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Children's Astronaut Costume For Halloween | The Best Kid's Space Outfit

Updated on February 23, 2011

What kid hasn't wanted to dress up in an astronaut costume for Halloween?  I'm well out of college and, honestly, I'm still jonsein' for a sweet astronaut costume.  For those looking for a kid's astronaut costume this Halloween, you're in luck.  There are a number of amazing different children's astronaut costumes for Halloween available online.

Available in a variety of sizes and designs, there's an astronaut outfit available for anyone planning on dressing up on October 31st.  If you're concerned about price, there's certainly one that can fit into any budget and if not, well, premium astronaut costumes will make sure your son or daughter feel like the real thing this Halloween.

Read on to find out more about astronaut Halloween costumes!

Aeromax Astronaut Jr. Costume Set

Now this is a truly impressive astronaut costume for kid's Halloween parties. Featuring a full body suit, special gloves, moon boots, a lifelike astronaut backpack, and an amazing astronaut helmet that makes realistic sounds. Any kid would love to have this amazing costume.

This costume is available in toddler sizes all the way up to size 14, so children of any age can find one that fits like a glove. Be sure to check the right drop down box when you order. Also available in orange!

It is also important to note that individual items are sold separately. To ensure your son or daughter has all the pieces to their Halloween astronaut costume together, you'll need to buy each of the pieces available. However, if you don't think some or all are required to complete the outfit, just mix and match! There are a lot of great outfits and parents can spend as much or as little on it as they like.

Boys and girls will both love Aeromax's Astronaut Jr. Costume!

To find out more, follow the links to your right!

Kid's Spacesuit Costume
Kid's Spacesuit Costume

Other Kid's Astronaut Costumes For Halloween

Of course, there are plenty of other great space suit costumes for kid's this Halloween! Those seeking a simpler, less involved outfit than the one above, there are lots of great choices available.

For instance, there's the Charades brand Astronaut costume. Coming in Small and Large sizes, it is the perfect budget astronaut costume for your child this Halloween. Pricing in at a very affordable 29.95, this is a great bargain for any family looking to save on All Hallow's Even fun.

That's just one of the easy to afford kids astronaut costumes!  Made of soft, pliable materials like polyester, these are easy to get into, easy to clean, and comfortable for the child.  No crying about feeling uncomfortable or being too hot - these simple astronaut costumes will go over with no fuss this Halloween.

Still Want More?

Didn't find the child-sized astronaut costume you were looking for?  Well, why not see what eBay has to offer!  This online retailer often has some great deals for consumers looking for a deal. Sometimes you'll even find older, out of production items which might be more your style.  Take a look!


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