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13 Frights of Halloween

Updated on September 4, 2017
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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!

Its a FRIGHTmare!

Or am I just your nightmare!

I've seen some Tv stations do a 13 days of Halloween and such (but none do it like the Syfy channel used to when as far as I know it first came about. Every Halloween they'd show the old black and white horror movies mixed with some of the new ones (Turner Classic movies might only show them around halloween as well)

Mainly I thought why not make activitiies to help you celebrate the season? (or ideas for a goofy treat bag and so on,)

but FIRST.... I have an Appetizer!! bwhahahaha

I've had to revise this lens a bit so some of the 'nights' have links for them to take you to the section. Some are still being worked on but give them a try because who knows, there might be a surprise inside!

Decorating Time!

If you haven't started already get the front door decorated at least.

Also be sure to get those yummy Treats (kids will love ya more if you get those mini Snickers & 3 musketeers etc bars.

Minding the Monsters

My dad & I LOVE Jeff Dunham. I think his material is great, and that he has more than or shall I say his dummies have a variety of personalities.

(through them he just shows all the layers of himself. Which I think is great, and what we wouldn't normally say, he projects through the characters and in that fashion can get away with it!)

If you like or Love his work, and Halloween this looks to be a 'dandy' one this year! (the characters dressed up too funnyand some maybe slightly corny jokes but all in good fun)

Day 13 - October 19

(actually the first day)

For the first fright of Halloween


the 13 Frights of Halloween!

The 13 Frights of Halloween 'carol' - (of course sung to the tune of 12 days of xmas)

On the first fright of Halloween my BOOfriend gave to me *(guys use GHOULfriend)

  1. a bat in my Bel-frey
  2. 2 cof-fins & a Bat in my Belfrey
  3. 3 Witches Brewing
  4. 4 Scream Queens
  5. 5 BAAAAAAnshineeeees Wailing
  6. 6 Skeltons dancing,
  7. 7 werewolves howling,
  8. 8 Mummies rapping,
  9. 9 jack O'lanterns,
  10. 10 Owls in a dead tree,
  11. 11 Zombies Groaning,
  12. 12 creaking doors,
  13. ON the 13th fright of Halloween my BOOfriend gave to me...

    13 Blood Bags

    12 creaking doors, 11 Zombies Groaning, 10 Owls in a dead tree, 9 jack O'lanterns, 8 Mummies rapping, 7 werewolves howling, 6 Skeltons dancing, 5 BAAAAAAnshineeeees Wailing 4 Scream Queens 3 Witches Brewing 2 Cof-fins & a bat in my bel-frey

Here's a few Substitutes you can use as well

*Mad Scientists

*Potions Gurgling

*5 Draaagon wings

* Hearse Wheels squealing

* Ghouls

*Trolls Tromping


*Angry Mobs


Day 11 - October 21

Pick a Pumpkin & Carve a Jack O'Lantern day

Jack O'Lantern History

my 2010 Carving

my 2010  Carving
my 2010 Carving

Day 10 October 22

10 Owls HOOTING in a dead tree

The Halloween Tree
The Halloween Tree

Halloween for me is pretty much all tradition. I try to keep certain movies til Halloween to read as well as a few books. Sometimes however you need to change things up or just add something to it. Halloween of 2011 I came across a book called the Halloween tree..... I looked at it and scanned a few pages and realized it was a kids book, but its by Ray Bradbury... So I figured to give it a try.

I'm glad I purchased it as I had fun reading it. It's an adventurous journey through the history of Of Halloween from the time of the Egyptians. It took you through various History and ways of celebrating Halloween, So regardless if you are an adult or a kid It should be a joy for the both of you.

"Do not lose your way in the dark, O dear sweet dead. Come home and welcome here lost in the dark but always dear. Do not Wander Do not Roam Dear Ones Come Home, Come home"


Day 8 October 24

Groaning Zombies shuffling

Check out The Zombie Zone

12 Zombies feasting

12 Zombies feasting
12 Zombies feasting

Day 5 October 27

Ghost Stories

Ghostly Ghasts

Have you a ghostly experience?

Please give me the details and I'll include it here.

as for mine....

It happened in June I forget what year maybe 2004 or 2006 come to mind.

I was at the computer working somewhere between midnight and 2am, and I hear a voice like someone is talking, as if a door is closed and the tv low so sounds like a muffled mumbling.

I turn around in my desk chair and from where I sit I can see the whole apartment but the bedroom 'wing' in which the voice was coming. If a tv was on I would be able to see it flicker, but that was not it. I walk toward the bedroom but here & there I would bend down and listen to the floor but nothing. Look around the corner near my room and nothing is on, Nothing on in the room I hear it coming from.

When I get to the doorway I get a 'flash' image as if someone is motioning their hands in frustration on the window side of the master bedroom. They were either frustrated or trying to warn the person in there I'm am sure as that is what it sounded like. I shake it off to being my imagination or that I was maybe getting a bit tired.

I go back to sit down and try to finish up what I was doing, I hear the voice again DIRECTLY behind me as if soeone standing behind my chair with an airy voice. I turn around no one is there but though I couldn't see whoever it may be I 'locked eyes' with the spirit in a spot in the kitchen it was still talking, 2 clear words came out, but I didn't actually grasp what they were so I will never know (let alone beable to guess) what it wanted.

The next morning I explained this to my mother, she looked at me really odd and freaked out.

Turns out it's my DEAD Aunt Elenor's (that lived in Texas) Birthday for more on Ghosts my lens Ghostly Frights

Ghost Law

Ghost Law
Ghost Law

Day 4 October 28

Scream Queens -Through the Generations

*Jamie Lee Curtis

*Barbara Steele

*Debbie Rochon

*Heather Langenkamp

*Neve Campbell

*Jenifer Love Hewitt

*Sheri Moon Zombie

(Let me know of your faves!)

Three Witches' Brew for you

Witches' Brew for you
Witches' Brew for you

Day 2 October 30

Frankensteins Monster Day


also known as SAMHAIN

(pronounced S-ow-en)

and YES it is the name of a band as well

Apparently a few days have gone Ghost Find them

  • 13 Frights of Halloween Continued
    It's a FRIGHTmare! Or am I just your nightmare! I've seen some Tv stations do a 13 days of Halloween and thought I'd do sort of my own!

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @lollyj lm: Thank you so much Lollyj!!! always nice to hear & Happy Halloween!

    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 4 years ago from Washington KS

      I have always loved Halloween. Loved your fun lens too!! Happy Halloween!