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A Day to Celebrate Love

Updated on February 10, 2014
Special Day
Special Day

Celebrate Love

I celebrate Valentine's Day because it is a day that is set aside to celebrate love, and in my opinion love is something that should be celebrated.

I believe no day should be “just another day on the calendar” because every day is a gift of life to be enjoyed; however, Valentine's Day seems to be a bright spot right in the middle of winter. Its bright red, pink and purple colors seem to cut right through the starkness of the season and cause one's senses to awaken.

Yes, Valentine's Day is one special day that is set aside each year to celebrate love. Even though most of us celebrate love every day of the year, having one special day to celebrate seems to make it more special for some. Just like a birthday party once a year is a celebration of life, and even though we are thankful for that person's presence every day, setting aside one special day to honor their life is important I think.

Brighten Dreary Winter Days

In the Midwest, our winters were often cold with lots of snow and ice. Sometimes it seemed winter would never end. The days were short and gloomy. By the end of January the joy of Christmas had long since passed and the celebration of a New Year had been forgotten, yet when February arrived and splashes of Valentine’s Day color begin to show up in stores, it seemed to bring everyone’s spirits up and give us all hope that spring would soon be arriving. The pretty hearts and flowers of Valentine's Day, right in the middle of an often cold and snowy February, were just what were needed to spur us on to think happy thoughts of love. It was something exciting that was needed to draw one's mind away from the upcoming income tax filing and perhaps also, from the Groundhog's gloomy forecast of another six weeks of winter. Many of us looked forward to that one day that was a celebration of love. It brought a feeling of anticipation, energy, and excitement as you took the time to choose just the right card or gift for your special someone or family members.

Loving Hearts
Loving Hearts

Heart Felt Love

The flowers and candy given on Valentine's Day are tangible tokens of love and often are visible reminders of love. However, the things I most treasure are the handmade Valentines from my daughter and grand-children, small notes of gratitude from a friend or a small gift given from the heart. These are mementos that last over time and the love they represent can be felt any day of the year just by looking at them.

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God's Love, 1 John 4:16
God's Love, 1 John 4:16
God's Love, 1 John 4:16

God's Love

Although I believe love is something that should be celebrated every day, because God is love and He loves us all, (1 John 4:16) I am still for setting aside one special day to celebrate love and it seems that would be Valentine's Day.

Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

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