both of the is not healthy for us. better way drink it occasionally. not always we feel thirsty we drink it.