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Suede leather cleaner and how to clean suede leather

Updated on August 26, 2010

Suede leather apparel

Suede leather jacket
Suede leather jacket

How to clean suede leather and finding suede leather cleaner

How do you clean suede leather? Where do you find suede leather cleaner? Those are the questions often asked by someone who has a suede coat or maybe some suede shoes. It's important to ask those questions too, because you can damage suede leather trying to clean it.

Suede leather cleaner is made purposely for suede leather. Do NOT get regular leather cleaner to clean suede leather. Made from the split inside hide of an animal, often cowhide, the unfinished side is facing out. That gives suede leather that fuzzy, soft feeling. 

It's the many natural leather fibers that give it a softness, unlike normal leather that is top grain or sanded smooth. However all those leather fibers collect dirt easily, and liquids penetrate them fast, leaving stains.

So take care to not get your suede leather apparel dirty or wet. However if you do you want to clean it right away. If not it will just get more dirty and discolored very fast. So how do you clean suede leather the right way?

Well actually the best way is to take it to a cleaner that knows how to clean leather and suede. They have experience and the tools to do the job. However it can be expensive. If it's not too dirty or a small spot, then doing it yourself with suede leather cleaner is a good idea.

So the next thing is, where do you buy suede leather cleaner? Most good leather shops have suede leather cleaner. Amazon is another great place to find it. They carry several top brands. The brand I like the most is NuBuck leather cleaner.

However like I said, make sure it's a suede leather cleaner, not regular leather cleaner. It will be gentle and made to not discolor suede leather. It works by dissolving and breaking up the dirt and stains trapped in the leather fibers.

Follow the directions very carefully on the suede leather cleaner bottle. Often you get a clean damp washcloth or other thick cloth. Then you gently rub the suede leather cleaner into the area to be cleaned. Make sure you don't run hard or you will make a bald or shiny spot in your suede item!

Your trying to work the liquid into the dirt, which will break it up and release it from the leather fibers. It takes time, working it in, letting it set a bit, slowly lifting the dirt away from the suede. Once your done you should go over it again with a water dampened cloth to get out all the suede leather cleaner and dirt.

The area may get a little discolored, usually darker. Hopefully it will not but that is one of the side effects cleaning suede can do, especially if it's a light colored suede leather. It's best to not get it dirty in the first place, so take extra care with suede leather apparel and items.

That is how you clean suede leather and where you get suede leather cleaner. Remember, make sure its a suede leather cleaner, not regular leather cleaner. Take your time with it and you should be able to clean your suede leather apparel back to like new looks!


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      Lanette 2 years ago

      People noallmry pay me for this and you are giving it away!