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A List of Pranks for April Fools Day

Updated on March 3, 2012

April fools day is all about fun, games, and pranks! I always try and fool my fiance' or my parents they are pretty hard to fool but I tried some of these and they worked like a charm! Now everybody trys to stay away from my pranks on April fools! I decided to write a list of pranks because I haven't really seen to many and I knew one of my favorite holidays was coming up. So here you are my favorite pranks, enjoy and please leave your feedback. :)

  1. Toilet Pops! Buy some of those throw and pop fireworks, the ones that kids play with on the fourth of July. Tape about ten to the bottom of the toilet seat and when they sit down they will here a great loud pop pop pop! This is one is hilarious and no one will be harmed.
  2. A sink sprayer! All you need is a sink and a rubber band. Place the rubber band securely on the faucet in a place to were once you turn on the sink the water goes straight onto your face! I just cracked up when I did this to my friend.
  3. Salt for sugar. This one is pretty self explanatory you need to switch the salt for the sugar, so that way they will have salt on there cereal. You can imagine how amazing that tastes ha ha.
  4. A nail polish disaster. Grab a bottle of nail polish that you don't really and spill it on a piece of wax paper wait for the nail polish to completely dry and peel it off. Place onto a spot in your bathroom or floor and I bet everybody will think you spilled your nail polish. Leave the bottle by it for more of a hint of what you "spilled".
  5. A surprise for your shoe! Place small water balloons into the tip of the others shoe and when they put their shoes on their socks are soaking. I like to do this one a lot even during the year just to spice things up.
  6. The great blue! This trick you will need some dye pellets and a faucet. Unscrew the cap of your faucet and place the pellets there. When your done your left with some great "blue" water!
  7. Jello Mold fun! Make a jello mold of your favorite colors and place a phone, keys, or mouse under the jello! This one is funny and fools a lot of people because they have no idea what it is!
  8. A phone ringer! if you have a house phone well pretty much other than a cellphone this one will be great for you to try. Grab a piece of tape and place it down on the reciever button so when they answer the phone it keeps ringing!
  9. Cotton ball horror! Get a bunch of cotton balls and some ice cold water. Dip the bag of cotton balls into the water and place in the freezer. Go stick them to your others vehicle! If it is already cold then you don't have to worry about the freezer step. They will stick to anything thats cold! No your vehicle won't be damaged it's fun!
  10. Post it joker. If you have a car garage then this might be the prank for you! I wouldn't suggest doing this to your car if you have to leave it out in sunlight. Well grab a lot of post it notes to cover your entire car! This is an old school trick and no it won't damage the car or the paint. Just don't do this if your car is sitting in the sun. Have fun:)
  11. Air horn goes beep! If you want to get back at that crazy roomate for blowing an air horn in your ear now you can with a twist! Get a bunch of strong tape and tape on a air horn bottle to the wall were your door knob would be. That way when they go to open they door it goes BEEP!
  12. The saran wrap jokster. I would do this to someone you don't like! Get some clear saran wrap and put it on the toilet seat and everything goes everywhere. If your married and want to stay married you might want to stand back from this prank.
  13. Don't slip and trip! Pretend you are out washing the car and you go in to fill up a pail of water. You "fill" up your pail and carry it over your head because it is just so heavy! And 'spill' all over the other person! They will put their arms over there head and think you are about to cover them with water. This is funny if caught on camera.:)
  14. The chewy cheese. Make your friend a sandwich with cheese. Don't remove the plastic from the cheese so they get a funny surprise! Eat up hope your hungry for some plastic. :)
  15. Sweet tooth. Remove all of your victims toothpaste from the tube and fill it with frosting and they will definitely want to keep brushing their teeth from now on.

I hope you enjoyed my list of pranks and will try some of these out this April fools! Thanks for reading and have a good day. :)


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