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Gift Ideas for Three Year Old Girls

Updated on December 3, 2012

Understanding Three Year Old Girls

The great thing about little girls, is the type of gifts they really love hasn't changed that much for the last several years. They love things that they can hold, play with and be creative with. The best gift ideas for three year old girls I've seen consider these attributes

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Physicality

Below is a list of several gift ideas for three year old girls with polls to vote on which ideas you like best for 2012 - 2013.

#1 Blue Cinderella Dress

A Cinderella Dress is on the list of gift ideas for three year old girls because kids love using their imagination when dressing up
A Cinderella Dress is on the list of gift ideas for three year old girls because kids love using their imagination when dressing up

Gift Idea of what to buy #1, Cinderella Dress and Shoes

There is something about Disney Princesses and three year old girls. All of our girls loved princess dresses at the same age and would often want to wear their dresses to preschool or around the house for the entire day.

A themed gift that includes a princess dress, shoes, and Cinderella movie will make an excellent gift.

Is a Cinderella Dress a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #2, Water Soluble Markers

Every little kid takes a marker to a wall at some point. When we are cleaning it up, we always hope that they're water soluble markers. A great gift idea for a little kid is a set of markers that won't stain their clothes or do damage to the walls. With the coloring markers, add a few different coloring books like Disney Princess coloring book. Three year old girls will love this.

Coloring also helps to develop their spacial skills and small muscle coordination.

Are Water Soluble Markers a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #3, A Doll House

One of the best gifts our three year old was given was a doll house. A two story house complete with furniture and a few tiny dolls that lived in the house. The doll house was used a bunch, but the pieces broke and it became nonfunctional, but we still had a large toy taking a ton of space. Get a high doll house with sturdy furniture that will last and the kids will have a toy they will use for several years.

KidCraft makes some of the highest rated doll houses at reasonable prices.

Is a Doll House a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #4, Play Kitchen

Our three year old loves to help in the kitchen, the only problem is it takes a ton of supervision when she's stirring a hot pot. So, we thought we should get her a play kitchen as a gift. We set it up near our family kitchen so she can play while we cook meals. It's great to have an imaginary conversation with her and ask her what she's making.

Is a Play Kitchen a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #5, Velcro Ball and Glove

At three, there are pretty uncoordinated so catching a ball with a mit is a lot to ask. However, I found that little toy bits have a felt inside and a ball with a velcro strip on it so it sticks to the glove. This is great for playing catch at a short distance. All you have to do is make sure that you can hit the glove when you toss it to her. They are never too young to start playing catch!

Is a Ball and Glove a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #6 Plasma Car

If you haven't seen a Plasma car, these are pretty cool. They work really well on any hard and smooth surface. Our old kitchen had linoleum and the girls would race around and around. The little kid puts their feet up and reaches over the top to grab the handle. They generate speed by swishing the handle back and forth. That motions moves the front two wheels. It takes a little practice, but a three year old can rip it up on one of these. Our little girls love them!

Is a Plasma Car a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #7, A Balance Bike

Our two youngest daughters learned to ride a bike at three years old. We started them on run (balance) bikes. Run bikes are two wheel bikes without peddles. They can use their feet for balance and push themselves around. When they're just starting off, they need help balancing and pushing, but they will soon get the feel for it. Once they learn to balance this way, riding a bike is a breeze.

Be sure to have them wear a helmet if they are riding the run bike. It's a good habit to start anytime they get on a bike.

Is a Balance Bike a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #8, Puzzles Large Pieces

Floor puzzles are puzzles that have really big pieces. Each piece is larger than an adult hand. These types of puzzles are great for small children. It teaches them about patterns, shapes, spacial awareness, and problem solving. All great skills for a three year old.

Is a Puzzle a great gift idea for a three year old girl?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #9 Spelling Games

It may be over the top to get a three year old an Ipad or Itouch, but there are several great beginning spelling games that you can get for them on your device. Having educational games on a mobile device is a great way to occupy them when you're in places that they have to sit patiently.

