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You vs. Nicotine Gremlins: the Battle of Quiting

Updated on October 3, 2011

Battle of Quiting

You just finished a good meal and without even thinking you grab a cigarette and lighter and head for your smoking chair. Feeling good and full not a care in the world you inhale puff after puff of that tobacco filled paper tube while each breath is a bomb destroying healthy cells on an invisible battlefield (your body). Unknowing that this impulse to destroy yourself hails from a gremlin run propaganda machine of your imagination.

These gremlins are tricky and act when you least expect, they have the power of suggestion on there side. You are losing this battle, because you don't fight. Standing idly by while these beasts use your own forces against you. You march around as if nothing can hurt you thinking you are invincible, while cell by cell nicotine munching pest pull the strings allowing you to believe you are winning this fight. No more!

I say it's time for you to take charge, and dispatch these demons of deception. You don't need nicotine and you don't need smoke filled lungs. They will try to convince you that it's okay, that it's harmless, and a little won't hurt. They are liars! Do not fall in their trap. Sound the battle cry, "I will NOT smoke cigarettes ever again"! This a new battle, a battle of the mind and will. You must regain control of your mind once again. Willpower is your strongest weapon in this fight, use it often. You were created in the image of a creator. You have the power to create and manifest your life. Your thoughts express your will to the universe and provide accordingly. Do not doubt this, for Doubt is a mighty allied force of those tobacco terrors.

Every craving suppressed weakens these nicotine gremlins and drives their numbers down so, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, with all your might. State your demands clearly, tell them to leave and never return. Show them what your made of and stay strong, aware and always vigilante. This is a war to reclaim what is rightfully yours, a healthy body, a clear mind, and a happy soul. Do not allow their selfish ways control you and your life. You will be victorious, as soon as you get in the fight.

No More Butts

Before we decide to get in the fight, we tend to analyze the situation. Weighing the pros and cons as we do naturally with every decision. We have heard all the pros of victory and they excite us. Pros such as; better breathing, decreased illness, and of course life. Then the gremlins start pulling stings and all of sudden we have a list of cons which discourage us. We start to believe we will not succeed or that we really don't want to fight cause we enjoy destroying ourselves. They may also make you think things like; "I don't smoke that much", or "that seventy year old man down the street has smoked all is life and he's doing fine", or "smoking is my only bad habit, I'm entitled to at least one".

These thoughts are not your own, these are the gremlin generated thoughts that have taken your control away in the first place.They are saying I am wrong and you are in complete control. Believe them if you like, it is your choice. However that is the path of a coward and weak minded individual. I tell you this, it takes more strength and endurance to battle these beasts then it does to agree with them. They are the enemy here not me.

If you are reading this, you have contemplated this war before, maybe even failed or are still fighting. Failure is not a good excuse to never fight again. We must go to battle again and again each time fighting harder then before. The monster will not good away easily, they have had years to settle in deep and grow roots of deceit. So put out the butts, and ignore those gremlin urges. Your time has come to fight, and there is absolutely no excuse not to.

I challenge you to grab your gear, lock and load, and enter the war of will against your mightiest enemy... YOURSELF!


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