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Christmas Gift Baskets - For the hard to buy for on your gift list.

Updated on July 18, 2013

Bewilderment and panic grips even the most seasoned of shoppers.

Christmas, that time of year when, wandering through throngs of people, bewilderment, and panic grips even the most seasoned of shoppers. What do we get family members, and those in our circle of friends, that seem to have everything and need nothing.

If you are like me, picking up any old thing just to give a gift is simply not acceptable. It is not uncommon for me to jot down things I hear family members and friends mention that they need, or would like, throughout the year. Inevitably, by December, they have already picked up the item and I am at a loss.

One year I decided to give everyone on my Christmas list a “Holiday Gift Basket.” I purchased each of those on my list a basket – of sorts.

The ideas are endless, and the time is unlimited.

  • For Moms and Grandma's

For some of the women, I ordered pans from That’s My Pan , a company that engraves a name on the pan, as well as, adds a personalized lid. Great for any covered-dish dinner, as you’ll never lose your favorite pan again. I have been picking up things like cute measuring spoons, kitchen towels, hot pads and a fun timer. Each item will be wrapped individually and, when the wrapped pan is opened, the recipients will find more treasures to unwrap.

  • For those hard to shop for teen girls!

I picked up makeup bags for the teen girls on my list. Items I picked up to wrap and fill these bags include makeup brushes, cleansing sponges and travel size items from some of their favorite stores, such as, Victoria Secrets and / or Bath and Body Works. I may include a gift card so they can buy other items they need.

  • Something Fun For Little Girls

For the little girls on my list, I found plastic baskets in their favorite colors. To these I added, brushes, ponytail holders, hair clips, lip-gloss, bubble bath and matching shower loofahs. There are lots of small items to pick up depending on the little girl and her interests.

  • What about the boys?

For younger boys, a small plastic milk crate in their favorite color. Matchbox cars, finger skateboards, Lego sets, different sets of collectable cards and an mp3 player with an iTunes card to download their favorite songs.

  • Teen Boys can be a challenge!

Teenage boys can be, by far, the most difficult on our gift list. Each teen has their own likes, and interests and that can be a tremendous help. Whether its a favorite sports team, hunting or NASCAR; a backpack or duffel bag can be filled with some favorite things. A book or DVD about their favorite sports team along with a t-shirt and cap, may be perfect. Cologne or Shower sets with an oversized towel in their favorite color, and gift cards to just about anywhere are always a good gift choice.

  • The Men on your list.

Who is dad’s favorite baseball team, or granddads current past time? You can find that one thread to base your gift giving around. Let the whole family in on the idea and they can add their own gifts. If Grandpa is a fisherman, have everyone in the family add something interesting to a fisherman's vest. He'll be finding surprises all year long.

If dad is a handyman, get everyone in the family to stock a new tool box for him or create a clean up area in the garage with plenty of towels, cleaners, and items to help keep the work area neat.

  • Friends and Coworkers

Have a friend who just retired from their job and are planning a trip to Europe? Why not make them a basket full of travel brochures and travel items like a power adaptor for their blow dryer and curling iron? Travel size shampoos and other personal items may be an excellent idea, as well as, translators and guidebooks for each country they will be visiting. You may want to include an international phone card just in case they need to call back home.

The ideas are endless, and time is unlimited. I normally get my baskets just after Christmas during all the big sales and get started for next year. Another added bonus is that I buy these items a little at a time and pick them up when they are on sale, making good use of coupons throughout the year. That makes my Christmas buying less of a financial difficulty because I spread it out over the entire year.


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