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Buying leather roses, black leather rose gifts online

Updated on August 26, 2010

Black leather roses for biker, goth chicks

One of the most beautiful and unique types of gifts to give someone is a leather rose or roses. Why give real roses when a leather rose will last forever! If your girlfriend or wife is a biker babe or just likes leather, a leather rose gift will really make her smile.

You can buy leather roses online from many gift shops that carry unique gifts. Leather roses come in many different colors too. Besides the popular red you can get black leather rose, yellow, orange, blue, pink and other colors.

Biker chicks and Goth girls really like getting a black leather rose or even a bouquet of them. You can even find a black leather rose with the stem made from barb wire, or with a heart above the rose fashioned from barb wire.

Leather roses and black leather rose pictures

Red leather roses
Red leather roses
Stuffed bear with leather rose
Stuffed bear with leather rose

Leather roses for third year wedding anniversary

As most know, each year of a wedding anniversary has a different material associated with it. The third year anniversary is leather. What could be better than a dozen red leather roses to give the couple! You can buy a bouquet of long stem leather roses in a dozen or half dozen.

They come in a long flower box, or some come with a wooden, glass or metal vase to hold your leather roses. You can even find third year anniversary stuffed bears holding a leather rose, cute!

Most places will allow custom orders of the colors you want for your leather roses. You can have a dozen of them in all colors, two colors or all the same, whatever you want. The stems and leaves are almost always green; some even make the leaves from leather!

If you give a dozen leather roses for a wedding anniversary, it's a pretty sure bet nobody else will be giving the same thing. Giving a gift of leather roses is a very unique and personal touch.

Black leather rose gifts

Black rose leather gifts
Black rose leather gifts

Caring for your leather roses

Leather roses are pretty simple to care for. Of course they don't need water, in fact be careful not to get them wet as it will leave water spots on them. Keep them out of direct, strong sunlight as that will fade the colors over time.

Rubbing leather conditioner on them will keep them looking shiny and healthy, but don't overdo it. Otherwise they could get leather mildew on them. The kitchen table, living room coffee table or on a shelve is a great place for them.

So if you want to give a very beautiful and unique gift to your girlfriend or as a third year wedding anniversary, try leather roses. From black leather rose to a dozen red leather roses, it's a gift they will remember!


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