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Gifts for Chanukah Happy Hanukkah

Updated on October 28, 2012

2012 Chanukah Dates

December 8-16
December 8-16

The Jewish Holiday of Chanukah

A Festival of Lights

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is observed for eight days, beginning on the evening of the twenty fifth day of the month of Kislev. In Hebrew, Chanukah translates to the english word of "dedication" and so on Chanukah as we light the lights we remember the story of the Maccabbes who lived over 2,300 years ago in the land of Judea, which is now Israel. And as I remember the story of Judah Maccabee I also remember growing up how my mom would wrap a gift for each night.  Jewish people also celebrate this Jewish holiday with unique foods like latkes and jelly doughnuts. We sing Hanukkah songs and we play the dreidel game and of course the giving of gifts.

And so we remember, we light candles, we honor and we dedicate.

Chanukah Traditions

Chanukah (Hanukkah) is a festival of lights that serves as a reminder of the past and brings hope for a bright future.

Chanukah is a celebration with many traditions. Partly because this Jewish holiday is in December, it is hard not to want to join in on the gift giving experience. Read on to explore some more interesting and fun facts about Hanukkah and find the best gifts online.

Chanukah Dates

The Secular dates for the upcoming years:

2011: December 20-28

2012: December 8-16

2013: November 27-December 5

2014: December 16-24

2015: December 6-14

* It is important to remember that The first candle of the menorah is lit at nightfall of the first date listed to the right (for each year).

Chanukah (Hanukkah)

No matter how your spell it Chanukah is a wonderful holiday of renewed dedication, faith, hope and spiritual light. It's a holiday that says:

"Never lose hope."

Chanukah is the holiday of standing up boldly for your beliefs, of not yielding an inch.

For eight nights we light the menorah to remember the miracle of Chanukah.

The dates for Chanukah in 2011:December 20-28
The dates for Chanukah in 2011:December 20-28
place the Chanukah candles in the menorah from right to left, but they are lit from left to right.
place the Chanukah candles in the menorah from right to left, but they are lit from left to right.
Chanukah Dreidel
Chanukah Dreidel

Chanukah Fun Facts

  • Chanukah begins four days before the new moon, which is the darkest night of the Kislev month. The month is close to the winter solstice, which is the longest and darkest month of the year. The Jewish holiday of Chanukah brings light in the darkest time of the year.
  • Jewish people place the Chanukah candles in the menorah from right to left, but they are lit from left to right.
  • It takes 44 candles all together to observe all the eight nights of the Chanukah festival.
  • Chanukah begins on the 25th day of the month of Kislev, usually in mid-December according to the common calendar.
  • For eight nights long as the oil miraculously burned for eight nights instead of one night.
  • Some people claim that the dreidel game originated when Jewish children were not allowed to study Torah. If an official came along, they would quickly pull out these toys and appear to just be playing a game.
  • The candles used for lighting Hanukah Menorah are supposed to burn for at least half an hour after the stars come out.
  • Hanukkah is spelt differently by different people. Some name it as Chanukah while the  others spell it with an "h" first Hanukkah.
  • Traditional Hanukkah food is cooked during the festival. Oil is the key ingredient of the foods, which is a sign of tribute to the miracle of purified oil.
  • The principle event of the holiday, the battle between the Maccabees and the Greeks, is post-Biblical. The story of Chanukah is not written about in the Torah. It happened several hundred years after the Torah is believed to have been given to the Jewish people, on Mount Sinai.
  • There is no historical writings of Chanukah gift giving. for sure it came about so Jewish kids would not feel bad they weren't getting any Christmas gifts.

Chanukah 2011:December 20-28
Chanukah 2011:December 20-28

Chanukah Candles

Chanukah is also called "The Festival of Lights" referring to the flames kindled on each night. It is also called "The Festival of Light" as Chanukah is the victory of the forces of "light" - which include faith and loyalty to Hashem and the Jewish tradition and the will to fight for these beliefs - over the forces of "darkness," represented by the hedonistic lifestyle of the ancient Syrian-Greeks.

The other meaning gives us an easy way to remember the Hebrew date of the holiday: “Chanu” means “they rested”, and “Kah” (composed of the Hebrew letters for 25 - “Chof and Hay”) means “on the twenty fifth” (day of Kislev). 44 candles are used in total, making this a perfect gift for one of the 8 nights.

2011 Chanukah December 20-28
2011 Chanukah December 20-28

8 Days of Chanukah

The world was created in seven days. There are seven notes in the musical scale, seven days of the week. Therefore, the number seven represents the physical world that we can touch and smell and feel.

The number eight, on the other hand, transcends the natural world. And so by divine intervention the oil that should have only last one day, burnt for 8 miraculous days. And so we celebrate Chanukah so that we remember the ones that came before us.

