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5 Tips When Giving Fountain Pen Gifts

Updated on August 12, 2015

Tips When Giving Fountain Pen Gift

You might be asking yourself, a fountain pen gift? You are right, fountain pens have always made great gifts; they are really fun, personal and stylish. You can not do without them in your every day life. You can never go wrong as there a lot of options of fine pens to choose from. You can on the other hand engrave them to make them personal. Giving fountain pens can fit all ages.

You can choose between porous- point pens, roller ball pens, technical pens, pen refills and bottled ink pens. Any office or stationary store should have all or some of these but the most important aspect is the target recipient and their profession. Teenagers' preference is different from professionals; remember get your gift choice might contradict the likes of the person you want to make happy.

A fountain pen gift is also known to be gender sensitive; a good pen gift for the man is totally different from the ladies'. Some people are sensitive to the shape and color of the gift. They are conscious with what matches with what they are wearing and the color of the car they drive; how well the gift will fit in their pockets or purses and these are some of the factors one needs to consider before heading to the shopping mall.

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Making the Best Choice

Given the available pen's options getting the right fountain pen gift for that special person is very easy. Make your gift list with the brands you know and you will be surprised by the ones not in your pen list but available from your local departmental store or online. To get you going, here are some tips for fountain pen gifts for you to put a smile on someone dear.

1. Evaluate the Handwriting Sample of the Gift Recipient

Start by evaluating the handwriting sample of the person you want to gift. This works very well with fountain pens. Analyze the pen to ensure the nib is fine for small or slime line writing. For a dark and large writing, select a broad nib size. Take samples which are written with fountain pen for better results.

2. Identify the Pen Your Gift Recipient Uses

What type of writing instrument was used to write the sample? In this case, you will have to choose between a fountain pen, ball point pen, and pencil and or roller ball pen. Choose something that is used on daily writing or signing documents or personal document writing. Once you get these details, you will be able to select the right fountain pen type.

3. Know their Preference

Ensure you understand the preference of the gift recipient and not yours. The fountain selection tends to be tempting and what you like is not what others like. Pretend to be the other person for a better search.

4. Know the Recipients' Style

Get to know the other persons style, there are people who are just traditional while others are trendsetters and you have to figure this out before buying the fountain pen gift. Their other personal effects like watches and jewelry should give you a clue. What kind of car they drive and the colors that they love will help you make your final decision.

5. Know Your Pen Gift Budget

Last and not least, determine how much you want to spend on the gift. The gift price will you're your gift list shorter but always remember relatively expensive gift comes with quality, appeal and performance. Gender and age of the recipient should also come into play.There is no better time for giving fountain pen gift than now.


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