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Top Valentine's Gift Ideas For Men 2018

Updated on January 8, 2018

As a married man my tastes are slightly different than they might have been while I was dating, so it's important to take into consideration the situation you and your spouse, boyfriend, or loved one are in. I mention loved ones because many women purchase Valentine's day gifts for their Dad or someone special in their life, and a Valentine's day gift in that situation is very different and obviously less romantic than someone who you believe might "pop the question" to you in a few weeks. If you are looking for your Mom, then check out this hub on the Best Valentine's Gifts for Women.

There are a few other questions you should take into consideration as well when searching for the perfect valentine's day gift for him:

Who is planning the evening?

If he is planning the evening, then he probably already has a nice restaurant or a few events lined up, or at least he'd better right? If he's not planning a dinner, or if you are going to have an evening at home, consider making one of his favorite meals in a way that you haven't presented it before (See my Valentine's Day Cookbook Picks below). If you are planning the evening, consider his pastimes, eating habits, and personality. Would he want to go to a sporting event or perhaps just like to stay at a posh hotel?

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men
Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

What kind of guy is he?

Is he an emotional guy or does he wince when you talk about love dovey stuff? If he's not emotional, then maybe the best gift for him would be something practical that he could use all of the time. Remember that not all men are in to frilly heart pillows or a box of chocolates. Understanding his personality is key. Men who aren't emotional also may not want to go or may not have an attachment to the place that you first met or perhaps the place that he proposed. In that case he might just like something new and exciting.

How long have you been dating? Are you married?

An expensive Valentine's Day Gift may not be appropriate and can even be awkward if you've only been dating for a week or two. In this situation consider a gift that's under $20.

Is it getting serious?

If you have a serious relationship and are close to making the final step, then a romantic and well though out gift is going to be even more important.

*Lovers for Life

If you're relationship has been going on for so long that he doesn't even remember what day you met, then that doesn't mean your gift can't be romantic and meaningful, but make sure to make his gift practical and take his interests to heart. Remember, when you've been together this long, a gift won't make or break a relationship, but it may add some spice or even add to the love that he has for you already.

What type of phone does he have?

It may sound silly, but what type of phone he has is an important clue on the trail to the perfect gift! If he has an inexpensive phone or tries not to carry one, then maybe he's not really into electronics gifts so much.

On the other hand, if he has all the latest and greatest gadgets, then maybe what he really wants is another awesome gadget! (See my electronic gift ideas below). Remember that men love it when you understand them and get them what they want, so any clue you can get is important!

Ask his closest friend

I know what you're thinking. That's you right? Of course it is! I meant his closest guy friend (wink wink). Make sure to ask his friends what type of things that he is into. This is important in both new and old relationships because even though he is closest to you, he tells his guy friends different things than he tells you. If you're worried that he might spill the beans, then don't! If he finds out, then he'll just appreciate your effort.

further further ado, here are my 2018 Valentine's gift ideas for men:


Before showing you some options for a romantic gift idea for Valentine's day, consider your special someone. What would be romantic to them, may not be romantic to you at all. That doesn't mean you aren't compatible and it's not even a bad thing, but when purchasing for someone else consider their tastes.

Romantic Fragrances for Men - Why His Scent is So Intimate

Cologne always makes a good Valentine's Day gift for both you and him. If he knows that he's wearing a scent that is special to the two of you it not only boosts his confidence, it allows you to attach and enjoy that fragrance to him. Jay A. Gottfried of Northwestern University mentions that smell "is embedded within the brain’s limbic system and amygdala, where emotions are born and emotional memories stored." So a good scent not only makes it easier to be closer to him, it brings the two of you closer as well.

Does he enjoy your food?

They say that the way to every man's heart is through his stomach. In my case, this is completely true!

A home cooked meal

Is your man the type that enjoys a home cooked meal? Taking your time to make a meal that will make his mouth water might be the perfect idea!

Chocolates or Meat and Cheese Basket?

Does your Valentine keep candy in his car, at his office, or next to his bed? If so, then you might just have a candy freak on your hands. Consider spending a little extra and have him try something that will make his mouth water.

If he's more of a meat and cheese guy than a candy man, then consider a gourmet gift basket of assorted meats and cheeses. *Personally, I, like many men prefer the meat and cheese gift basket.

A New Restaurant or That Favorite Spot

If he loves going out, then consider a reservation at a restaurant you've never been to before or returning to a spot that means something to both of you.

Black Cocktail Dress (Available in all sizes)
Black Cocktail Dress (Available in all sizes)

Best Selling Valentine's Gifts for Men 2017

Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts for Men:

Would he enjoy seeing you in something a little sexier than you normally wear?

More than anything he wants to see you beautiful.

Although he loves you, he's still stimulated by what he sees around him more than the emotion of it all. This doesn't always have to be some super sexy outfit, and many times he just likes to see you in an elegant and beautiful dress. Having something elegant, tasteful, and beautiful beneath is always a plus for afterwards as well, but getting to that special moment is just as important.

Top Valentine's Gifts for men in 2018:

What type of lingerie should you purchase?

Did you know the #1 best selling gift for Valentine's Day is Lingerie? For Valentine's day, I recommend pink, black, and of course red. As I'd rather not turn this page into one that's just completely filled with lingerie, I've listed a few classy pieces of lingerie to the right. Amazon has one of the widest selections of lingerie on the internet, so if you want to purchase some lingerie as a gift for your man on Valentine's Day feel free to enter the lingerie section through one of the amazon links on the right.

A night away from the normal routine.

*For those married with young kids - Consider getting a sitter or asking your parents to watch the children overnight so that you can stay at a hotel. This will be even more of a surprise if he doesn't know about it. My wife did this for me, it was an incredible surprise and night, and it's the best gift I've ever been given!

Tools for the Practical Man

A practical gift might be exactly what he's looking for. Is he a home body? Would he rather fix something for you to show his love, then cuddle or hold you? If you've answered yes to these questions, then maybe new tools, electronics, or clothes would be the perfect solution.

Keep Him Comfortable

Although he may be practical, it may not be the best idea in the world to purchase a leather belt for your love on Valentine's Day. This being said there are still many other clothing and comfort ideas that would be perfect for a Valentine's Day gift!

My rule of thumb, is that if it is anything that makes him more "comfortable", then it's still an appropriate gift.

Below I've listed some of the bestselling men's slippers, robes, and bed sets.

My Mother told me early on in life to only spend a lot of money on "nice shoes, socks, bed, and bed sheets" because you are in your shoes most of the day and sleeping the other third of the day. I've never regretted it when I've treated myself to these types of things!

Hopefully this hub has helped you pick out the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that man in your life. Remember that with Valentines Day, it's all about the love!


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image


      7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas. Great hub!


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