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Christmas Already Wrapped

Updated on November 22, 2015
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Hi My names Toya. I live in London UK and am working online selling products, blogging and writing reviews and articles like at Hub Pages.

What kind of pre wrapped gifts can you get?

Flowers and baskets of flowers with gift tag included

Chocolate towers or gift boxes with tag

Candy towers or gift boxes and baskets with tag

Perfume sets for men and women in gift box with tags

Spa sets in gift boxes with tags

Gift cards as presents

Shop wrapped gifts ready to give

The other alternative to buy already wrapped gifts is to make your own, you can make cookies, beauty, and flower gifts and specialise them to suit the recipient.

You can either buy or make your own chocolate, biscuits and sweets and then package them in Christmas themed boxes and wrapping them with ribbons and bows. They are not difficult to make and are fantastic and creative unique gifts to give.

What kind of chocolate and confectionery gifts?

It's easy to find some chocolate specialist shops or confectioners to buy a Christmas gift for someone which is already wrapped and even sent direct to the Recipient.

Buy a single box or huge tower of different chocolates, sometimes these will come with a bows and string and a Christmas themed box.

or get a box of mixed candy, biscutits and even ones themed with Christmas shaped products.

And you'll be able to order these in store or online,

Just take a look at my website Our Xmas a Wish to get some ideas for chcolocate and candy gift baskets you can get suited to all the family.

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Different types of wrapped gifts

Flower basket
Spa set
Wine and drinks hamper
Biscuits and cakes
Make up set
Food hamper

Make your own Beauty Gift

Perfume and beauty sets for Christmas

If you go to any shop or department store you will see hundreds of presents for Christmas when you visit the beauty department.

You can choose from top designer brand names or go for more high street ones which cost less. But you will see moisturiser and perfume sets, spa and beauty sets, make up sets and special Christmas limited edition beauty and spa sets. These may cost anything from £25 upwards to over £200 depending on the product you want to buy,

You can choose a gift set which is already wrapped and presented or you can tailor make your own choosing the products to add. The sales assistant will then wrap them for you in a Christmas wrapping with ribbon and bows.

Christmas Food Basket Ideas

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© 2015 Toya Christie


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Flowers and candies are common here