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Best Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for a Three Year Old Girl

Updated on September 24, 2012
Three year old girls are fun to buy gifts for.  This list are some of the best that are sure to entertain and impress!
Three year old girls are fun to buy gifts for. This list are some of the best that are sure to entertain and impress! | Source

Best Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

It can be tricky buying gifts for children. What do kids this age really play with? Will this toy have staying power, or will it be thrown in the closet after a week? Whether you are buying a gift for a daughter, granddaughter, niece or family friend, this list will help you out. This list is full of kid-tested, mother approved gifts for 3 year old girls for all budgets. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a Christmas Present, Birthday Present, or a gift "just because", always keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. One toy that will last 20 years is better than 20 toys that will last one year. Most kids don't have a shortage of toys, but they do have a shortage of quality toys!

Great Games for Three Year Olds

At three years old, little ones are starting to develop their reasoning and logic skills. They have also developed the attention span required to follow a short game from start to finish. At three years old little ones also have an idea about winning and losing and they are thrilled when the are successful at something. Make sure the game you choose is a game that a three year old can understand and master. It will really give them a sense of accomplishment!

Goodnight Moon is a great, very simple game for very young children (2-4) and is based after the timeless children's book of the same name. Another very simple beginner board game is the Brown Bear What do you see game, also based off a favorite chilren's book. Candyland and Memory are also timeless classics.

Cootie, Ants in your Pants, Don't Spill the beans and Perfection are also great, timeless games for Three year olds. Let the Family Game Night tradition begin!

Just like Mommy Toys

At three years old litte ones start imitating mom and dad. Anything that is in your home that mom and dad uses, but the little one's aren't allowed to use are prefect toys for a three year old. Toy shopping carts, vacuum cleaners, brooms, etc are thrilling to use at this age and will continue to get use while "playing house" for years to come!

Unit Blocks

Personally, I think the best gift on the planet is a set of Unit Blocks. Unit blocks are standardized wooden blocks. A unit block is 5.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, and 1.375 inches thick. Larger pieces include the double (11 inches long) and quadruple (22 inches long) sizes. Smaller sizes are fractions of the standard Unit block. Because these blocks are standardized they are easier to build with and they teach fractions and dimension and basic building concepts.

These blocks are worth their weight in gold. Children of all ages (and adults) can build with these for hours upon hours. You get get other more decorative blocks to go with them for even more fun. Don't fret about the higher price of a quality set of Unit Blocks. You will get your money's worth, trust me!

Whittle World Toys

A three year old is just coming into the perfect age for Whittle World toys. These awesome toys will take your child's imagination to new heights. They have such a wide variety of options that the imaginary worlds of play are endless. These toys are classic and will last a lifetime. They are also great toys to use with your favorite wooden blocks set. She can create an entire city with these.

I absolutely adore these little sets. My favorites are the Fire Truck with the burning building and the school set, but with a wide variety of vehicles, people, and building fronts you will be amazed at the fun that a three year old can come up with!

Anything Princess

Yep, even in modern day life most little girls still want to be princesses and they adore anything pretty. Princess toys are favorite gifts of little girls everywhere for this very reason. Yep, it's not a timeless, classic toy like most that I recommend and it won't last for tens of years like most toys I recommend, but it will last for hours upon end while the little girl in your life is stll in that precious princess stage of her development.

Tiaras, wands, high heels, dress up toys, princess dolls, movies, blankets, playsets, etc. If it's princess it's cool.

If you are looking to give the best birthday present of the night or the best Christmas Present of the holiday season, use these present ideas and you're sure to come up a winner!


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