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A Personal Touch on Christmas Ornaments

Updated on June 18, 2014

The Christmas season is all about family, love, and traditions. This is one tradition that can be started now for future generations to enjoy. Hand painting your own Christmas ornaments with family members' names is a unique way for your famiy to enjoy each other's company while creating memories that will last a life time.

Christmas ornament decorated with metallic Sharpie markers.
Christmas ornament decorated with metallic Sharpie markers.

The ornament pictured above took less than 30 minutes to make. It is simple and easy enough for all ages to make. Just follow the steps below and start your own precious family Christmas memories.

1. Supplies for Everyone

The first step is to buy plain, dull, frosted Christmas ornaments. They can be found in almost every color at most stores and every crafts store during the holiday season. You will also need acrylic paint in any color that will go with your Christmas ornaments (NOTE: I also tried using a metallic Sharpie marker. It worked pretty good but the lines were too thick for the fine lines I was trying to make). I used metallic acrylic paint because it is shiny and will reflect well on any Christmas tree. You will also need a pencil and a finishing spray. The final object you need may be most important. If you want to make fine lines you need an extra fine paint brush. If you are not used to painting with fine brushes, like myself, feel free to practice.

  • Frosted Christmas Ornaments
  • Acrylic Paint or Permanent Marker
  • Finishing Spray
  • Extra Fine Paint Brush
  • Pencil

Draw design in pencil
Draw design in pencil

2. Pencil in Design

Next, use a regular pencil to sketch a rough draft of your design on the ornament. This is why frosted ornaments are best. They will allow you to draw and erase, as needed, without fear of leaving any kind of eraser marks. If you want to add a name to your ornament, be sure to leave a space around the center of the ornament for it.

Ornament decorated with a metallic Sharpie marker
Ornament decorated with a metallic Sharpie marker

3. Add Life to your Design

The next step is the most enchanting. Use either acrylic paint or permanent marker to color over your pencil sketch. The design will instantly come to life. The lines and curves will begin to come together to create your one of a kind Christmas ornament.

Ornament painted using acrylic paint
Ornament painted using acrylic paint

4. Personalize

After the paint has dried, personalize the ornament with either one family member's name or everyone's name. Make everyone feel special knowing that your family is represented in the ornament(s). It will leave them smiling.

5. Finishing Spray

DO NOT FORGET THE FINISHING SPRAY!!!! A clear acrylic gloss coating is needed to permanently seal the paint to the ornament. Without the finishing coat, the paint will eventually flake off the ornament.

The Final Beautiful Product

The video to the right depicts my finished product. I added braille dots to my ornament because we have a braille reader in our family. Overall, I think it came out beautifully and it did not take much time, effort, or money. Now, each member of my family has an ornament that they individually hang on the Christmas tree each year. It is something we do at the end of decorating the Christmas tree. Every time each of us hangs our ornament it reminds us of the love and appreciation we have for everything we have and all the people we love most. I hope this is a tradition you can start with your family.


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