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Memorable Gifts For Women in Your Life

Updated on April 1, 2021
Flowers are great gifts for some women. Potted plants can last for quite a long time, with proper care
Flowers are great gifts for some women. Potted plants can last for quite a long time, with proper care | Source

Meaningful Gifts

I absolutely love picking out and making gifts for people. I think it is so fun to find inspiration online, and try new things out. Some of my gifts are homemade, and some of them are lovingly picked out at a store or an online shop. I put in a lot of thought into each and every gift I give.

Mother's Day is coming up, and every year I try to come up with something that will delight my Mom. I usually come up with some pretty good ideas, and here are some of them.

These ideas are great for more than just your mother. These are great for most any female relative, significant other, or friend. I know I would be delighted with many of these, and am always touched by the time and effort in picking out presents.

Creative Gifts

Journal Jar and Journal: This is an idea that I have used once, and it is easy to make. All you need for this project is a journal, a mason jar, and paper. A journal jar can just be a simple, decorated mason jar with slips of folded paper that contain questions or writing prompts, usually of a variety of topics. They can be about childhood, beliefs, traditions, family, or whatever else you think would be interesting. I found this idea on the Organizedhome website. To see more information on this project, and print out the many journal prompts provided, click on the link to the right. If desired, you can write your own prompts.

The point of this gift is for the recipient to gradually take out and write the answers or responses to the prompts onto the journal, and by the time the jar is empty, the journal should be pretty full of information about her life and her views. It is a great gift for someone who likes to write, or who is very reflective. When she is done, she can keep it for herself, or give it to a loved one who would value it.

Recipes: My Mom loves to cook and bake. Over the years, I got some recipes from her, and copied some down from her old cookbooks. During one of those fierce storms in New England, her apartment was completely flooded, and she lost everything. One gift she found very meaningful was a recipe book, full of her old recipes, as well as a few new ones. I went through all of the recipes I had, browsed online, and typed up and printed out ones that I knew she would like. There are many ways to go with this idea.

  • Pre-made Recipe Book that you write photos in. They come in many sizes, from ones that fit into your pocket, to binder size.
  • Recipe Box, either with pretty recipe cards or index cards that you can jot recipes down in. You may decorate the index cards, or leave them plain.
  • Recipe Scrapbook that you add recipes to. I bought one quite a while ago. It came with many decorative papers, and two different size recipe pages to write the recipes on, as well as decorative subject dividers, plastic protector sheets, and embellishments. In this case, you can either complete the scrapbook yourself, with recipes, photos, embellishments and captions, or you can give them what they need to craft it themselves (but maybe add a few of your own recipes, if desired, just to start the process).
  • Recipe Binder that you put together yourself. All you need is a binder, a scrapbook, or a photo album, and paper to write or print out recipes on (either regular or decorative paper), and plastic page protector sheets. If desired, embellish. You can also add photos, like in a scrapbook.
  • Digital Recipe File is something different that might be a good idea for a gift. Type up and/or get together recipe files you have that she would like, and compile them onto a disc or usb flash drive. She can upload or print out any that she desires.

Household Binder/Notebook: This is another idea I got from, so feel free to check out the link to the right. To make it, buy a binder, dividers, protector sheets (if desired), and either print out some of the worksheets provided on the website, or type up your own. This binder can have as many categories and pages as desired for an organized household: emergency list, phone numbers, addresses and birthdays, planner pages, household lists, finances, projects, recipes and menus, fitness, family and school, vacations. The list goes on. It is great for keeping track of important information and events. I have one myself, and I also put one together for my mother last year. Bonus: The same website also has information and worksheets to print out for Christmas! I have enjoyed using my personalized Christmas Planner for the past two years, and it makes the holidays much more organized, and easier to enjoy.

Scrapbook or Photo Album: These are usually very cherished gifts. Get together photos you already have, or go through your digital photos for ones you want to give to her, and have them printed to put in the scrapbook or album. Fill it, or leave space for her to add more later on. Photo albums can be straightforward, and scrapbooks are for those who want to be more creative with the decorative paper, embellishments and captions/journalling.

Digital Photos: Get together all of the photos from your digital camera or computer that she would like. Save it on a disc or usb flash drive, and give it to her to do whatever she pleases with them. As a bonus, maybe include a gift card to a site or a store where she can get some of the photos printed out, or use it to buy a personalized gift with one or some of the photos. There are many fantastic things out there that can be personalized with photos.

Gift Basket: I think gift baskets are a great way to group related gifts together in a presentable way. A few gift basket themes: Movie Night, Coffee or Tea Break, Spa Day, Gardening, Writer's Basket, Sports, Baking, Breakfast, Ice Cream Sundae Party, Fruit, Beach, Aromatherapy, Gourmet Food, Soup, Popcorn, Snack, Spicy Foods, Game Day, Book Basket, Relaxing Bath, or Candle.

Greeting Card Organizer: For those who enjoy sending out greeting cards and keeping track of birthdays and other important dates, a greeting card organizer can be a pretty gift that will help them stay organized. Most of them have an envelope of folder to hold greeting cards for every month, and space to write down birthdays and other special dates.

Coupon Book: Either print out a coupon book template, or create your own. Personalize the coupon book with interesting things you can do for her.

