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Christmas Markets in Limousin 2012

Updated on January 24, 2014
Limoges porcelain boxes, the perfect Christmas present.
Limoges porcelain boxes, the perfect Christmas present. | Source

Limousin is alive at Christmas

Christmas Markets, or Marchés de Noël, in France are wonderful, and no less so those in the rural heartland of France - Limousin. From the large, week-long extravaganza in Limoges, to the smaller night markets in tiny villages, you'll find local artisans and food producers selling a wide range of fabulous REAL regional French products in Limousin Christmas markets. There are so many other great things to do as well. Go shopping for Limoges Porcelain in one of the many Boutiques in Limoges city centre, or bargain hunt in the Factory shops. Eat at restaurants which offer local cuisine at excellent prices. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and visit all our Museums, Galleries, Chateaux and castles. There's nothing like a French Christmas market.

Accommodation in Limousin

There is no lack of accommodation in Limousin. You'll find hotels, Bed and Breakfasts in Limousin and gites (or self-catering holiday cottages, vacation rentals) of a very high standard and at very reasonable prices. Les Trois Chenes Guest House is on the Route of Richard the Lion Heart which links more than 13 castles and several beautiful villages and interesting monuments to see. Limousin has so much to offer and yet remains relatively unknown, except for the discerning few of course! It is best to book early as Chrismas is a busy period.

At Les Trois Chenes we also have a three star gite and run painting holidays.

Contact me at,, 0033(0)5 55 48 29 84

Book a winter art break, or a summer painting holiday. Stay with us for Christmas shopping or for a fantastic tour of Limousin porcelain boutiques and factory shops.

A painting holiday with us would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

See below for further details.

Keep an eye on this list. I'll update it as I find more information

Last updated 9 December 2010

Limousin specialities on sale in the Christmas markets

Marche de Nol Saint Junien 2010
Marche de Nol Saint Junien 2010 | Source

Christmas markets are one of the best-kept secrets in France

Have you tried to find a complete list of all the Christmas Markets in Limousin? If you have, do please let me know (see comments section at the end of this list). I'm tearing my hair out trying to get up-to-date and complete tourist information. If you haven't found the full list, then have a look at what I've managed to pull together!

Feel free to add any other Christmas Markets in Limousin, or around Les Trois Chenes Bed and Breakfast situated at Videix (send information in the comments box). We are right on the borders of the LImousin, the Charente and the Dordogne which triples the troubles but also the Markets.

I hope that this information is correct, but, as it has been gleaned from many sites there is always a possibility of error so do confirm the details with the local Mairie or Tourist office.

You might like to have a look at Tourisme Meteorite as well.

Si vouz avez des renseignements pour cette liste, merci de lesser vos infos. dans le boit en bas.

Christmas in Limoges

Videix in the snow - Limousin is lovely in winter

Entrance to Videix Village
Entrance to Videix Village | Source
A lovely, snowy walk in Limousin
A lovely, snowy walk in Limousin | Source
Christmassy roof tops in Videix
Christmassy roof tops in Videix | Source
Les Trois Chenes Our well and oak trees in the snow
Les Trois Chenes Our well and oak trees in the snow | Source


Aixe sur Vienne 26 November Place du Champs de Foire, German products. + info: Val de Vienne Tourist Office

Ambazac 18 December 2010 All day Information 06 07 82 90 45

Aureil ? December 2010 3pm - 10pm Town centre Information 05 55 34 46 87

Bellac Saturday 17 December 2010 from 3pm Information 05 55 68 10 61

Bersac-sur-Rivalier Saturday 10 December 2010 From 9am - 6 pm Information 05 55 71 27 98

Bessines sur Gartempe 9 Décembre 2010 Information 05 55 76 06 39

Bosmie l'Aiguille 11th December 2010 Place Pédralba, Foire à l'Orange, Spanish products. Paëlla Information Val de Vienne Tourist Office 05 55 36 14 54

Chaillac 4 December 2010 8am - 5pm Information 05 55 02 17 93

Châteauneuf-la-Foret Vendredi 17 Décembre 2010 From 6pm Salle Bartholdi Information 05 55 69 30 27

Chateauponsac 18th December 2010 Place de la République et Place Ducoux From 9am Information Gartempe-Saint Pardoux Tourist Office 06 20 52 31 01

Dompierre les Eglises 18th December From 3pm - 10pm Place de l'Eglise Information 05 55 68 53 78

