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Affordable Mother's Day Ideas

Updated on March 3, 2015

The First Mother of Mother's Day

Ann Reeves Jarvis and Anna Jarvis together.
Ann Reeves Jarvis and Anna Jarvis together. | Source

Anna Jarvis and the History of Mother's Day


Do you think corporations are exploiting people's love for their mothers for monetary gain?

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The History of Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday)

A mother isn't defined solely as the woman who gave birth to you. For some, the definition of a mother is more deep than just the surface. Mother's Day - Mothering Sunday (for the people in the UK) - is celebrated all over the world, but at different times of the year. In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Mother's Day in America is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Former North American President Woodrow Wilson established the first Mother's Day in 1914. The Mother's Day celebration is derived from North America and dates back to the creation of mother groups whose sons had fought in the Civil War. In 1905, Anna Jarvis invented the first campaign for a national day to celebrate mothers after her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, passed away. The first two ceremonies for Mother's Day were held in 1908.

Though her intentions were noble, Anna Jarvis soon regretted her decision in petitioning in favor of a holiday for mothers once she saw how corporations were abusing the special day for public monetary gain. In 1948, Jarvis died still fighting to appeal Mother's Day. It is recorded that she died destitute (by spending every penny she had fighting against it), blind, partially deaf and bitter.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday)

Long are the days when we were able to go to school and make ashtrays or clay pots for our mothers to celebrate their special day. As a mother, I can tell you that it isn't the price you spend on the gift - it truly is the thought that counts. Just to know that you think about your mom on Mother's Day is enough to put a smile on her face.

Just knowing that the hours of labor she endured while trying to make sure you were in this world is appreciated by you is really all that your mom needs to feel the love that Mother's Day is supposed to represent. A card, a flower, or just a trip to her favorite restaurant will bring joy to any mother's special day. I've compiled a few extra special gifts that can be made or purchased for even the most frugal Mother's Day gift shopper.

Mother's Day Mini Scrapbook

How to Make an Origami Keepsake Box

Create the Perfect Gift

Gift Idea #1 - Scrapbook or Keepsake Box

If you have random pictures and small keepsakes laying around that means something special to you and your mom, why not keep those memories safe inside a scrapbook or keepsake box? Maybe a button from that old sweater your mom knitted you or a refrigerator magnet you brought her from one of her previous Mother's Day could go inside your keepsake box or scrapbook.

I love taking pictures with my children, and would love to receive a scrapbook or keepsake box of the photos that are scattered every which where. The thought of it taking your precious time to place the little trinkets inside the scrapbook or keepsake box insinuates that you actually care enough to take time out of your day to make something so meaningful to your mother.

Whether you decide to create a scrapbook or keepsake box, add your photos and/or trinkets and add a little description about what it means to you or a memory that you remember about it. Each memory is like an extra gift your mother will cherish for years to come!

Easy Handmade Mothers Day Card

Easy Mother's Day Pop Up Card Tutorial

Gift Idea #2 - Handmade Card

The great thing about creating a handmade Mother's Day card is that you can be as creative and spontaneous as you want. Create a pop up card or a standard card, but the best part about this is that if you already have art supplies at your home, you won't have to spend the average $3.99 for a store brought card costs, and you also get to say that it's unique to your mother because no other mother anywhere else has that same exact card - it's made with your love.

You also can never go wrong with a nice gift card placed inside from your mother's favorite shopping place - to my kids it would have to be a gift card to Barnes & Noble, just fyi. You can add money or a picture of the two of you or whatever you see fit to add inside or outside of your handmade card. A handmade card is always better than a store brought card because its personalized to your liking and you can make it reflect exactly how you feel about your mom without breaking your piggy bank.

DIY Mother's Day Homemade Candles

Quick DIY Gift Flower Candle for Mother's Day

Gift Idea #3 - Jar Candle

Is your mom fascinated by smell goods - like candles? Instead of spending a fortune on a high priced candle that may not be used or used a little too quickly, how about creating your own candles? Did you know that you could simply melt down some crayons or old candles in a double boiler and create your very own customized candle.

With some inexpensive fragrance oils you could also turn that bland homemade candle into a sweet smelling candle for your mother to enjoy, and every time she lights up the candle, she'll think of you. With a mason jar or even an empty jar laying around the house and a few crayons and scrap candles you can create the perfect mother's day gift - or gift for any occasion.

DIY Mothers Day Gift Guide 2014 | Homemade Gift Ideas


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  • Anaydena profile image

    Mia Trueheart 15 months ago from Arlington, TX, USA

    Thank you so much. Maybe someone could help them make it? I know kids love making arts and crafts and love feeling like big helpers :)

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 2 years ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Good ideas in here, Mia! I can't wait until my girls are old enough to make me little treasures :)