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Best Romantic Gift Idea For a Fisherman - Bathroom Stuff Series

Updated on January 25, 2015


OK, you are looking for a gift for a fisherman. This fisherman has every lure on earth, every rod imaginable, the fisherman has a boat, good waders, you name it if it can get wet, they've got it.

What are you going to get this person then? There are plenty of ideas out there but you want something unique. You want something the fisherman will cherish.

Most importantly, you want to bring a little romance back into your life.

Consider Getting Him a Fishing Themed Toilet Seat or Toilet Paper Holder

Nothing makes a person's heart flutter more than a themed bathroom accessory. Sure, you may be shaking your head now. You might think this author a bit crazy, but seriously the fishing themed toilet seat or toilet paper holder is the way to go. It is near poetry.

Why Would a Toilet Seat Bring Romance back into My Life?

Here are a few good reasons

1. It is coming from you! Isn't "the thought" the most important thing? This is a gift that will be cherished simply because of your close bond with this person.

2. The butt. Yep, the butt. The butt is essential to our daily lives. It helps the body expel what the body no longer wants. The butt also provides a nice cushion when we sit down. Buying a fishing themed toilet seat is like two gifts in one. It allows the expulsion of things we do not want, it also gives us a place to sit down. The seat allows for both. Any fisherman knows this and any gift that helps you to exploit the butt for its maximum potential would be greatly appreciated.

3. The frequent use. Fishing themed toilet seats are sure to get used. This isn't something you simply display on the mantel whenever Christmas comes around. You bolt the seat to the commode and let 'er rip. You'll get years of use.

4. The look. What fisherman wouldn't like to stare at lures and flies on the seat? It will remind this person of their true passion every time they go to the bathroom.

Why Would the Fishing Toilet Paper Make Someone Happy?

1. It's coming from you. Sure, toilet paper holders can melt hearts like roses on its own but coming from you it raises sentimentality to a whole new level. Think of the tear that squirts from the corner of the fisherman's eye as he holds it up like a newborn son or family heirloom or something.

2. The clean up. The, eh, clean up process when you are finished using the commode isn't always the most pleasant experience. Actually, wiping on my top ten list of fun things to do falls around 1240-1243 or thereabout. A smile will come to the fisherman's face every time he reaches for the paper regardless of the frequency. Normal regularity, frequent regularity, diarrhea, colitis, you name it, he'll smile when pulling off a strip.

3. The décor. Hey, let's face it. How often do you change the décor in your bathroom? More specifically, how often do you get a new toilet paper holder. Probably not very often. Once your fisherman bolts this baby to the wall or wherever, he or she will have this beautiful décor posted for years to come. Even those just casually using the bathroom for hand washing or closing up stitches, or whatever you do, will marvel at the fishing themed TP dispenser.

If All Else Fails

If the toilet seat cover and the toilet paper holder aren't working for you. Consider a fishing themed bathroom scale (there's one linked above). That is a fairly safe and less permanent option.

The only problem with the scale is that every time it is used the fisherman will be reminded of how fat  he or she is. This could cause depression.

The scale is cool looking though. If they don't want to stand on it, maybe they'll just nail it to the wall as an ornament. I'm not an interior decorator, but that's what I would do.


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