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10 Unique Valentine Day Gifts for Her

Updated on October 30, 2014
Photo taken by: Unique Hotels
Photo taken by: Unique Hotels | Source

Valentines day is about expressing your connection with those you love. Show those around you that you treasure your connection by putting some thought into those Valentines day gifts. Chocolates, cards, and flowers are fairly cliché. The list below shows a number of unique Valentines day gifts for her.

1. Impress the woman in your life, be it your wife or girlfriend, with valentine gifts for her to make the day extra special. Treat her to a day, or a few hours, at the spa where she can undergo beauty treatments such as facials, manicures, and pedicures that will let her look and feel good. She can also have a massage for a relaxing experience and feel completely pampered and rejuvenated.

2. Surprise her with breakfast in bed. Sometimes people just want to relax in bed, and making the effort to serve her breakfast in bed will really show her you care.

3. Organize a day for her with her close female friends. Talk to her friends about what would work best with them and then let them take charge. She is surely to appreciate that you want her to enjoy quality time spent with her friends.

Photo taken by: Harsha K R
Photo taken by: Harsha K R | Source

4. Plan a trip or short getaway for the two of you. This one may require more planning, and may even be more expensive, but both of you can build memories together. You can spend the weekend at a nearby rented cottage or at a resort. Another option is to plan a short city break where you stay in a hotel and explore the city's malls, museums and restaurants together.

5. Take her to a concert or performance if there are any going on in your area. This option will make for a fun night out together. Take into account her preferences as there may be many options such as local bands, orchestra, opera, and ballet.

6. Make a scrapbook for her and give it to her as a surprise. Include pictures of the two of you together, quotes and inside jokes you may have. If you have other items that you can include such as tickets or postcards, include those in the scrapbook also. This creation is one of the most thoughtful Valentine gifts for her.

7. Buy her a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry. Each time she wear it (whether it's a bracelet, earrings, or necklace) she will think of you. Also, many women feel important when their partner gifts them with jewelry.

8. If she enjoys reading, gift her a book by a favorite author or the genre she likes. Write a personal handwritten message for her inside the front cover.

9. Buy her a unique kitchen gadget or a larger appliance. If she enjoys baking and your budget allows, consider getting her a high end mixture. For something that is more budget friendly, you can get her baking trays and cute oven mittens. There are also many other kitchen items that you can consider getting such as nice wine glasses, coffee machines, or unique kitchen tools that are available in novelty stores.

Photo taken by: Jessica Diamond
Photo taken by: Jessica Diamond | Source

10. If she is not your wife already, you may want to propose to her! Of course, this is if you are seriously considering spending the rest of your life with her. However, if you are, a proposal might be the perfect Valentine gift for her.

Of all these suggestions, the best one is unique to your relationship. Think about a moment that you had together and what that meant to you. How can you best show that moment? If you combine one of the suggestions above, with a unique moment, you'll have a double surprise. Not only did you think of a unique gift, but you also remember something precious in the relationship - and wanted to bring that out!

Now that's a romantic Valentines day gift.


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