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Best Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Boy

Updated on December 3, 2012

Best Gifts for a 2 year old boy

I am creating lists of the best gifts to give any child at any age. These gift ideas are based on many years of experience with my own 4 children and with the many, many children that I interact with regularly. I try to only include items that will be played with over and over and that last a long time. I'm talking about toys/games/etc, that kids will play with over and over for months or years to come. I hate wasting my money on presents for my kids that they only enjoy for a couple weeks only to be tossed in the closet and never bothered with again, and I certainy won't suggest that you waste yours on toys like that.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a Christmas gift or a Birthday gift for your son, grandson, nephew or family friend. The gifts I recommended are kid tested and mother approved!

Lego Duplo or MegaBloks

These were THE most played with toys by our 2 year old son. Every single day he would get his tubs of blocks out of the closet and dump them out and make a new creation. Hundreds of hours have been spent making up games, patterns, imagining scenarios, building houses and towers, etc with blocks like these.

I'm going to be honest, we have both Lego Duplo and MegaBloks at our house and my son has consistently preferred the Duplo. Even though I think MegaBloks has more fun accessories and the bin of those blocks is significantly larger than the bin of Duplos, he gravitates toward the Duplo every time. I can't tell you why, or if it's universal with kids, but that is my experience. I like to buy cheaper tubs of the Duplo and then buy the occasional "theme" pack to accessorize. So we have some Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, zoo animals and Fireman legos all with a large base of basic blocks. All those fun Lego Packs cost a lot and come with very few blocks, so you want to have a tub of the basics.

MegaBloks are more generous with their blocks and tons of fun also.

These blocks will last almost forever, and my 6 year old loves playing with them also. Even my 12 year old will occasionally play with the Lego Duplo blocks, so you will get your money's worth!

Big Heavy Duty Trucks

Big trucks are a BIG hit with boys this age. Something they can get their little hands on and drive around. These trucks are great for indoor or outdoor play. The kind of trucks you can play with in a sandbox, push down the driveway or drive across the living room. Years of fun and pretend come from a couple good sturdy toy trucks.

Something to Climb on

I'm not sure there's anything a 2 year old boy likes to do more than climb things. That's why something to climb beside the furniture is a perfect gift! How better to let your little one get exercise than let him climb something all day long? They have little slides and castles and things that are small enough for a bedroom or family room, so even if it's raining or snowing outside the little boy you got this toy for can climb to his hearts content.

Chunky Puzzles

Chunky Puzzles are great for little hands. Puzzles are one of those things that every teacher would recommend for a child this age. It helps kids understand shape and dimension and how different things fit together. I like these puzzles with big chunky wooden block pieces. The puzzle pieces are actually wooden blocks that stand up on their own. They last forever and when the kid is too old for these puzzles, the wooden block pieces can go in with wooden building blocks for continued fun for years to come.

Bathtub Toys (Make a gift basket)

This is the age when many kids really start to enjoy taking a bath. There's nothing that can make a bubble bath better than some awesome bathtub toys. Boats and rubber duckies, squirting toys, foam bathtub "Stickers" and bathtub crayons and paint. The bathtub toy possibilities are endless. If you throw a bunch of this stuff together with some baby shampoo and a cool towel you can have an awesome bathtub toy gift basket. Mom and toddler will love that!

Thomas the Tank Engine

For some reason boys who are 2-5 seem to LOVE Thomas the Train, there are a million different Thomas toys out there that any little boy would love. Or get the little man a Thomas DVD as a gift. There are plenty to choose from. Imaginative play runs wild when Thomas the Tank Engine is the toy being played with. Hours of fun!

Tools made for Toddlers

Young boys LOVE to do the same things that daddy does. They also enjoy banging and building and all things noisy. That's why tools are such a great gift for toddlers. We have the Sesame Street Tool Bench and it has been consistently played with for years. It's a quality item, very sturdy and durable. The favorite toy is the Drill, which is an item that is sold separately, but it's worth he extra cost.

This tool bench is sturdy too. It's been climbed on, jumped on and knocked over and it's shows no sign of the abuse that it's taken. This is always a favorite of any visiting boys too. A great toy!

Fisher Price Little People

Little People are an awesome gift for a 2 year old boy. They've been around since I was a little kid. (Heck, before that, my grandma had a bunch of wooden little people that I used to play with.) Little people can provide hours of play for a 2 year old and they will continue to play with them until they are six or seven so you can add to it for many years. They are durable and built to last toddlers. Fisher Price has expanded their Little People brand and you get get all types of new ones now. They even have Batman Little People. Nothing cooler than that for your favorite 2 year old boy!

A Little Power Ride-On

This was another favorite. These ride-on's are worth hours of entertainment and are like a little boys dream car. They can go zooming all over the house with just a couple of hours of charge on the rechargeable battery. These little ride-ons are small enough to zoom under our tall dining room table and he thinks it's pretty cool he can drive all over the place and mom and dad get a kick out of watching him zoom around the house. This little thing has no reverse, but it withstands "manual" backing up and everything a toddler can do to it.


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