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Amazon Gift Cards-Last Minute Gift Idea Or Perfect When You Do Not Know What Gift To Give

Updated on November 27, 2010

Customize Design And Amount With An Amazon Gift Card

Holiday Gift Card Example
Holiday Gift Card Example | Source

Gifting An Amazon Gift Card Saves You Time

It happens to all of us-forgetting a present for your spouse just before your anniversary, or forgetting a sibling's birthday! Surprising your teenage son or daughter with a gift can be daunting for some parents, as they are not sure of what is welcome as a gift. Sometimes, you are invited for a housewarming and you are aware that the couple that invited you, have everything they want and you are at a loss as to what they will appreciate receiving. Wedding guests sometimes replicate gifts unless there is a wedding registry.

Buying a Gift Card is the best option for anyone wanting to surprise and at the same time,be confident that it will be put to good use by the recipient who can then buy what they actually want. And they will thank you for it too. A gift card has a certain monetary value and so you can choose the value you would like to gift. Normally, a gift card resembles a credit card and can be used by anyone. Several stores across the world have this option for their customers wherein you can pick up a gift card from their stores and present it to whoever you want, or gift yourself. The recipient simply has to shop at that particular store or chain of stores and pay using that gift card.Usually, such gift cards must be redeemed before the expiry date which is clearly mentioned on the card itself.

Shopping online also is easy now with gift cards. The world's largest online shopping website, offers its customers a chance to buy Gift cards and gift them.

Why You Should Buy Amazon Gift Cards

  • The recipient can shop for what they really want as a Gift.
  • All age groups can benefit from having a Gift Card from amazon.
  • You save time trying to figure out what will be the perfect gift.
  • There are no expiry dates on Amazon gift cards.
  • Redeemable at the online Amazon store or its affiliate website,
  • The website has a vast collection of articles to choose from. Categorized and offering user reviews, and details of every article. Free shipping available on some articles. And most countries are covered.
  • Customizable Gift cards are available for corporate houses and when you buy in bulk.
  • All amazon gift cards ship with Free one-day shipping making it the perfect last minute gift.
  • Amazon gift Cards are available in a variety of designs and denominations and can be used for any gifting occasion.

Top 4 Ways You Can Gift an Amazon Gift Card

  1. Mail a Gift card with Free one-day shipping.
  2. Print a personalized Gift Card on your home or office printer.
  3. Email a personalized Gift card for immediate use or can be scheduled for upto a year in advance.
  4. Surprise Gift your Facebook friend via a wall post. This too can be scheduled for upto a year in advance. Only the recipient can see the amount and claim code, which can then be used for purchase. The sender can also choose to make the Greeting message private or public on the Facebook Wall.

Options 2-4 are for immediate delivery.

Option 1 can be mailed along with a Greeting Card.

You have the option to buy Gift Cards in bulk-Box of 50 etc.

Corporate Gifting with Amazon Gift Cards is a choice many businesses are increasingly opting for.

Get your personalized Amazon Gift Card here!


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