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How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Updated on December 3, 2012
Amazon Gift Card
Amazon Gift Card | Source

Worried about what gift to buy for your nearest and dearest this year, or even what to buy for someone you don't know very well?

Worry no more, because Amazon gift cards could be the solution to your problem.

No matter where in the world you are, or where your intended gift recipient is, an Amazon gift card can be spent, as they will ship the goods the card is exchanged for, to almost anywhere in the world.

Shopping on is possible for anyone at all with a computer with internet access, or with an iPhone, tablet, iPod or with the new Kindle Fire.

Browse the virtual aisles to your heart's content. There are certain items that cannot be shipped outwith the US, but those are clearly displayed.

Amazon gift cards take the hard work out of it for you, trying to choose that perfect gift.

Whoever receives the card has double the fun, spending your money on buying something they really wanted or needed.

Amazon Gift Cards

What Types of Cards are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards comes in a wide selection of colors and styles, and so you are sure to find one that is just perfect for the person you had in mind.

A simple button click will let you glide through a huge selection of cards with different messages for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, new baby, good luck, congratulations, commiserations, new house, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and many more occasions.

Once you have chosen the card you would like to send, you then need to click on a denomination amount that you would like to spend. While there is a drop-down menu, there is also a box to the right of it that will allow you to enter an amount of your choosing.

The currency is all in US dollars of course, but no matter the currency you use, your credit card or Paypal account will be changed into dollars online, making the whole transaction smooth and painless.

Amazon Gift Cards

How are Amazon Gift Cards Delivered?

You have 4 choices when it comes to how the recipient will receive their Amazon gift card.

  1. Mail - by mail, you choose the card and the amount you wish you spend, and there is a 1 day free shipping service that will send the card in a 5" x 7" sealed envelope to you, with the physical gift card attached to the inside of the card. There is plenty of space on the card for you to add a personal message.
  2. Facebook - simply log into your Facebook account, and click on the intended recipient from your friends list, and Amazon will send your gift card to them directly and electronically, with a personal message from you.
  3. Email - you can choose to send the gift cards by email. All you need to input is their email address, name, and a message from you.
  4. Print - you can choose to download and print off an Amazon gift card of your choosing. This is especially handy if you have only remembered at the last minute to buy a gift for someone.

Amazon gift cards can be ordered up to a year before they are needed, and there is no expiry date on them, and so can be saved up for the sales and special offers that appear on Amazon from time to time.

Special Restrictions that May Apply

When ordering Amazon gift cards, you can order up to 400 at one time. This is especially handy to know should you choose to do all your Christmas shopping in the one order.

  • Your total order should not exceed $10,000.
  • You can mix email and self-print gift cards in the same order.
  • You can order email cards up to year in advance.
  • You cannot redeem Amazon gifts cards at any other worldwide Amazon store like Amazon UK or Amazon France, but as I said above, will ship anywhere in the world. Some items attract free shipping while on others you will need to pay a small postage charge.

Amazon gift cards order form
Amazon gift cards order form | Source


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