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50th Birthday Gag Gifts for Men: Ideas for Funny Presents for the Man in Your Life

Updated on January 22, 2015
Chris Telden profile image

For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

When I first wrote this article, I was closer to forty. It's hard to believe I'm now almost fifty myself. Female, but I'm definitely more in tune with today's 50-year-old guy. These funny 50th birthday gift ideas will bring laughs to the milestone celebration event in honor of your dad, husband, son, male coworker, colleague, friend or guy relative who's turning the big five-oh. When given at parties, the right gag gift can break the ice, put the serious matter of aging into humorous perspective, and delight the birthday guy and guests with funny jokes, wry wit, and silly puns.

50th Birthday Gag Books

Buy him the hilarious Richard Smith's You Know You're Fifty When, full of quips, one-liners, and creative charts and graphs that showcase the irony of aging.

Add on 1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments: Of Which We Could Remember Only 246, a humorous tribute to personalities who had something very important to say, if they could only remember what...?

John McPherson, author of the comic strip Close to Home, has penned Great Sex After 50: And Other Outlandish Lies about Getting Older, (see left) a slim 80-page collection of funny over-the-hill comics that can provide great gag laughs at the party.

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50: 50 Experts on the Subject of Turning 50
50 Things to Do When You Turn 50: 50 Experts on the Subject of Turning 50

To round it all off, team the above books up with the serious and delightful 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50, containing a wealth of advice from celebrities and personalities - just a few include Rabbi Harold Kushner, Garrison Keiller, Harold Bloom, Bobbi Brown, Gary Jobson, and Robert Thurman, all boldly talking about subjects with thought-provoking frankness.


50th Birthday Party Gag Gift: Help Him Through His Midlife Crisis

Looking for laughs to break the ice at his 50th birthday party? Here's a funny gift as well as speech idea:

For a man born in 1962, a 70s or 80s decade wig is the perfect gag gift to present as you give your speech.

As for the speech, just say: "Now that you're turning 50, you're probably worried about getting old and going through a midlife crisis. Of course you have nothing to worry about! But juuuuust in case you start to feel old, here is a gift that will help you recapture your youth whenever you need to..."

50th Birthday Gag Gift Wigs: 70s and 80s Style Hair for Guys

Retro Candy for the 50-Year-Old Guy

A gift basket of retro candy popular during the year of his birth will bring a grin and maybe even a laugh from your male friend or father, husband, or other relative who's reached the age of 50.

Nostalgic candy brings more than laughs, though - the taste of the sweets brings back memories. (I should know. I've had my share of chocolate ice cubes as an adult, and it really takes me back. On the other hand, I've also sampled Hostess Fruit Pies as a grown-up, and nearly gagged from the sugar content. So it depends.)

Humorous Birthday Gifts for Age 50

Since these days, the age of fifty - or even sixty or seventy - is definitely not considered old, over-the-hill gifts are great to tease your birthday guy with.

The Brain Box Senior Moments Game is a funny board game that can be enjoyed by one or more players - and they don't all have to be 50 or older. It can double as party entertainment, too.

Make Him Laugh and Take Him Back to Childhood

He's not getting old...prove it by giving him this model rocket (only if he's game to assemble it, though, or has help available). According to reviewers, it's big, awesome, and lots of fun.

Or try the Ember 2 ready-to-fly airplane, offering a trip back to carefree childhood right out of the box. Make sure it's a wind-free day and go!

And the cool corporate jet is a large, mostly-assembled ready to fly radio controlled airplane with a 31" wingspan.

Remote Control Gift: Funny and Fun

Joke Gift for a Man Turning 50

Although not age-themed, I'd be doing an injustice if I neglected to mention this funny present for a man.

If he's a dude who's all about bacon, or even a guy who's had to moderate his diet because of cholesterol concerns and suffers for it mightily, then here's a way to give him back a taste of that pleasure.

The bacon wallet, fashioned to look as though it were made of raw bacon, is a funny 50th birthday gag gift he'll not just find amusing, not just use an appetite whetter, but also look at every so often to remember the day he was given it, on his milestone birthday.

Gag Gift for 50 Year Old Man: Bacon Themed Billfold

Customize the Gift to the Guy...

A man who's 49 years old will be warned that his upcoming 50th birthday party is liable to present a trial to go through, or akin to surviving the Hindenburg disaster. 

Some of these gag gifts could make him flinch or groan, but they're fairly mild compared to what could happen at his celebration.  They're funny and good-spirited, which is the important part.  But show some mercy - if he's a sensitive guy, the more lighthearted funny birthday presents might be more appropriate than an over the hill gift.

As the author of this article, I may receive sales commissions generated from this page. Read my disclosure statement regarding compensation for this article.


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