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10+1 Things you could have done for Valentines but you didn't

Updated on February 17, 2012

Valentines is over

It is until next year. Every year, valentines brings so many people together. Sadly many end up breaking up because they didn't make any effort that day. Here's a 10 things list you could have done but probably didn't and landed on this site:

  1. Buy a gift - You don't show up empty handed for valentines, ever. Doesn't have to be something expensive, but a small something just to show that you thought about it is enough. Shame on you if you skipped this.
  2. Bring flowers - If there's a almost formal day for couples then act formal. Bring some flowers, it won't kill or bankrupt you but it will make the difference between a good and a great valentines. Just one rose can bring up hundreds of emotions and make the date go ballistic if you keep up the pace at which you started.
  3. Dress well - It's probably a good occasion to dress nicely. A nice outfit tells you've put time and effort in and that you have thought about it and that you care about this day.
  4. Groom well - The best outfit and the most romantic gift won't help if your appearance is not at least on the same level. Take your time to be prepared and put some perfume on.
  5. Think about the parents - If you're going to organize something, at least inform them of your plans or your visit. If you're coming over for the first time bring some present.
  6. Make preparations - Valentines is not just a moment, make sure you plan out the day and prepare everything to sail smoothly. You probably don't want anything to go wrong.
  7. Pay attention every day - Valentines is not the only day you should care, take your time to show that you care every day and not just for valentines or it could go very wrong.
  8. Don't repeat what you did last year - It could easily be interpreted that you stopped to care and you're just playing along for valentines.
  9. Spend time together - Don't plan anything, I mean anything else that day. It's just for the two of you and that's the way it should be.
  10. Find the courage - Find it inside of you and do what you planed, none of the other 9 points matter if you give up at the last moment. Stick to the plan and it'll probably be better than expected, unless you're unrealistic.

And the last one, the most common mistake and best piece of advice:

Don't forget its valentines!


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    • louiseelcross profile image

      Louise Elcross 6 years ago from UK

      So true what should have been done. My daughter was gutted because her boyfriend did not get her a pressie on valentine. His excuse was, 'I thought we were not bothering to get each other pressies this year'. I don't think he will be making the same mistake again poor lad. I will get him to read this to make sure he does not make the same mistake again next year. Thanks for hub and welcome.

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland

      welcome to HubPages! I see you have quite the little start here with so many Hubs already. If you need any help at all feel free to contact me or visit the HubPages Learning Center. I love your list of things you could've done but didn't hahah And they all build up to the final point - nothing else matters if you lose the nerve to act.