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Thank You Letter to Dad from Son: Father's Day

Updated on February 6, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day means different things to different people, a joyous celebration of support and love, reflection of hurt and loss, or even reminder of abuse and neglect. Whether your dad was amazing, absent, or anything in between, celebrate men who are role models to their own children and others in our communities. If you're a dad who isn't stepping up in all your fatherhood responsibilities, handle it now. If you are handling your business, celebrate today.

Thank You Letter to Dad on Father's Day

To: Dear dad,

First of all thank you very much for being my dad. I can remember fights, arguments, hatred and I can remember what it felt like to be as angry as a human possibly can be for no reason at all other than to try to prove a point; a point that I can't even recall anymore. I've experienced the worst, ignored the best. I've lived, grown, learned, and loved; and in the end, it all makes sense. Live, learn and love.

A day like Father’s Day always puts me into a rather introverted mood. I never know what or how to feel. I can remember the summer days and how the heat radiates off of the concrete, kids are yelling from down the street, and somewhere in the yellow house in front, I am a man who has put up with more things than a dad should ever have to in their life. He is there and he is making me something to play, or just wondering how my life is in general.

How do you put into words and thoughts a lifetime full of experience, meaning, emotion, and memories? I'd love for the world to know how terrible of a son I was to feel my feelings, to see my memories, just so no one will ever make the mistakes I have. To feel the love, I have felt unconditional. If there is one weak spot in my entire body and mind that is it. I have no excuses; I have no explanation of why I have no rhyme or reason to how the world works and why I chose to act the way I acted, to say the things I've said, and to be the person I was. Father's Day is a reminder for me that life is short and why spends today arguing, fighting, doing anything other than loving one another deeply, honestly, and whole-heartedly; because you never know when that last conversation is going to be and if you've acted anything but, you will surely be left with regrets.

I wished I had something profound to say; some secret that everybody is waiting to hear to change the world. I wished there was a word, a sentence, a phrase that could change it all and make everything better for me and you. But, all I have today is remorse and regret for the one man in my life who actually loved me for me, no questions, no string attached, just because I am who I am and in return I gave heartache and pain. I deserve this burden, I've earned every little bit of weight that I bare, but I will take it with stride. I cannot change what has already transpired but rather learn, and see that it never happens again.

I believe in God, Heaven and Hell. Not because there are evidence that suggest it, not because I believe what the people says is right and not because I'm a regurgitated image of what society wants me to be but because, the thought of never seeing her again, the thought of her not knowing what I've done today and how I truly feel, the thought of no redemption is too much accept. There is one person I have everything to prove to and that is my father. My entire life has been based on making it up to him and fixing the things that are wrong in my personality, in my life.

For me, today is a day of thought, a day of wonder, mystery and sadness. But, tomorrow will be a new day, and before you know it, this day will be in our distant past, maybe not to be thought of again. But next year will come, and it will remind me that it is better to love, better to smile, better to forgive, to love, to let go and to move on. Don't let life pass us by without getting to experience some of it. It's short, so soak it in now before there's nothing left. Happy Father's Day to the most beautiful, funny, smart and hard-working man I know. Thank you, dad, for your unconditional love and support, always being my strength and telling me "I could do anything" since I can remember. You are my heart forever. I love you dad, happy Father’s Day.

I used to bring you flowers with a card and I would always surprise you making you think I forgot! The look on your face when you realize I didn't be priceless. If I could feel that joy again it would be a true treasure. My beautiful dad, I realize more and more as time passes exactly how much I am exactly like you. You made a strong person and I hope I never let you down. Happy Father’s Day to you, I will always remember your laugh when I surprised you.

From: Your son

Letter to Dad

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I Love You Dad

There shouldn't be a single day to celebrate for a father. Don't just write quotes on social media only on 21 June. Do it in real, love him, care for him, not just on Father’s day but every day should be celebrated as Father’s day.

Well I learned on Facebook today that everyone thinks they had the best dad. My dad was the one that made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all my skateboarder friends. Several of them told me that my dad was the best and so it's decided he was the best.


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    • profile image

      Jim 2 years ago

      A beautiful latter for a loving dad