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5 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Teens

Updated on November 7, 2014

Christmas party games for kids means unlimited fun, gifts, excitement and enjoyment. A number of indoor games can be organized for kids on the eve of Christmas celebration. Games that make a kid active as well as happy would be best. Christmas games for children should be simple and engaging that make them feel the essence of the festival. Here is a list of some easy and uncomplicated Christmas party games:

Christmas Tree for party game
Christmas Tree for party game | Source

Catch the stocking game for Christmas

This game is important for kids as children symbolize stocking as Christmas gifts. What you have to do is hang some stocking of different colors filled with gifts and candies on the Christmas tree. You need a tall Christmas tree to play this game.

A kid has to jump and catch the particular color stocking asked by the other children. Encourage the other children to ask the kid playing the game to catch the stocking that is at more height. Give the player a timer such as 10 to 15 seconds to get the stocking. If he is able to get the stocking, then the stocking gift is his prize. Children of every age group can play this Christmas party game.

You can also play this party game another way also. Ask the children to guess the gift inside the stocking. Let them touch the stocking for few seconds. It would be fun for children to imagine and figure out gifts inside the stocking.

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Christmas musical chair party game

Musical chair is a common party game. The idea is to make it special for the Christmas celebrations. Play a Christmas carol for playing the game. After arranging the chairs, decorate one particular chair with Christmas ornaments. This is the special Christmas chair.

While playing the musical chair game whenever a kid settles down on this Christmas chair in a round, bestow him with a Christmas gift. After every round one kid who does not get any chair gets eliminated and one kid get gift who sits on that Christmas chair.

Kids will love this excellent idea of musical Christmas party game.

Popping Ballon Game
Popping Ballon Game | Source

Popping Balloons on Christmas

Kids love balloons and they will surely like this game. To play this party game push small stationery items, candies, hair accessories in the balloon through the neck and blow them. Now also blow some empty balloons. Place 30 balloons in a room. 5 with the gift items and 25 empty balloons.

Ask the kids one by one to go to the room full of balloons and pop the maximum balloons in a limited time, say 10 seconds. If he pops the balloon with the gift items, he gets it. He will be the winner of all the Christmas gifts inside the balloons which he pops in 10 seconds.

Fun Guessing Game for Kids, Teens

Kids will like this chocolate guessing game idea for Christmas party. You will need a jar full of candies and chocolates. Add an already counted number of chocolates into the jar. Do not reveal the figure of chocolates to the kids. Ask every child to guess the number of chocolates in the jar.

The kid who tells the actual number of chocolates or who is closest to the actual figure will be the winner of the Christmas party game. Whenever a kid wins by guessing the right number, give him all the chocolates as his Christmas gift.

Identify the Christmas Song

Kids are keen of Christmas songs and Christmas carols. Collect some popular music of Christmas songs for the party game. Make two teams of children to play this musical game. Play two lines of song and ask both the teams to identify the Christmas music. The team who recognizes first is the winner. This is a good game to hold a large number of kids gathering and young children.

The spirit of Christmas comes with the party. And this is particularly true for kids and teens. All the above Christmas party games will provide a good time and fun to the kids.


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    • Karen Ray profile image

      Karen Ray 3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Neat ideas. I like the baloon popping activity and guessing number of chocolates in the jar.