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Ben 10 Halloween Costumes: Ben 10 Alien Force, Spider Monkey, Heat Blast costumes!

Updated on July 17, 2010

One of the hottest shows for kids has been Cartoon Network's Ben 10 (followed by the equally successful Ben 10: Alien Force). If you have someone in your life dying to dress up as their favorite character or one of his many alien transformations, we've got a great list showing you where and how to buy these popular Ben 10 kids Halloween costumes.

Whether they're going out trick-or-treating or they just like to play Ben 10 dress up around the house, these costumes will be a hit.  All of them come in a variety of sizes, most starting at around a child's 4-6.  Read and we'll show you the best Ben 10 Halloween costumes available and how to put them together so they look the best for your kids.

Classic Ben 10 Halloween Costume
Classic Ben 10 Halloween Costume

Ben 10 Classic Halloween Costume

Based on the first show, this Ben 10 costume is for kids who like it old school. Featuring the shirt, pants, and even Ben's signature "Omnimatrix" device, this will give your kids the chance to dress up as their favorite character this Halloween.

A great thing about this costume is how "street-ready" it is: if your child is the type who likes to dress up and play pretend all year 'round, then this costume has a few advantages. Since the costume is very similar to what someone would wear normally, there won't be any weird looks. Plus, the cloth used in constructing them is very comfortable for children.

This Ben 10 outfit is available in small and medium sizes.  You might also consider purchasing a new "Omnimatrix" toy with it as the foam one that comes with the costume might not be as cool to kids as a sturdier toy.

Ben 10 Alien Force Halloween Costume
Ben 10 Alien Force Halloween Costume

Ben 10 Alien Force Costume

An older, tougher Ben stars in Alien Force. The costumes from this show are a little more visually striking than the other ones. In this guise, Ben comes with a jacket, pants, and yet another Omnimatrix device.

Although the item claims it includes a "shirt", it is really just referring to the jacket. To complete the ensemble, kids should purchase a plain black shirt just like the one on the show. These can usually be found at a bargain, so it should not add to much to the cost of the outfit, plus it can be used again for casual wear afterward.

This is one of the most popular Ben 10 costumes, so supplies are often limited. If you are interested in buying Ben 10 costumes for your kids Halloween events, don't wait until the last minute or you might end up without a costume at all.

Sneakers will help your child complete the look.

Small and Medium sizes available.

Ben 10 Spider Monkey Costume

Now things are getting a little wild. Ben 10 is all about our hero transforming into all types of crazy things. This Ben 10 Spider Monkey Halloween costume will let your kids dress up as a sassy, web swinging simian. Kids can dress up small or medium sizes of this extra-detailed costume.

This clever costume features the extra "spider" arms attached by a thing wire from the actual sleeves of the costume. This lets kids feel like they're really moving extra appendages when they're out having fun on Halloween. It also comes with a tail and a mask. Both arms and tail are detachable, which will allow the costume to fit easier in big crowds without obstructing anyone.

Since this is a full body costume, be warned it can get a little hot.  However, the material breathes well enough and should be enough to keep kids comfortable, especially on those crisp October nights.

Ben 10 Swampfire Costume

One of the most popular Ben 10 transformations, this Ben 10 Swampfire costume is perfect for Halloween.  It comes with an attractive mask and a detailed body suit which will make sure any boy or girl will feel like a real alien superhero when they're dressed up.

These are often very popular, so you might have difficulty finding them, especially near the holidays.  The good news is that our next kid's Ben 10 Halloween costume might be just as good and has a similar appearance.

Ben 10 Heastblast Costume
Ben 10 Heastblast Costume

Ben 10 Heatblast Costume

Heatblast was one of the very first Ben 10 characters and is now back in action with the newest series. This fire creature can shoot flames from his hands and dish out some serious punishment on the bad guys. Unfortunately for the kiddos, this costume won't let anyone throw fire, but it will let them play pretend as one of Ben Tennyson's alternate alien forms.

This costume comes with a comfortable mask and a full body suit. It tends to run large so kids should be fairly comfortable in it.

The costume does not come with gloves. Consider buying a pair of light weight black or red gloves to help complete the look. However, if you can't find any that are right or kid finds them uncomfortable, don't stress about it: the costume looks great as is.

More Great Cartoon Costumes For Kids

If your family is looking for ideas for even more Halloween costumes, check out some of these super popular kid's Halloween outfits right away!

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    • Christine S profile image

      Christine S 6 years ago from Australia

      The Spider Monkey Costume is so cute

    • profile image

      elvira larocque 7 years ago

      Where can I get a Swampfire Classic Costume - near Whitby/Pickering/Markham or Toronto, Ontario?

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Very cool new costumes here - the Heat blast one is something else.