Chanukah Traditions

Today, the observance of Chanukah features the lighting of a special Chanukah menorah with eight branches (plus a helper candle), adding one new candle each night. Other customs include spinning the dreidel (a top with Hebrew letters on the sides), eating "oily" foods like potato latkes (pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), receeiving a small gift for each night and  giving Chanukah gelt (coins) to children

Its Time For Chanukah

Happy Chanukah
Happy Chanukah

8 Days of Chanukah

Chanukah Quotes

Blessed is the match
consumed in kindling flame
Blessed is the flame that burns
in the secret fastness of the heart
~ Hannah Senesh ~

Put on your yarmulke,
Here comes Hanukkah!
So much funukah,
To celebrate Hanukkah!
Hanukkah is the festival of lights.
Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights.
~ Adam Sandler ~

The miracle, of course,
was not that the oil for the sacred light
In a little cruse
lasted as long as they say;
But that the courage of the Maccabees lasted to this day:
Let that nourish my flickering spirit.
~ Charles Reznikoff, "Meditations on the Fall and Winter Holidays" ~

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.
~ Buddha ~

The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.
~ Robert Altinger ~

Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah
Come light the menorah
Let's have a party
We'll all dance the hora
Gather round the table, we'll have a treat
Shiny tops to play with, latkes to eat.
And while we are playing
The candles are burning low
One for each night, they shed a sweet light
To remind us of days long ago.
Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah (Song)

Chanukah - December 20-28, 2011:
Chanukah - December 20-28, 2011:

Chanukah Gift Giving Tradition

Modern Design Chanukah Menorah

Chanukkah, like any other festival, has several traditions associated with it. The gift giving tradition is growing popular with the passing time. It probably evolved out of the Christmas gift giving that takes over the season as well as from the 'gelt' giving tradition of the Jews. In the past, the children were tested about their knowledge on Chanukkah and then given money orwell chocolate coins.
Lighting the menorah is the center of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah (Hanukkah) and most Jewish homes have at least one menorah. From the traditional designs to the modern designs – silver, brass, glass, ceramic, aluminum and wood, a menorah always makes a nice gift to gift to new brides and old alik

Looking for something contemporary, One could hardly do better than a stunning design from Yair Emanuel. He is one of Israel’s top Judaica artists. Whether it’s hand painted wood with brass inserts, hand-painted laser-cut metal, or space age anodized cast aluminum, these are menorahs that will turn heads for years to come.

Chanukah 2011 Dec 20 - 28
Chanukah 2011 Dec 20 - 28

Traditional Gift Menorah

Hanukkah Menorah

Chanukah Menorahs have been an object of artistic design for centuries. But never before has there been such creative variety as today. Chanukah Menorahs are something every Jewish household has. Here are some handcrafted Menorahs from leading artisans. With an eye for posterity, these Menorahs are made to last for generations and make a perfect gift for mom.

Hanukkah December 20-28, 2011
Hanukkah December 20-28, 2011

Artazia Collection Star of David

Artazia Collection
Artazia Collection

Chanukah Gifts Sterling Silver

Whether classic or modern, nothing is more stately and regal than a Chanukah menorah made from sterlingsilver.  Hazorfim, the world’s top producer of sterling silver Judaica products, has an extensive range of menorahs in every size and shape imaginable.

Star Of David

Chanukah Gifts

A necklace with a Star of David always makes for a wonderful gift. A Beautiful symbol with a simple beauty is sure to accent any outfit for the receiver.

This is truly an inspirational piece of jewelry for a most unique chanukah gift is set within a very light stainless steel frame. Adorned with Austrian crystals, beads and a variety of other materials which are delicately assembled. No 2 pieces are a like.

2011 Hanukkah December 20 -28
2011 Hanukkah December 20 -28

Chanukah Dreidels

A child’s fondest Chanukah memories will often be of spinning the hanukah dreidel with friends and family.  From traditional Chanukah hand-painted wooden dreidels by Yair Emanuel, each one a unique and memorable work of art.  There’s also a sterling silver Israel Museum replica of a 19th century Europeandreidel, dreidel-menorah combinations, and a new dreidelgame for children.

Nights to light the Menorah for Chanukah - December 20 - 28, 2011
Nights to light the Menorah for Chanukah - December 20 - 28, 2011
Broadway Basketeers Hanukkah Kosher Gift Tower buy from amazon
Broadway Basketeers Hanukkah Kosher Gift Tower buy from amazon

Chanukah Gift Baskets

Shop online for the best selection of gift baskets. A chanukah gift by post for hassle free one stop shopping, no lines to stand in. Fast shipping and great prices. A very extravagant gift of gourmet delicacies for that special someone on your gift list. Bursting with savory and sweet Chanukah goodies – you can find gift basket  with three varieties of cookies, crackers, chocolate popcorn, roasted almonds and much more.

Elegant Extravaganza Gift Basket for Chanukah Gift GIving

Adam Sandler Chanukah Song

Matisyahu Hanukkah Song


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