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Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Updated on November 6, 2015

Gift Idea #1 - A photo puzzle

Gift Idea #1 - A photo puzzle
Find a nice photo of you and your girlfriend and have a puzzle created from it. If possible, use a photo taken when you were making a great memory. Several online companies offer this service and the price is reasonable. The process is simple and usually involves uploading the picture of your choice. Just be sure that your girlfriend likes the picture. Some quality time can be had between you and your girlfriend by doing the puzzle together. When the puzzle is complete, it can be glued or laminated and possibly hung on the wall or even used as a mouse pad.

Gift Idea #2 - Flowers

Flowers are classic gift idea. To men, flowers may seem like a waste of money because men typically don't appreciate their beauty as much as women and the flowers usually die in a week but the truth is that women love getting flowers. As a matter of fact, I don't think a woman has ever complained about getting flowers. Extra points for having them delivered and even more points for having them delivered to her job so she can brag about how awesome her boyfriend is to her co-workers. Finding flowers are pretty easy. They can be purchased from your local supermarket, florist, costco, or ordered online for delivery. If you are having them delivered, don't forget to write something meaningful on the message card. This will mean a lot to your girlfriend.

Gift Idea #3 -

This is a very cute gift idea. You can go to and have an animal figurine sent to your girlfriend with am amusing custom message. A few examples of what can be ordered at include:

A cat with the message 'Don't change. You're puuurfect'
A panda bear with the message 'I can BEARly wait to see you again'
An octopus with the message 'I can't wait to put my arms around you'
A lion with the message 'I wasn't lion when I said I love you'
A bumble bee with the message 'I only want to BEE with you'
A fox with the message 'You're such a fox'

The custom message is up to you but usually contains an animal-related pun designed to bring a smile or laugh to the recipient's face. The animal figurines are high quality collectible animal figurines that are a great keepsake and reminder of your awesome gesture. There are several animal figurines to choose from and multiple suggestion messages for each one. If you are looking for something different this is the way to go. She will love it and the prices are very reasonable. So if you want to make an impression by having something sweet and thoughtful delivered, definitely check out She will absolutely love it.

Gift Idea #4 - Assortment of scented soaps

A nice box or basket of custom soaps made from fine fragrances oils and natural ingredients will mean a great deal to your girlfriend. They can be purchased in stores like Beth, Bath, and Beyond or at several online retailers. These soaps often come in a fancy box or basket and have a wonderful scent. They are created with a variety of natural ingredients such as lavender, citrus, lemon, rose, oatmeal, cocoa butter, cinnamon, etc. This is a gift that won't break the bank either.

Gift Idea #5 - A Scrabble Tile Photo Frame

This idea is sweet thoughtful gift you can give your girlfriend if your budget is small and you are a little handy. Just buy or find a picture frame. Insert a photo of the both of you. Then take some scrabble tiles and spell out your names and some loving messages connecting a scrabble letter here and there along the sides of the photo. There are many examples of how to do this on sites like pinterest. It may be a bit geeky but your girlfriend is sure to be appreciate the thought and effort you put into this gift.

Gift Idea #6 - Arrange a trip to a winery.

If there is a winery somewhere nearby, arrange a trip.
Wineries often give group tours so be sure to inquire about that at the winery you are considering. Sometimes there are shuttles to a winery that allow you to relax with a few drinks and not have to worry about driving. Complete the trip with a tasty picnic lunch or lunch from a place near the winery. It will be a romantic day that your girlfriend will love.

Gift Idea #7 - Show Tickets

Surprise your lady with tickets to a performance she would really like to see with you. It could be tickets to a play she wants to see or concert tickets to see one of her favorite bands. The point here is to do something with her that you both can enjoy together. That will make her happy. Even though tickets to a quality event can be costly, the memories will last a long time and she will be very grateful. She may even keep her ticket stub around for a while as a remembrance of the great time she had with you at the event.

It's the thought that counts

The gift you give your girl reveals how you feel about her. Many of these gift ideas are inexpensive and can be purchased without breaking your bank account. Some of them are a great keepsake that will remind your lady of your thoughtfulness for years to come. Hopefully something here is a good match for your girlfriend or has at least given you a good idea. Whatever you decide, just be sure to buy with your heart. That is what she will appreciate the most.


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