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Best Gift Ideas for Girls 3 to 5 Years Old

Updated on December 7, 2017

Find the perfect gift for a girl of 3 to 5 years is a task that takes time and attention. It is important to choose toys that allow her to be the protagonist and an have active attitude, be really exciting and fun, preventing from becoming a mere spectator of the toy.

The most appropriate gifts for girls ages 3 to 5 are those that allows her:

  • Enjoy the outdoors, run, jump and improve balance
  • Improve manual skill
  • Stimulate the language, memory and attention span
  • Imitate family and professional scenes

Gift Ideas for Girl 3 Year Old
Gift Ideas for Girl 3 Year Old | Source

3 Years Old

The independence and sense of what she wants at the age of 3 is more remarkable. The friends acquire an important role in the games. With other children invents her best adventures and she develops the skills of cooperation and negotiation.

At this age she is entering into the highest point of the game of interpretation. She loves to ask questions about everything. It is important to encourage self-expression through the games to stimulate her imagination because this allows to develop her creativity.

Music, songs, stories and drawing are things that she likes and will help her improve language skills, fine motor skills and relationships.

The most suitable toys will be those that promote the new skills, should be safe for her age because at this age she is still unaware of the dangers and also take many things to the mouths.

Gifts for 3 Years Old Girls

Wooden peg puzzles of up to eight or ten pieces of striking colors and shapes. Light toys made of wood or plastic and without sharp edges.

Story books that have animals and illustrations of things she know. Simple musical instruments, such as xylophones, tambourines, drums, maracas or pianos.

Stuffed animals, houses in which to hide, swings and slides. Balls of all sizes. Rocking horses.

Gift Ideas for Girl 4 Year Old
Gift Ideas for Girl 4 Year Old | Source

4 Years Old

From the age of 4, the "pretend to be" game begins. The first real friendships begin to develop as social skills improve, sharing the toys is no longer such a problem. The toys must help her to practice the skills in problem solving, maximize imagination and even face new physical challenges.

Regarding gross motor skills, she already run and jump with agility and control better the movements , which will make her ready for other types of games and toys.

She keep asking a lot and is interested in everything that happens around her, she learn songs and already know letters, numbers and more complex concepts.

Gifts for 4 Years Old Girls

The bicycles the slate boards, the kitchens, the sets of doctor, of archaeologist or of superhero, the puppets, the costumes and the articulated dolls are very stimulating at this age.

The execution of more complex puzzles (36 pieces or more) and memory activities are also very appropriate.

Gift Ideas for Girl 5 Year Old
Gift Ideas for Girl 5 Year Old | Source

5 Years Old

From the age of 5 she control her physical abilities enough and put them to the test with new challenges. She already have an obvious communicative ability. She are curious about many things, constantly asking about everything she do not know.

She likes to dance and sing. She is able to learn the songs she likes and enjoys listening to more elaborate stories, and also represent those stories or those that she is capable of imagining.

The toys have to help her improve the memory, to strengthen her motor skills, to define laterality (whether she is right-handed or left-handed) and to stimulate the language (both comprehension and oral expression as well as the understanding of writing).

The girl at this age is more aware of the gender difference, she begins to identify with a role and she focuses on it to confirm her identity. The preference for "girls toys" are emphasized.

Gifts for 5 Years Old Girls

Two-wheeled bicycle (to help her learn to keep her balance). Dolls that have dresses and accessories. Simple musical instruments.

Social board games Costumes Drawing and painting sets and books.

Selection by Age

3 Years
Puzzles of up to 10 pieces. Tricycles. Plasticine. Kitchens with plastic dishes. Costumes Chalks and non-toxic paints.
4 Years
Educational games. Articulated dolls. Interactive stories Lego Classic.
5 Years
Bicycle with two wheels, slides, skates, balls. Dolls with dresses and accessories. Musical instruments. Board games for two or more players.

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