A monogrammed journal with a nice pen to go with it makes a fine gift for anyone who likes to write
A monogrammed journal with a nice pen to go with it makes a fine gift for anyone who likes to write | Source
Aromatherapy and base oils are a few ingredients that can be used to make spa treatments for a lucky woman. See the links below for more information
Aromatherapy and base oils are a few ingredients that can be used to make spa treatments for a lucky woman. See the links below for more information | Source

Homemade Gifts:

  • Baked goods: Bake something that she likes, package it in a pretty way, and maybe include the recipe
  • Gifts in a Jar: There are so many ingredients you can layer in a mason jar, along with the recipe that goes with it. Cookies, soup mixes, beverage mixes, or even goodies that have already been made. Check the links to the right for a few cool ideas
  • Spa Products: I have a few links above to articles that tell you how to make many different spa products that women like
  • Photo gifts: Create a scrapbook, or fill a nice frame or collage frame with meaningful photos. For more personalized photo gift ideas, see the last section

This is a handmade necklace and earring set I bought from an Etsy shop
This is a handmade necklace and earring set I bought from an Etsy shop | Source

Other Cool Gifts:

  • Jewelry: it doesn't have to be extremely expensive. There are many places out there that sell handmade jewelry that is very pretty, often in a beautiful array of colors and styles. Check out
  • Watch: These are practical items that many woman enjoy, and they come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Get one she can enjoy every day, or on special occasions. Maybe get one that coordinates with some of her outfits, or provides a pop of color.
  • Pretty shirt: If you have a good idea of what she likes, try buying a shirt that you think she would look good in. Or a t-shirt with a clever quote or picture. Make sure it is the right size, and be sure to have the option of returning it if necessary.
  • Flip-Flops or Boots, depending on the season. Many woman enjoy shoes, and these are fun items to receive as gifts.
  • Purse: If you know her style, this may be a great gift to buy her. I know many woman who really love purses (both myself and my mother included). It's nice to switch them up once in a while. I have different sizes and colors, so I can use whichever one fits what I need to bring, and the occasion.
  • Makeup Bag: This is another thing I have a few of, and I use them for more than just makeup. They are great for keeping smaller items contained in a purse, for easy access. There are many colors and styles. Some include makeup or accessories (such as brushes), and some are sold by itself. As a bonus, maybe buy (or make) some makeup or pampering products for her.

  • Hat: If she is into hats, get one she may like. There are many styles, for many purposes. Something pretty to wear, a cozy Winter hat during cold months. A baseball cap, or a hat to protect her face from the damaging rays of the sun while at the beach, gardening, or just out running errands.
  • Gardening Tools or Gloves: At the time of writing this, it is Spring. This would make a great gift for a woman who is into gardening, or has expressed a desire to get into it. Maybe even buy supplies for gardening, seed starter kits, or pretty pots.
  • Flowers: If she likes flowers and you know what kind she loves, it can be a meaningful gift. Maybe even buy a potted plant, since it lasts a lot longer than cut flowers. My boyfriend bought a small rose plant a couple of years ago, and it is thriving now! Every time I look at it, I think of him, and how sweet it was of him to buy it for me.
  • Coffee, Tea, or Wine: If she has a particular favorite, it could be a very meaningful gift. Or if she likes to try new things, maybe buy a type that you think she would like (just don't buy it in bulk, just in case!).
  • Chocolates or other candies: Even those who try to stay away from sweets may appreciate the rare treat. Make it something that you know she really likes, and it is likely her face will light up when you give it to her!
  • Books: If she likes to read, a book can be a great gift! Keep in mind the type of book she likes, or the author. If you're not sure, a gift card combined with a pretty bookmarker may be a good idea.

Personalized Gifts:

There are many personalized gifts online. Here are a few examples of the items you can order on many websites:

Personalized Photo Gifts:

  • Photo books, desktop plaques, canvas or acrylic prints, acrylic block, wall art (including dimensional), wall decals
  • Photo calendars (mini, desktop, or large wall calendars, as well as magnetic)
  • Personalized stationery, notebooks, notepads, photo stickers, address labels, gift tags, playing cards, puzzles
  • Photo cubes, desk organizers, mousepads,
  • Iphone case
  • Photo pillow, blanket
  • Photo mugs, travel mugs and cups, water bottles, and photo coasters
  • Apron, potholder
  • Photo tote bags, shopping bags, luggage tags, and apparel
  • Ornament, key ring, bracelet, necklace
  • Keepsake box

Embroidered or Etched Gifts:

  • Acrylic insulated tumblers
  • Etched beer or wine glasses
  • Bowls, popcorn bowl set
  • Engraved ice bucket, cookie jar
  • Cutting board
  • Recipe box, utensil set
  • Bumper magnets, car clings
  • Umbrella, garden flag
  • Embroidered robe
  • Pillowcase
  • Embroidered tote bag, toiletry bag
  • Monogrammed notepad, calendar, list pads
  • Purse holder

My Gifts to My Mom on Mother's Day:

I always like to get something unique for my mom, something that she will enjoy. Many times I ask for ideas, but this year I thought of a few creative gifts

  • I printed out a card for her on the HP Create site, which is now part of the Snapfish site. They have a variety of cards that are free to print at home, and have space to add a photo or a typed message on. For best quality, print out on cardstock, or other thick paper. But even regular printer paper make pretty cards.
  • I ordered a photo magnet from Shutterfly, another great photo gift site. If you register with them, and sign up for e-mails, they send offers for fantastic sales or even free items periodically. In this case, I got a free magnet, except for the shipping and handling.

There's this fantastic recipe for English Muffins that I came across on HubPages. I made them once (freeform), and they tasted great. I know she likes English muffins, and also likes to bake, so

  • I bought her a set of English muffin rings, which are also good for creating perfectly round eggs and pancakes
  • I printed out the main part of the recipe, put them in plastic protector sheets
  • and I gave her the link to view the entire recipe, or to ask questions or comment on the recipe

Last of all, I am calling her in the afternoon of Mother's Day. I already wished her a happy Mother's Day on Google Plus, but I think talking is an ideal way to communicate on a special day such as this.

For the English Muffin recipe I mentioned, check Vespawoolf's link:


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