Eybouleuf 4 Dcember 2010 From 3pm Salle Polyvalente Information 05 55 56 14 78

Eymoutiers Dimanche 21 Décembre 2010 10am - 6pm Information Eymoutiers Tourist Office 05 55 69 27 81(Tourist information also gives 4th DEcember 9am - 12 am. So please make sure you check this out)

Flavignac 24 Décembre 2010 From 6pm Place du General de Gaulle Sale of local products am. Information 05 55 78 51 13

Isle Dimanche à ? Décembre 2010 All day Town centre Information 05 55 34 46 87

Ladignac le Long ? Décembre 2010 From 2pm - 7pm The School Information 05 55 08 20 72

La Jonchere Saint Maurice 18 December 2010 From 8am - 6pm Place de l'Eglise et salle des Fetes Information 05 55 39 80 18

Le Dorat à 4 December From 10am - 6pm Salle Artemis, place de la Collégiale Information 05 55 60 76 81

Les Cars 11 Décembre 2010 Salle Polyvalente Information 05 55 78 51 13

Limoges ? December 9am to 7pm 2010 Place de la Motte Information 05 55 45 27 22

Lussac les Eglises 04 December From 10am - 6pm Salle plyvente Information 05 55 60 62 90

Magnac Laval 10 December All day Information 06 30 83 86 53

Nexon 11 Décembre From 9am - 6pm Chateau courtyard Information 05 55 58 28 44

Oradour sur Glane ? December 2010 All day Place du Champ de Foire and Salle des Fetes Information 05 55 03 13 73

Panazol ? Décembre 2010

Peyrilhac ? December From 8am - 1pm Town centre Information 05 55 75 84 15

Pierre-Buffière Dimanche 18 Décembre 2010 From 9am - 12am Gymnase Information 05 55 00 94 33 (Also have same information but for all day, so check this out)

Rancon 10 December 2010 From 10am Salle de fetes and Square de la Lanterne Information 05 55 68 15 15

Rilhac Rancon ? December From 10am - 6pm Espace Mazelle Information 06 88 43 36 65

Sainte Amand le Petit ? December From 9am - 6pm The Mairie Information 05 55 69 18 32 / 05 55 69 16 81

Saint Hilaire les Places 17 Décembre All day Place de l'Eglise Information 05 55 58 39 09

Saint Junien 10 December 2010 From 9.30am - 6pm Place Lacote German, Polish and Belgian products Information Saint Junien Tourist Office 05 55 43 00 27

Saint-Laurent-les-Eglises 13 Décembre From 5.30pm Salle du temps livre Information 05 55 56 70 70

Saint-Laurent-sur-Gorre 4 Décembre From 9am - 6pm Information 05 55 00 06 55

Saint Leger Magnazeix 11 Décembre 2010

Saint Léonard de Noblat 22 December. Information Saint Léonard de NoblatTourist Office

Saint-Sulpice-Laurière ? Décembre

Saint-Sulpice-les Feuilles ? Décembre All day Town Centre Information 05 55 76 22 27

Saint-Victurien ? Décembre Place du village Information 05 55 02 17 93

Saint Vitte sur Briance ?/12/2010

Saint Yrieix la Perche 3 Décembre 2010

Solignac ? Décembre 2010

Vayrac 4 December All day Site du Mas Martin Information 05 55 34 46 87

Vicq sur Breuilh 12 December Serres du Pont de Geasse Information 05 55 00 89 91

Other markets near Les Trois Chenes, Videix: The Charente and the Dordogne

The Charente region is just five minutes from us. We are right on the cusp of the Charente, Limousin and the Dordogne.


Etagnac ? December Information 05 45 89 20 33

Chassenon 18 December 8.30pm Salle des fêtes Information 05 55 03 72 72

Le Pins ? December Semi-nocturne Information 05 45 39 61 19

Montemboeuf 4 December Semi-nocturne Information 05 45 65 01 17


Augignac 27 November Avec manègesAll day. Visit from Father Christmas afternoon – Champ de foire et Foyer rural

Piegut-Pluviers 20 November Gift Fair All day Gymnase du College Information 05 53 60 74 75

Limousin is fantastic in winter too - take a winter break in France!

