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Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls in 2013 - Christmas, First Birthday & 1-2 Year Olds

Updated on November 13, 2013
1st Birthday!
1st Birthday! | Source

1 Year Old Girls Gift Ideas - Up to date 2013 selection

Whether you are looking for a gift for a 1st birthday or a gift that is appropriate for a one year old girl at any time this selection is right for you.

Baby girls are adorable and when they are one they are at that stage of development when they start to explore the world on their own (there are lots of great gifts that will help them with that), they already make fun sounds that make sense and already show a lot of character.

Browse through best toys, vehicles, musical gifts and more and find something that will bring a smile on the little girls face (although we all know pretty much everything will).

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Best gift to help a 1 year old girl learn to walk

At the age of one the pretty little girls slowly go from crawlers to walkers.

You can make this process more fun, easier and faster by getting a toy that will help them to achieve their walking goal without the unnecessary bumps.

Roll-Along toys are perfect for starting out as the kids sit on them and push with their legs in order to move. The roll alongs refine coordination and balance of the baby as they learn how to climb on them and use them.

Stroll along walkers help the kids gain the stability when they are making their first steps and are immense fun.

Both of these make a great gift and will help with the physical development of the baby.

Pretty in pink


Give them a gift that will help them explore the world

A trike makes a perfect gift and as it is for a girl be sure to go with the pink one (or purple or red). What's so great about this one is that it will grow with her as it is designed to go through 3 stages of development

Removable telescopic steering handle will allow you to steer the trike and ensure the little girl has a safe ride (the seat belt and safety bar add to that safety even more). This way the trike is suitable for girls aged 10 months and more.

When the little one reaches the age of 15 months the seat with all the safety pads comes off (safety belt is still there) and allows for more freedom. You still keep the telescopic steering handle on to ensure for safety driving.

Last but not least the handle comes of when she will be 24 months old and the girl will enjoy her solo trike rides.

This is a gift that will last and is a great pick because of that.

Best toys suitable for one year olds

Kids love toys no matter the age. But when you are getting a toy for a one year old you really have to be careful to get something appropriate, both because getting a toy that isn't suitable for that age can be dangerous because of small parts and also because it is important to get something that will help in development.

I have selected 3 toys that make a fine example of what is a good toy for a one year old girl.

Leap Frog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

A fun Picnic basket shaped toy that hides a lot of goodies. The kids generally like it because of it's shape as it is fun for pretend play but it holds a lot more than just that. Kids will learn shapes and cleverly built puzzles will help them with their coordination.

Laptops for one year olds? YES!

Well they are not exactly laptops but they are extremely educational. They will help teaching kids numbers and letters and reward them with fun.


A must have development toy. It seems so simple but it's one of the best toys you can get for your kid. It will help with the eye-hand coordination, understanding shapes and colours, motor skill development and more.

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Inexpensive and Unique Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

If you are looking for something that's unbelievably adorable and on a budget headbands are the way to go. You can get a piece of art for less than 5 dollars and I guarantee your girl will look super pretty (if you are getting this for a friend you can rest assured they will be taking a lot of pictures with the new headband and the mother will love it).

If you have some knitting skills be sure to make one yourself! There's nothing more valuable than a handmade gift in my opinion.


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