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Best Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Boy

Updated on September 16, 2012
Great gift ideas for a one year old boy!
Great gift ideas for a one year old boy! | Source

Great Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Boy

Sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with quality, affordable gifts for a one year old. This article contains many gift ideas for any budget. If you are wondering what to get a son, grandson, nephew or family friend for their first birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion, this list will help.

I have four kids and oodles of gift experience, both in he giving and the receiving. I am here to share the winners!

A Fun Push or Pull along Toy

One year olds love to push and pull things, especially when they can place something IN whatever it is that they are pushing and pulling. So strollers, wagons, and things of this sort are very popular with the young toddler.

My suggestion for a one year old boy is a toddler-sized little wagon. He can load it up with toys, blocks or stuffed animals and haul his favorite toys with him. I always think the best toddler toys are ones that they can still be using when they turn 5 and this is one of them. He can find uses for this for years to come.

Meal Time Helpers

The mother of the baby will thank you for thinking of a practical item when it comes time to open presents. There are a wide variety of feeding items out there. Beautiful Melamine Plates, Silver spoons and forks, any type of sippy cup you can imagine and any and all of these will be appreciated by the mother of a 1 year old!

From experience my favorite feeding sets are made my Munchkin. These feeding dishes are bright and colorful and very good quality. They do not have separate compartments on the plate, or the beauty of many of the melamine plates and bowls, but I have a ton of plates and bowls in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and made from different materials and the munchkin ones are the best. Why are they the best? Because they stack, neatly. None of those beautiful plates and bowls do. They are BPA free. They come clean in the dishwasher because there aren't weird crevices for food to get stuck in. Most importantly, the melamine/resin ones get HOT in the microwave. Hot enough to need a hot pad to remove it, dangerous! Oh, and another bonus, they last a long time, they are cheap and even an 11 year old is willing to use them without embarrassment.

Sippy cups are another great gift. They can be expensive (about $6.00 each) for a mother needing to buy a number of them, but it's nice to have five or six of them on hand. So sippy cups make a thoughtful gift.

Toddler Safe Car Keys/Remotes/Cell Phones

Anyone who has a baby this age knows that their favorite things to play with tend to be cell phones, car keys and the remote. They see mom and dad with them and they know there is something special about them. Most parents of a one year old have discovered slimy remotes and cell phones from their little one gumming them. A good idea for any little boy is his OWN version of these things.

Toys like this can be fun and are great for parents to pack in the diaper bag and take on an outing to keep little one entertained while they are running errands.

A Stacker

A stacker is a classic present that never loses it's charm. A stacker is great for little hands and developing fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Little ones are attracted to the bright colors and they help improve their logic skills. Stackers are great toys for that little budding genius.

We had the Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker and it is all wood and great quality. When my kids outgrew it as a stacker, the stacker pieces went into the tote full of wooden blocks to be used as unique blocks and they are still played with years later. Talk about getting your money out of a toy!

Fridge Toys

Magnetic Fridge toys are a gift for both mom and baby. Magnetic fridge toys are awesome for keeping a toddler busy while mom or dad is working in the kitchen. When they are young toddlers the they can be used to pull off and put back, chew on and/or listen to the noises they make. Many of them are educational and will continue to be fun and useful as he child grows.

A Ride-On Toy

A great gift for any one year old is a Ride-On toy. One year olds are learning to master their own limbs and learning how they can maneuver other objects. One of the toys that seems to thrill them the most are ride-on toys. These toys help with gross motor skills and are just plain fun for little ones.

Musical Toy

A musical toy is a great present! One year old children LOVE the cause and effect of a noise maker. A budding musician can be in the works if you get them something they can use to learn to love and appreciate music at a young age. Many musical toys can be enjoyed for years to come!

A Toddler Favorite - A Ball Popper!

This is the most popular gift that we have ever had in our house for a one year old. HOURS of entertainment for baby, mom, dad and any siblings. Why, exactly, is this so fascinating and fun? I really don't know, but it is and everyone enjoys playing with it.

This one does require batteries. You put the balls in and then they roll down the chute and into the machine and then air makes the balls pop out of the top. Fascinating for little ones.


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