The best games teach basic words by using the sounds of the letters. They can drag and drop the letters in order. At the beginning they need a little help, but our three year old was reading simple words one year later, largely because she played these simple reading games that we got her as a gift for being good.

Are Spelling Games a great gift idea for a three year old girls?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #10 Easel

Little girls love art projects. We purchased an easel for our daughters third birthday. We added watercolor paints and big sheets of butcher paper. My wife would set her outside on a hot day and let her paint. The easel seems to help with painting on a larger area of paper and since we can set it up outside, it helps control the mess caused from the water colors.

Is an Easel a great gift idea for three year old girls?

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Gift Idea of what to buy #11 Gyrowheel (Better than Training Wheels)

The Gyrowheel is a device that helps a bike stay balanced as kids learn to ride a two wheeler. It has a gyro in the wheel that helps keep the bike upright. It's pretty amazing to turn the wheel on, and push the bike down the street and watch it roll without anyone on it. Little kids can get comfortable on a bike this way without training wheels. If you want to teach a kid to ride a bike at three, this is a fantastic gift and a great way to do it!

Is a Gyrowheel a great gift idea for three year old girls?

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Vote for the best gift idea for a 3 year old girl

What's the best gift idea for three year old girls?

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    • Jamie-girl profile image


      8 years ago

      i Have a brother who is 3 and i have noticed that he play with something new for 10 minutes than moves on to something else. You want to get her something that is exciting every time she goes and uses it. Maybe an art kit that allows a child to do numerous crafts. Little kids are in love with creating new things. It makes them feel in charge and artistic which everyone knows is an awesome feeling :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      y not try giving a kitchen set....three year girls like playing with household things....this would be a better option than sitting and cleaning up the scrap in the kitchen....!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      These are great ideas, and I think I will be getting the art supplies! However, I would discourage anyone from getting a goldfish in a bowl. For one, they really need way more space then a bowl. I wouldn't put one goldfish in anything less then a 5 gallon, and a 10 gallon is even better. Plus they are actually really dirty fish. Proper maintenance on a bowl would be changing the water every 3-4 days. In the end it would end up to be much more work for the parent then for what child will get out of it. Except early knowledge about death. (And that I know from when I was a kid and had a goldfish in a bowl!)

    • mjwilliamson profile image


      8 years ago from Right Here

      Our three-year-old is going to a "tee-ball training camp" and she is having more fun with that then anything else right now. She's always out in the yard now with her dad practicing what she's learned at tee-ball. I voted for the bat and balls over the Cinderella dress because its something she can do with you...although our daughter also enjoys her princess dress-up clothes.

    • ohwhatfun profile image


      9 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA

      My daughter loves both the Cinderella dress up kit and the bat and ball set. She is a real tom boy princess. I haven't had much luck with goldfish though. There is nothing like explaining death the day after Christmas to a 6 year old. The replacement fish kept committing suicide, so I have given up on the fish.

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 

      10 years ago

      Hi Paul!!

      Lovely to see you getting a head start with Ms. J!! I liked your ideas, especially the ones that could be for either a boy or girl!! We can inadvertently become so sexist with the toys we give kids! I voted art supplies (alas I am an artist) but it was a close call with a goldfish!!

      Robin looks like a movie star with her new hair!!

      Blessings always, Earth Angel Sapphire!!

    • Inspire Wisdom profile image

      Inspire Wisdom 

      10 years ago from Appalachian Mountains

      My Great Niece will be turning 3 and it is good to have new ideas.

      Thank you Paul. Laurie

    • myhomecottage profile image


      10 years ago

      I would suggest something even simpler. She will have a great deal of fun with a large empty box! My kids are also much older but, a simple box can make a great deal of fun!

      -Clare Willis

    • nachase profile image


      10 years ago from SF Bay Area California


      Well done! My girls are a bit older, so electronic games like SIMS and iPods are the desired gifts now. Your daughter has a great Dad, who takes time, and is thoughtful in selecting just the right gift for the event.

      Respectfully, Nicholas Chase


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