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2016: Humorous and Strange Mother’s Day Ads and Greetings

Updated on April 30, 2016

Perhaps it is global warming having an effect, maybe it is the fault of the stars in the heavens, but gosh darn whatever it is, this year has proved slim pickings for screwy greeting cards. For 2016, I only have a few Mother's Day cards to share (to be perfectly fair, maybe the problem is card companies are hiring more observant writers and editors these days!). Anyway, on the up side, newspapers have been teeming with off-the-wall ads.

Please note the following cards and clippings are shared for your entertainment. *The material showcases editorial oversights, questionable double-speak or just weird in general, and don't represent or reflect the extremely serious, sobering, no-nonsense world of professional journalism and greeting card manufacturing*.

* asterisk and the sentence in which it appears denotes only that some glitch in the Hubpages' editorial processing took it upon itself to claim I'd used duplicate text in this Hub. As ridiculous and untrue as this notice was, I hope the inclusion of this useless sentence, as well as the rewriting within my own original and non-duplicated Hub will now please the Google gods. If not, this will probably be the last Hub I submit, because frankly I do have better things to do with my life than working to appease a non-human systematic task master.

Greeting Cards

As sweet as this card looks, I'm pretty sure this first one falls under the classic misspelling file.

This one, however..

This card was found in the bin from mothers wishing their daughters congrats on the first grandchild. But not so tender as one might expect.

Ah, you gotta love those inspirational, religious-themed greetings.

Newspaper Ads

Jiggley-jig, Jello! I do love Jello; but can we just refer to the pans used to set it in as pans? Sounds so much more sanitary, especially after seeing this ad.

Mold again, I suspect!

I don't think these are actual snails. Maybe something a little more slug-ish?

I give this poor kid a lot of credit - despite all the time spent keeping mom in the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed, he made time to hit the books and learn some articulate legaleeze!

Even if the buying and selling of fellow human beings were legal, who the heck wants to invest in a slave who is a heel, loafer or croc? Waste of money, if you ask me.

By "best nite of my life" I'm sure PJ here meant watching a Disney film and making s'mores...or something to the effect.

Like PJ, this dude is looking for his mom. But somehow, I just suspect PJ would pay a little more to have his back than poor Karl here.

A reminder: good bling works just as well for offending dads as it does children!

A pampery? Sounds more like a torture chamber.

In your best Fight Club fan voice, repeat after me: his name is Rowan Atkinson, his name is Rowan Atkinson, HIS NAME IS ROWAN ATKINSON!


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