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Ghostly Frights

Updated on October 12, 2016
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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!

Beyond the Veil

Some believe in ghosts; others do not.

There are those that hunt ghosts (& otherworldly beings).

So whether you like 'real' ghost stories, watching paranormal shows, or Ghost *Hunting Adventures (like the way I did that?) yourself I do hope very much I will be able to fit it all here!

*I do not Watch Ghost Hunters they bore me & put me to sleep.. Ghost ADventures onthe otherhand is much creepier to watch as well as more interesting.

Politically Correct terms

For our world that sometimes seems to have to be so P.C. (Politically Correct)

Spirits not ghosts or you can also call them


Etheral being

Types of Spirits

Manes- in Roman culture deities thought to represent deceased loved ones

Banshee - from Irish/scottish mythology usually seen as omen of death.

Kelpie - Supernatural Waterhorse

Wraith- apparition seen of a person just before their death

Phantasm- something heard but not seen

Phantom-Physical manifestation of a deceased person

Poltergeist - a MALEVOLENT troublesomely destructive spirit that creates chaos and mayhem. See the movie & you'll get the idea!~

Revenant - a revenant is normally like a half breed vampire. When a person is bitten but has not died yet sort of like Part human, but somewhat ZOmbie looking but drinks blood like a vampire.

Shade- litarary & poetic mythological word for a spirit.


The Banshee - legend

The Legend of the Banshee

The legend of the Banshee I know of may even be two together. I know they usually look like a hag in white with long flowing white hair. Banshees are a death omen they are sometimes locally called in Ireland Boheentha or Bankeentha with a lengthy mysterious past so much so the toots cannot be found.

From the Banshee Mythology I know of The banshee was once a human woman who's heart was broken and with that first wail of heartache turned into a banshee. When one hears the banshee wail it foretells of death for someone within the house that hears it. Sometimes it's a whole family, sometimes just one.

The most famous of ancient times however was attached to The house of O'Brien Aibill who haunted the Rock of Craglea above Killaloe near the old Palace of Kincora. The method the banshee used in the past is much different from her current wailing (and hand wringing) of our time, but then again as time goes on or in certain countries legends of horror tend to become more Disney Fairy tale. In the old Irish tales the Banshee was was found washing the heads and limbs or blood stained clothes til the water was all dyed with human blood. This would take place before a battle or likely in a dream.

Normally shown as a tall almost skeletal waif with long white hair floating around the shoulders and down her back, with long talon sharp nails and sometimes with a cloak of sorts with a hood. Sometimes her appearance is that of a young beauty, yet the most popular I've seen is that of the fearsome old hag. She utters piercing cries that make your blood turn cold and possibly make your ears run red with blood.

There's an episode of the tv series Charmed in which Phoebe turns into a banshee.

The movie Dead by Dawn is of a Banshee 'haunting'

Banshee image credit

More Banshee legend

A haunting we will go,

I mean Ghost Hunting...

It is widely accepted that high amounts of EMF increase Paranormal activity. Some elements like water (especially running), Limestone and wood are said to retain energy. Places with any or all these may have a high rate of haunting.

I was reading Zak Bagans book Dark World and he says that there needs to be a database for Paranormal Investigators to compare data, and identify patterns when cross-referenced. With the information a haunting may be able to be predicted

-Time & date (especially if it might be residual)

-Temperature reading


- Solar activity

-Moon phase

-Proximity to water

-Surrounding materials of the haunting (type of building materials, Stones, wood, etc & type if known)

-also include audio/video & stills from each of the hauntings

My ideas to include is

- age of the building

- deaths in the building or traumatic event in the general area

-Ley lines

- note if there's good, mean or Demonic spirits

-has there been a possession /Exorcism there

Most Haunted Places in America * Abandoned Places that will send chills up your spine

Catch up on the first few seasons of Ghost Adventures with the Amazon link provided?

Ghost Adventures Season 2 * Ghost Adventures: Season 3 * Ghost Adventures Season 4

Ouija Boards

My own Ghost story

I can't remember what year it was but i'm sure it was between 2004 - 2006, and between midnight - 2am. I was workingo n my computer at home typing soemthing or playing online and I started to hear someone talking, as if someone was in the 'house' (we live in a 2 family home in the top apartment) besides myself & family who was in bed. I turned around and from my desk I could see the rest of the apartment and if there was a tv on I would see the flickering from the rooms, NOTHING.

