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Choosing a Printing Type for Party Invitations

Updated on August 28, 2011

Party Invitations

Invitation ready to be sent out. Image courtesy by User Randigoo through a Creative Commons License.
Invitation ready to be sent out. Image courtesy by User Randigoo through a Creative Commons License.

Formal Weddings

The types of printing for formal wedding can include both flat and raised lettering. Some require long times to produce, so order in advance.

  • Foiling - This is where a foil with a special backing is heat set onto the paper giving it a 3-D feel. The colors for the foil can be highly metallic or non-metallic, and is available in many colors.
  • Embossing - This is where the actual letters are pressed from the back and pushed to the front, giving it a 3-D look. Embossing generally a monochromatic style where no color is used in the printing. It is great for thicker papers and for making stylish borders.
  • Hand Written Invitations - For those that enjoy calligraphy, hiring someone who specializes in the art of caligraphy can be a great option. Different colors can be used and since it can be time consuming for very large parties, must be commissioned in advance of when they are needed.
  • Colors - Colors for the invitations are usually muted and in primary colors, mainly black/white, cream/navy, off white/marroon, etc. Other colors may be used as well but should fit with the theme of the event.

Outside Events

Outside events can be either casual or more refined, and can very fun in the process.

  • Invitations that are for outside venues can have dried herbs such as sage or lavendar tied to the paper for hand delivery.
  • The colors can be bright and reflect the location. Beach parties may want blue and aquamarine colors while woodland parties may want deeper shades of green and brown.
  • Offset printing can be fun for outside parties as different unique elements can be printed on the paper in different colors.

Kids Parties

For kids parties, choosing a type of printing can be as simple as using a font from a favorite character's show.

  • Disney look-a-like fonts can be purchased for birthday parties.
  • Fonts with animal or bug shapes can be fun for themed parties, like parties with a bug theme or those with bears or fish.
  • Block capital letters can lend a school-age flair to different events.
  • Both san serif and serif fonts are nice to use if they are large enough for little eyes to see and read.


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