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Children's Felt Applique Christmas Stockings

Updated on October 21, 2012

My mother used to do needlepoint and whatever else you call it every chance she got. My grandmother and all of my aunts spent a lot of time doing the same thing. There appears to be some real talent for it in the family. Talent which seems to have skipped a generation, cos, I suck at it. That said, I have managed to make a few of these stockings over the years. Yeah, they end up a bit scary on the inside, cos I don’t really know how to wrap a stitch up. And yeah, you have to be careful sliding gifts in and out of the ones I’ve made, cos they’ll get tangled and rip the threads out.

But hey, they look good on the outside and that’s all that matters. There are plenty of cross-stitch stockings out there, but I really hated those when I was a kid. Impressive, to be sure, but not really what you’d call fun. Unless you’ve got an Alex P. Keaton at home, I recommend trying out felt appliqué stockings. Dimensions, Bucilla and Janlynn are just a few of the companies making them, and there is plenty to choose from. The following would make great early Christmas presents for your favorite little boy or girl. They can be found in most craft shops, as well as online.

Bucilla's Sugar Plum Fairy

I'm 30-something years old, and even I'd like this stocking! What little girl doesn't love The Nutcracker and the famous Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy? This gorgeous stocking would thrill any little girl. And if she doesn't like it, you could always send it to me!

1 Sugar Plum Fairy, a magic wand, a flock of gingerbread men, lollipops, tons of candy canes - what more could she ask for? Apart from lots of gifts to fill it with, I mean...

Dimensions Toboggan Trio

I was just telling someone how much I miss sledding, and this stocking makes me miss it even more. Even if your child lives in the sweltering heat of Texas, they can still pretend it's snowing with this stocking hanging by the tree. It's suitable for a boy or girl - and possibly even a mom or dad!

Note: There are a lot of sequins on this one, so you may want to keep an eye on any toddlers, as they'll have a nice little party trying to de-sequin the stocking.

Candy Express Stocking

Look at this adorable Candy Express Stocking! It's a train, with Frosty the Snowman playing the engineer! He must be on his way from the North Pole to help Santa deliver Christmas gifts. Made by Bucilla, so you know it's good quality with easy to follow instructions. A little boy who loves trains would adore this stocking -- and so might daddy, for that matter!

Holiday Decorating Stocking

There was an old elf who lived in a shoe? Just kidding! But that's what this very cute 18 inch long Christmas stocking reminds me of! A cute little boot filled with cute little elves to spread their holiday cheer at Christmas! Your child will love to find this stuffed with prezzies!

Bucilla Sport Santa

A quick glance at Santa's gear and you can be sure every major sport is covered with this stocking. This is a great pick for tennis players, ice skaters, football players, baseball players, bowling enthusiasts, basketball players and even golfers! It's probably a little more masculine than feminine, but those ice skates look pretty girlie to me, so I think you'd be ok giving this to a little girl if that was her thing.


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