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Best Gift Ideas for Golf Lovers

Updated on February 20, 2012

For the Love of Golf

 Chances are you may know somebody who loves the game of Golf. With the holidays coming up or even for special occasions such as birthdays, or anniversaries, you may be wondering what to get the golf lover.

Golfers love the game. Not just that, they love the comradery they get with other golfers.  The love to try to perfect the game, and they know practice is what they need so they will spend hours out on the golf course.

But Golf can be quite expensive and most golfers appreciate anything that contributes to their game. Many golfers are casual golfers who will go out on the course in just a t-shirt and shorts and be quite happy, while others want the whole set up. Golf attire, golf gear, the golf cart, and any golf paraphernalia.  So finding something for the golfer can be quite challenging. But at the same time they will like anything they get that acknowledges their love of the game.

Of Course Golf Clubs

Many golfers already have golf clubs, but I have to mention them anyway because they are the most essential part of the game. I mean without golf clubs they would just be standing there looking at a little white ball on the ground.

Perhaps they have been thinking of getting a new set of golf clubs, or even upgrading from the ones they already have.

The Price range can be a little steep depending on the clubs you choose, but they do get years of enjoyment out of them and they are a good investment, any golfer would appreciate.

For beginning golfers just a standard set of golf clubs would be fine. They are great for learning and for starting out in practicing the game of golf.

Golf clubs range from approximately $100 to upwards of $300+ for a good set. And then of course there is the point of buying left handed or right handed clubs.

Golf Attire

 For many golfers just a t-shirt and shorts are just fine to play a round of golf in. However, since golf is played in summer, when it can get very hot out on the course. Special Golf attire is not a bad idea. And Golf shirts and shorts can make a very nice gift.

Golf shirts are made especially well and are made to wick away the sweat and body heat to help the golfer to stay as cool as possible when out for a day of golf.

This is why golfers love golf shirts and many times you will see them being worn as normal everyday attire in the summer.

The great thing about golf shirts for the gift giver is they are reasonably priced and will last for quite a few summers of good use. And they come in many different styles and colors to accommodate anybodies taste.

Golf Shoes

 Of course, golf shoes are pretty specific to the golfer. Some like steel cleats, others like rubber cleats. And for some it is what  specific shoe the golf course allows.

Not to mention, you have to know the golfers shoe size and preferences. But if you do or can get this information, golf shoes are a great gift, that will get allot of use.

Prices for golf shoes range greatly on the brand, and the style. For beginner golfers I would suggest something on the lower range first just to start out then one can always upgrade later when the golfer feels more certain about what he or she wants out of a golf shoe.

Other Golf Gift Ideas

 Perhaps you just want to get a gift item for a casual friend or co-worker, there are dozens of great gift ideas, that are not too expensive and still very practical.

Something as simple as golf balls can be a nice gift, since they are forever losing those darn things in the water hazards and in the deep rough.

There are nice golf ball buckets and baskets, to choose from as well.

Golfers love gadgets so any gadget that accentuates the golf theme is awesome. And many golfers love to read books and magazines about the sport as well so a nice book or magazine subscription is always a good choice.


A commenter suggested that I add this great gift idea, think about getting him or her some one on one golf lessons. Although golfers already know the game, they are forever wanting to hone their skills as a golfer. What better way to do that than with a professional golf instructor.

Another suggestion he made was to consider getting him or her a free round of golf at one of the local courses. Or to ramp it up a little more, some courses offer one year memberships to their courses. Which usually means complete access to all the courses. For a whole year! What golfer wouldn't love that.

Thanks Adam for the nice suggestions I really appreciate it.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I found a really good idea for my dads retirement present. A personalised wood putter, not only do these look great using rare types of wood, I also got the wood putter face engraved with a personal message from me. He also said it improved his putting my giving him greater control when it comes to putting. Wood being softer then steel absorbs the impact more then steel so it almost feels like it glides off the putter and doesn't 'bounce off'.

      I found these on

      feel free to check them out.

    • RalphGreene profile image


      7 years ago

      Great ideas and hub.

    • profile image

      Golf School 

      7 years ago

      We use all of this everyday out here at College of Golf! Thanks for posting

    • profile image

      Left handed golfer 

      8 years ago

      Nice Hub Diane - full of great gifts for all golfers. I find a very useful gift is a book or DVD with basic golf rules. It's amazing how many weekend golfers don't play to even the most basic of rules. Great hub though - thanks.

    • Diane Inside profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Inside 

      8 years ago

      Hi Suzy, glad you found this useful, it can be hard sometimes especially for someone who might already have a lot of items already. I know my own father is an avid fisherman and I always have a tough time figuring out what to get him. Luckily he is easy to please and to him the Bass Pro shop is akin to Disneyland. So If all else fails, a Gift card is in order. lol. So glad you stopped by, and thanks for commenting.

    • suzyjews profile image


      8 years ago from Spain

      When my dad first took up Golf, as a difficult person to buy for we thought this was great. For the first few years my family and i fought over what to buy for him for Christmas and birthdays...all Golf products of course, the novelty soon wore off though as we ran out of ideas. So thanks for some new and useful ideas for golf gifts.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 

      8 years ago

      Pretty good advice. I'll be sure to look into this list, as I need to still do some Christmas shopping this year. Plus, I might even buy some golf lessons for myself to improve my golf score, as you told me in the past that I need to work on. ;)

      Yours Truly,


    • Diane Inside profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Inside 

      8 years ago

      Hi, gifts to India, I liked the T-shirst as well,Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Gifts to India 

      8 years ago

      I loved the T-shirts, these are great and very helpful while playing Golf...nice hub for golf lovers.

    • Diane Inside profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Inside 

      8 years ago

      Thanks Adam you got a point there, Oh my goodness I was conflicted with this one, because if someone gave my husband free golf lessons, or rounds of golf I'd never see him. lol

      But you are right he would love lessons he has taken them in the past and always says he ought to take some more to sharpen his skills.

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I really appreciate it.

    • AdamMichaels profile image


      8 years ago from Boulder, CO

      Nice hub with some good ideas for gifts for golfers. One thing I'd add to your list that is often overlooked is the idea of buying the golf lover in your life some lessons. It sounds funny because they probably already know how to play, but some one-on-one coaching really is the best way to make improvements in your game. Or, if they're happy with how well they play, you could also buy them some certificates for rounds of golf at their favorite local courses.


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