Where to stay in Limousin this Christmas

At our B&B or gite of course. Stay with us for to visit the Christmas markets, shop for Limoges porcelain or take a winter art break.
At our B&B or gite of course. Stay with us for to visit the Christmas markets, shop for Limoges porcelain or take a winter art break. | Source

Where to find us

Videix, 87600 Videix, France

get directions

Les Trois Chenes Painting holidays, Bed and Breakfast, self-catering holiday cottage

Limoges, France

get directions

16000 Angoulême, France

get directions

Lakeside restaurant near Pressignac, the Charente

Le cote de Boeuf, Pressignac, the Charente, is about 7 minutes from Les Trois Chenes - our nearest restaurant, and one of the best!
Le cote de Boeuf, Pressignac, the Charente, is about 7 minutes from Les Trois Chenes - our nearest restaurant, and one of the best! | Source

Galette des Rois, Limousin speciality cake eaten after Christmas

The cake of the kings
The cake of the kings | Source
Chestnut aperitif
Chestnut aperitif | Source


Allassac Corrèze ? Décembre 2010

Brive ? December 2010 Regional products, ice rink. + info: Brive Tourist Office

Le Lonzac ? Décembre 2010

Meyssac ? December 2010 + info: Pays de Collonges-la-Rouge Tourist Office

Meymac ? Décembre 2010

Rosiers-d’Egletons ? Décembre 2010

Tulle Samedi ?Décembre 2010 + info: Tulle Tourist Office


Auzances ? Décembre 2010

Ahun ? January
Exhibition «Hotte du Père Noël»
In the same location there will be, original Christmas gifts on sale
Tel. 05 55 62 55 93

Bourganeuf ? December 2010
Workshop "Délices de Noël"
Auberge de l’Atre- from 16.30 to 18.30 Tel. 05 55 64 12 20

Vassiviere Royere Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December
Christmas market
Market and various animations.
15: 00-20:00 and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Meal available Saturday at 20: 30.Arrival of Santa Claus Sunday 15 h. Salle polyvalente Tel. 05 55 64 75 11

Nouzerines ? December

Saturday from noon and Sunday all day

Salle polyvalente

Tel. 05 55 82 01 36

Fresselines ?
Crafts, choral Santa, singing and crèche human.
Espace Monet Rollinat
Tel. 05 55 89 24 99

Neoux ? December 2010
Exhibitors include crafts and foodie delights. Animations and Raffles throughout the day.
Rides in horse-drawn carriage, pictures with Santa Claus.
8: 00 A.m. to 7 p.m. - Le bourg
Tel. 05 55 66 89 44

Felletin Friday ? 2010
Full of gift ideas worth 40 local producers
Arts and crafts.
Snacks available
For children there will be pony, horse-drawn carriage, make-up, meeting with Father Christmas.
Salle polyvalente, sous des barnums
Tel. 09 77 51 45 88 or 05 55 66 54 60

Dun-le Palestel ? December 2010
Producers come from Santa Claus, horse-drawn carriage, animations children rides
Gymnase - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tel. 05 55 89 24 6

Le Monteil au Vicomete ? December 2010

Night market - from 18 h to 23 h Eglise et cour de l’école Tel. 05 55 64 04 57

Merichal ? December 2010
An event not to be missed with something for young and old.
Au château de la Mothe from 14 h to 18 h
Tel. 05 55 67 27 91

Gueret ? to Friday 24 December 2010
Christmas village with tents and cottages:
artisans, gastronomy. Various entertainment …
Place Varillas- 10 am to 8 pm
Tel. 06 46 12 85 17

Mouthier d’Ahn ? and Sunday 19 December 2010
Discover local products and handicrafts
Decorated as a Christmas medieval village.
Place de l’eglise - 10 a.m. 30 à18h square
Tel. 05 55 62 45 63

Gouzon ? December 2010
Ideas to help you decorate your tree walk, or create your perfect dinner party, our local producers, and craftsmen offer you all kinds of ideas for the holidays
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Church square
Tel. 06 70 56 97 81

La Courtine Sunday 19 December 2010 Salle polyvalente Tel. 05 55 66 75 60

Mainsat ? December 2010
Salle du temps libre From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tel. 05 55 83 10 42

Auzances ? December 2010 A few days before Christmas, perfect for last minute gifts. Santa Claus will be on hand to meet you in person.. Refreshments, mulled wine. Animations throughout the day. From 9 h to 18 h. Salle des fêtes Tel. 05 55 67 17 13

Aubusson ? December 2010

Come and discover the flavours and know-how of our land and find ideas for your Christmas gifts and holiday meals. Various animations: inflatable play structures for children, horse-drawn carriage with Father Christmas face painting, Free “Equibus” for your journeys between the market and car parks. Place de la Paix et Rue Vieille - from 10 h to 19 h Tel. 05 55 66 32 12

Aubusson Tourist Office

La Souterraine Thursday 23 December 2010
Christmas market
Sale of gourmet, products, crafts, animations…
Centre ville
Tel. 05 55 63 97 78


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