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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for any Mom

Updated on April 26, 2013
Best Gift Ideas for mom - Gifts mom will fall in love with.
Best Gift Ideas for mom - Gifts mom will fall in love with. | Source

Presents that any Mom will Love!

Buying a gift for the mom in your life can be very difficult. The mom in your life could be your mom, your wife or even your daughter. You may spend weeks asking yourself "What do I get mom for Mother's Day?" Or "What can I get mom for her birthday?" If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life, this list will help. There is something in this list for every mom and affordable gifts for every budget.

Gifts for the mom who loves to read

Does mom love to read? If so christmas and birthday shopping can be easy. If you know her favorite author, you can get her the newest book by that author, but only if you know that she doesn't already have it or hasn't read it.

An easier present for the book lover is a new Kindle. There are several varieties of Kindle, but the Kindle Fire is my favorite. It's not just a great ereader but it's also a web browser and a tablet. Mom can watch movies, read newspapers, magazines and keep her kids and/or grand kids entertained with it.

If mom already has a kindle, then get her a gift certificate for her favorite books so she can go ahead and get her favorite reading material whenever she wants. Mom will think of what a thoughtful son or daughter you are every time she gets another book.

Non-Digital Mom

If mom's the type who loves to read but still believes that a book should be made from paper, then a gift card to somewhere like Barnes and noble is perfect. If you're looking for something to throw in there with the gift card include a nice bookmark and a book light so she can read even when the light is dim.

Gifts for the Mom who Loves to Bake

The number one gift for a mom who loves to bake (unless she already has one) is a Kictchen Aid Mixer. There isn't a mixer on the market that compares. Kitchen Aid mixers are expensive but if you want to see your moms eyes well up with tears and become not only her favorite child but her favorite person in the world, buy her a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and make sure it goes with her kitchen!

Another awesome gift for the mom who loves to bake is a high quality breadmaker. If she doesn't already have one of these babies, she wants one. It's not just for baking bread either. Most recipes that require dough to raise (Rolls, pizza crusts, etc.) use breadmakers now.

If you're working with a smaller budget, go for a Silicone Theme! Silicone is easy to clean, doesn't get hot, comes in fun shapes and colors and is perfectly non-stick. A rolling pin a Silpat baking mat, Silicone baking pans and a silicone oven mit. Silicone is the newest and hottest thing in baking today and a gift basket full of fun silicone items or stand alone silicone items will delight any baker and will fit into any budget!

Gifts for Health Nut Mom's

A sweet digital scale

Any mom who's a health nut will appreciate an awesome digital scale. A digital scale helps mom in the kitchen by allowing her to weigh and measure different foods to gauge portion sizes and calorie intake. She may already have a digital scale, but she'll still appreciate replacing it with a really cool new one. I promise!

Nike + Sportband

The Nike + Sportband will track a runner's distance, pace, time and calories burned while running. The removable link stores the running data. Mom can use it to review her last run, as well as her weekly and total miles. She can connect to where she can see her progress, set and track goals, etc. A pretty sweet thing for any health nut mom!

Underwater MP3 Player

Health Nut mom may enjoy swimming, but wish she could listen to her Ipod while doing it. Problem Solved! Buy mom an Underwater MP3 player and she can listen and swim at the same time! The AquaBeat MP3 player is submersible up to 3 meters so she can listen to her music while working out. The ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to wear in her ear. Best thing yet, she can store up to 250 MP3 files.

Jogging Stroller

If healthy mom has a baby or a toddler, she will really appreciate a quality jogging stroller. A jogging stroller is a must have for any mom that plans on running or even walking quickly with baby. Regular strollers are for just that, strolling. If her pace requires a faster stroller, check out one of the many awesome jogging strollers on the market.

Great Gifts for the Fashion and Beauty Mom

Makeup Kit

A nice makeup pallet kit. Fashion and Beauty mom's love beautiful things, and a nice big makeup pallet is her best friend. It allows MOM to become one of those beautiful things she loves, and you can't beat that!

Manicure Kit

If mom loves to have beautiful fingernails she will appreciate a nice manicure kit. There are many different ones available, but make sure you go for a quality set. Cheap sets won't cut it for the fashion loving mom, she'll be able to spot the difference. Even a high quality set doesn't have to break the bank, though. They are very affordable. With a quality set, you'll have mom on cloud 9! She won't believe how thoughtful you are!

A Beautiful Pair of Gloves

Moms are always taking care of everyone else, so when it comes to keeping her hands warm, she may have a pair of gloves that do the trick, but any fashion loving mom will appreciate a beautiful pair of gloves. The fashionable mom in your life probably has a very nice coat for winter weather, get her a lovely pair of gloves to match, and she will appreciate them for years to come.

Kate Spade Style Book

Every fashon loving woman HAS to have Kate Spade's style book. It's an absolute must-have. It answers all her fashion questions and gives her advice on how to put together her own style. She will appreciate this book more than you will understand, and it will keep her fashionable for years to come!


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