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Lovely Felt Applique Advent Calendars

Updated on November 1, 2012

Whether you have children who can barely contain themselves as they count down the days to Christmas, or if it's just you and a four-legged child counting down, Christmas advent calendars are a great way to do something fun as the clock ticks down. Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes, but felt applique decorations are a beautiful and cute way to decorate your home. Everyone who drops by will admire it, even Santa! They also make unique and creative gifts to give to those you love -- some come in kits you can make yourself, and don't worry, they are not too complicated and anyone can do it. You don't need a sewing machine, and the kits usually come with everything you need (apart from scissors). Some of them come pre-made and all you have to do is hang them up and enjoy! And if you've already got felt applique Christmas stockings decorating your mantle, all the better!

Must Be Santa Advent Calendar

(Comes as a kit, not pre-made) The Must Be Santa advent calendar from Bucilla is beautiful and when it's up on your wall it will measure 13 x 25 inches. As you can see, Santa is hanging out next to the fireplace where the stockings are eagerly awaiting to be stuffed with Christmas goodies! The kit comes with everything you will need, so all you need to do is open it up and get to work! You can also personalize these sorts of projects by stitching something special onto the fabric, but if you're like me and not really talented at such pursuits, don't worry -- it will still look fabulous without any such adornments.

Heigh Ho Advent Calendar

(Comes as a kit, not pre-made) Bucilla also makes this fantastic Height Ho Christmas advent calendar. (They makes lots of fabulous felt applique Christmas stockings too, in case you haven't discovered them yet!) When it's all ready to go and up on your wall, it will measure 15 x 45 inches. This is from Mary Engelbreit so if you're a fan, you'll love her advent calendar design. You can see Santa up there and each day counting down to Christmas is represented by a cute little star with the number on it.

Gingerbread Advent Calendar

(Pre-made, NOT a kit) Who doesn't love Gingerbread? Kids adore it, and if we're honest, most adults still think all things gingerbread are pretty darned cute! This sweet advent calendar will measure 22 x 30 inches long and it has 24 itty bitty pockets for hiding candy or trinkets. If you can't see it clearly, there are 3 loops at the top of the calendar so you can hang it up properly. This is a great calendar for those who enjoy personalizing their crafts, and each person in the family can choose several days in which to hide something fun and let the rest of the family discover it.

Holiday Tree Advent Calendar

(Pre-made, NOT a kit) This adorable advent Calendar comes with loads of decorations that you and your family can hang on the tree as you wait for Christmas to arrive! Each decoration sits in a neat little pocket and then you can make a beautiful tree for Santa to admire on the big day! This particular calendar style reminds me of my grandmother's advent calendar, so if you like a retro look, this could be the one for you. It measures 16 x 24 inches when up on the wall.

Nativity Advent Calendar

(Pre-made, NOT a kit) This angelic Nativity themed advent calendar is less commercialized and more religious then the others I've mentioned, which may be exactly what you've been looking for. The background is the stable where Jesus was born and the pockets include ornaments such as the animals who were hanging about when He was born, as well as palm trees, the 3 Wise Men and more. This could also be a great addition to any Sunday school classroom -- even though you don't go to church every day, each week a few children could hang up that week's decorations and by the time Christmas arrives, it will be fully decorated!

Oh Christmas Advent Calendar

(Pre-made, NOT a kit) This is another retro-ish Christmas advent calendar that I wouldn't have been surprised to see hanging up at Grandma's house. Retro is a very popular these days, so you might enjoy seeing this hanging up at your home, as well! It measures 26 x 18 inches when up on the wall. Cute little velco-affixed ornaments hang about on their day until you stick them on the tree. Classic ornaments such as toy soldiers, stars, dolls and the like will make this a cheery activity to do as you count down the days to Christmas!


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