The 'talking' kept going on to the point I got up & started to listen to the floor, in both the living room & dining room, nothing coming from there either. Then I said maybe the cat walked over the clock radio in my parents room. I went over to the (as I call it) "bedroom wing" (which is my parents room on the left, the bathroom in the middle & my room to the right) nothing on in my room, nothing coming from the radio in mom & dads, but the 'talking' is coming from the room, only it's not my parents who were sleeping and lightly snoring. There was a voice frantic sounding and I got a 'flash' like someone who is frustrated shaking their hands in front of them. This was coming from mom's side of the bed and to me was like it was trying to warn her of something. I also took that frustrated flash as the disembodied voice being frustrated with mom not answering like 'Why won't you listen to me (or answer)'.

My reaction? I brushed it off in a way but thought it was creepy, but thought maybe somehow I can hear someone in the next house (even though it sounded like a live person in mine)

Back at the computer doing whatever I was, when interrupted. I go on with what I'm doing then I hear a voice and feel a presence behind me I so did not want to look, but I did nothing there I can see, but the talking now was coming from stright ahead past dining room and was either in the kitchen on the step down to the indoor porch or a foot away under the lamp on the porch. If there were a person there I would have been looking right at them, no body, not even some weird shadow or anything of the sort you usually hear about. That time I really got the creeps, enoguh to know that now I know how Scooby & Shaggy feels when that yellow stipe goes down their back. With not being able to debunk what was going on logically, I turned chicken and (can't even remember if I shut down the computer) & went in my room to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast I told mom & dad of my err...'adventure' and mom looked at me freaked out and told me it was my Aunt Elenor's birthday (Yeah and she was dead for a few years even before that) So yo go figure.

Mom's story in short.... She has told me she hears in the kitchen like near the doorway something as if a poker game is going on. We also sometimes see a black shadow in the corner of our eye & think my cat has come in the room and when we look she's not there. Mom has even felt as if Sully jumped on her bed but wasn't there.

she's told me Sully (my cat) she thinks is sometimes being chased my a pet spirit. One time Sully was eating her food or drinking water & turned around as if someone turns when they feel someone is sneaking up on them. She runs through the house Bat Guano crazy as if something is chasing her.

Sometimes I will see a shadow or something I cannot explain in my room, Sully also sometimes stares into a corer of the room and all I can think of is a certain part of that movie insidious with that red faced demon.

I don't care what anyone says there is some sort (or more) presence in this house sadly I do not have the equipment to test anything out.

October 2013 (one of the first 4 -5 days of the month, can't remember which it was) I was watching tv or reading in my room and I saw in the corner of my eye 'someone' go into the bathroom or other bedroom. I saw it as a Black shadow like figure, human height. I thought it was my mother and I had said something or other to her but didn't get an answer so I looked in the bathroom no one went in, and I looked in her room no one was there. Looked through rest of rooms and when she saw me she said What? (While looking at me with a litteral face like I HAD seen a ghost.) So I tell her what was wrong and she says ';you saw an ABBARIDGEON?

Me Huh.. What!? Do you mean APPARITION?

Ghost shows

  1. Ghost Adventures Saturday at 9 est. on Travel Channel (re-airs at midnight est)
  2. Paranormal Witness (wed. at 9 on Syfy)
  3. Ghost Hunters
  4. *Ghost Mine
  5. **Celebrity Ghost Stories saturdays on BIO channel

*No longer on air

** Not sure if the series is still going

Ghost Adventures @ Bobby Mackie's

Ouija Boards

When you use a Ouija if you dare... remember it is NOT a game! Even though the phrase to using it, is to 'Play' it.

Take precautions to protect yourself & your 'party'.

here is the Ouija wiki page

Here's a few Rules & regulations to using a board.

How to * Board rules & how to 'play'

This one from what I scanned is the best to heed (being as I cannot find the particular site I am looking for)

You can find my 2014's ...31 days to Halloween entry on the Oujia below

BoOOOooooOOOOooo - Your Ghost stories & feedback

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