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Best Present or Gift for Grandparents

Updated on January 31, 2015

Best and loving presents for grandparents

Our grandparents if they are still alive are a source of wisdom to us. How many times do we talk to them and they share about their past? I always listen to them when they are trying to share what happened in their lives and the wisdom they want us to know. My grandfather from my fathers side died when he was 94 years old. He was an engineer and he always tell me stuff about it when I sat down in his lap, he shares stories about life and about being an engineer in early 1900s, wow.

His wife, my grandmother, used to take care of me when I was small and my parents are off to work and nobody will take care of me. My grandmother is a remarkable woman, she is a teacher and taught me how to read.

Now they are all both gone. I am writing this hub so that we may appreciate our grand parents. We should give them time, and let them feel that they are loved and they are important to you. Remember special occasions for them like birthdays and holidays.

Here is the list of gifts appropriate for them, but first you need to know what they like or need. Depending on your budget, you might want to get them, shawls for grandmother, and pair of pull of pull over for grandpa.

Choices - presents for grandparents

  • Photo albums of you and if you have a family is also a good gift to both of them
  • Simple cards with letter on it accompanying a gift you can afford is also nice.
  • I will not recommend books anymore as it is obvious some elderly people must have exercise and they are done with reading.
  • What we should take into consideration is the time we share to them. It will help if you can make a call and ask them regularly, how they are doing, visit them sometimes and cook for them. It will be lovely if you can take them to dinner.
  • A basket of fruit and vegetables is also a good gift. Ask them first what do they need then start from that.
  • If they still listen to music, buy them a component if you can afford one.
  • A photo album where the family picture is taken is a good gift too. You can never go wrong with it. And if you can get a favorite photo of them taken with you and them, enlarged it and make it into a wall photo.
  • - Personalized gift is a nice gift too, like cups, each one for both, shirts with both name on it, towels, warm comforter specially during cold season etc.
  • Best and loving presents for grandparents -- If you are near their house, maybe you can write in a nice stationary, that you can be their driver every weekend, they will be glad you offered that, or cooked thei favorite food once in a while too.
  • You can also give to grandmother music box too
  • I guess grandpa would love to watch TV still, if you have the money, buy them a new HDTV, I am sure they spend time in front of television.
  • Or the most important thing time for them, to go to the park with them and share moments.

There you go, the best and loving presents for grandparents.


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    • alexandriaruthk profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from US

      Hi Daniella, thanks for the read and am glad you like it, relations for me is everything I love my relatives so much, and my family too, take care!

    • DaniellaWood profile image


      9 years ago from England

      Thank you for such wonderful gift ideas, alexandriaruthk! I love my grandparents so much and feel incredibly lucky to have them. My grandad has cancer and this may be our last Christmas together so I want to get him and my nanna something special - I like your idea of a photo album :) Lovely. Thanks again, Daniella

    • alexandriaruthk profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from US

      hi elayne, thanks for dropping by,

    • elayne001 profile image


      9 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Very thoughtful and useful gifts. Great hub!


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