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Affordable Christmas Gifts For Young Girls Age 8 Through Tweens! $25 or Less!

Updated on January 2, 2014

Looking for the perfect gift / toy this Christmas season? Here is a list of the top, most affordable and stylish gifts for any young girl age 8 through tween! They are guaranteed to love these gifts and you will love their affordability. Most of these gifts are $25 or less! Plus they can be found anywhere on line like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or Toys R US! Don’t burn a hole in your pocket this Holiday season, get more for less and you’re sure to impress!

Style Me Up! Do It Yourself Lip Gloss

Girls love lip gloss and what better way to celebrate than by making their own! This kit is easy and fun. Best yet? Its only $19.99 on Amazon!

Kit includes four empty lip gloss bottles, lip gloss base, four fruity flavors, 24 foil stickers, shimmering powder, spatula, funnel, measuring cup, and easy instructions.

Style Me Up! Perfume Factory

What young girl doesn't love perfume? What's better than buying it? Making it yourself! What's even better than making it yourself? The price you pay! Get this for $19.99 or less on Amazon!

Girls will love mixing and matching six fresh scents with water to create their own personalized perfume. Kit includes four empty spray bottles, six fragrances, shimmering powder, glitter powder, spatula, measuring cup, 12 perfume tester cards, and instructions. Create a perfume that suits her perfectly!

Color & Design Your Zelf Doll
Color & Design Your Zelf Doll

Zelf Yourself! Color & Design Your Own Large Zelf!

What are Zelfs you ask? I had no idea until my daughter (she is 9) put it on her Christmas list. I figured I'd better do a little research and I can’t believe what I found! They are similar to the troll dolls that I grew up collecting, you know, the ones with the tall hair that you combed and styled into crazy hair do’s? Well Zelfs are similar, the only difference being the body style. Zelfs come with the crazy hair you can style and the DIY Color & Style Zelf allows kids to decorate the actual Zelf with markers and stickers any way they want. They really make cute gifts and they are affordable. They run about $14.99-$19.99 on Toys R Us and Ebay! The smaller Zelfs (you can’t design these yourself) run anywhere from $6 to $10 and make great stocking stuffers.

Fashion Angels Tapefitti Creation Sets

With the Tapefitti caddy you can design just about anything with tape! This tape features 30 pieces and comes in vibrant colors and patterns. Decorate pencils, cards, picture frames, make tape bracelets and rings and more! Easy instructions are included. Tapefitti usually costs about $8 to $12! It can be found on Amazon, Toys R Us, and Walmart!

Totally Me- Duct Tape Fashions Creations Mega Set

What girl doesn't love duct tape? Its probably one of the hottest things out right now. There are tons of videos on Youtube showing you how to create duct tape bracelets, rings, wallets and even purses! The best thing about the duct tape mega set? All of the duct tape and cardboard cut outs needed to make these things are included! And guess what? Its only $19.99! But beware, this item is huge! It can be found on Ebay or Toys R Us.

Kid Concoctions By Alex Toys-Glow In The Dark Bouncy Ball Maker

This is a really neat gift. Its not all that involved but its creative and kids love to be imaginative. With this item you get to create one giant glow in the dark bouncy ball. They also have other kits in which you can make several smaller balls rather than one large one. The powder and mold is included and its easy. How much? These can run anywhere from $6 to $11 and can be found on Amazon!

Lite Brix- Girls Sweet Treat Shop

Lite Brix is a combination of Lite Brite and legos basically. The blocks connect like Legos would and they light up! How cool is that?! Build them and stack them and then light them up. This particular model is the Sweet Treats Shop and includes a doll as well. They fluctuate in price but they usually stay between $14.99 and $25.00! They can be found on Toys R Us and Amazon.

ClayZee- Make Your Own Eraser Pencil Tops

Make different styles of pencil top erasers. Make animals, sweet treats like cup cakes, and a whole lot more with the DIY Eraser Pencil Top kit! Best part? This can be done using a microwave and its only $14.99 at!

Color Splasherzs

Create cool colored jewelry with Color Splasherz. Change the design and color with water. Color Splasherzs include pendents and rings, amongst other jewelry items. Their pricing ranges between $2.99 and $19.99 depending on which set you get. They can be found on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Toys R Us!

Just Dance

What girl doesn't like to shake her booty every now and then? I think it's safe to say that every girl loves to dance and with Just dance for the Nintendo Wii she can do it in the comfort of her own home to the newest songs out there! Bonus! Its great exercises too! Just dance 2014 and Disney Just Dance (featuring Disney movie songs) is now available and is listed on Walmart for $29.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Happy shopping and enjoy the Holidays!


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