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How to Find a Personalized Christmas Stocking Holder

Updated on December 7, 2009

Christmas is a time of year when even the simple act of decorating a home or putting up lights can bring joy and happiness to everyone around.  Stockings are a Christmas tradition that most families take part in so having the right Christmas stocking holders is very important.  Most homes have a mantle over the fireplace where stockings can be hung from individual stocking or multi-stocking holders.  Individual holders work well for large mantles because they enable you to space out the stockings to cover the entire mantle.  Holders with multiple hangers work best for small mantles so the stockings can be centered and automatically properly spaced out.  Some homes do not have a mantle so stockings need to be hung with the help of a metal or wooden stocking holder stand.

Personalized Mantle Stocking Holders

Finding a personalized multiple or single Christmas stocking holder is actually very easy.  Most personalization or engraving stores carry a selection of holders that can be personalized by either engraving the names or a picture of your family members.  Some stores also carry photo frame glass, wood, or brass stocking holder sets which enable you to insert a photo of each family member directly into the holder, right above each stocking.  Most mantle holders are Christmas themed so you should have no problem finding the most popular figures including Santa, reindeer, and snowman stocking holder options locally. 

A multi stocking holder can also be personalized with your family name or photos of your family members.  Most multi-holders are made of metal or wood.  Some have limitations as to how many letters you can include in each or have a limited amount of frames in which to place the pictures in.  You can however, find many customization options online.  The internet is full of stores that offer customization with sizes and styles to choose from.

Stocking Holder Stands

Stocking stands are great for homes without a mantle.  Most stands are made of metal because they need to be sturdy enough to balance the weight of multiple stockings.  Some homeowners prefer to keep the stockings away from the mantle because of the fireplace below.  Hanging stockings away from the fireplace area is a wise decision because you never know when an accident can occur.  There are many different styles of stands to choose from including a stocking tree which is similar to a coat or hat rack with various hooks at different levels to hold the stockings.  Line stands are also available in many different options.  The line of metal hangers can hold various stockings side by side in a line. 

You can find personalized stocking stand options also on the internet.  Most allow you to engrave your family name on the top of a stocking tree or tower.  Some line stands come with a small picture frame holder where each stocking will hand directly below each family member’s photo.  Some of the most popular types of stands are the Christmas tree and Santa stocking holder.  Both are in the coat or hat rack style and offer you the option to hang multiple stockings anywhere in your home. 

You should have no problem finding regular or personalized holders for your stockings this year because you can look locally or shop online.  There are many fun and unique ways in which you can showcase your family’s stockings.  For example, this year I decided to use a reindeer stocking holder for each member of my family.  I have nine family members and each reindeer holder is personalized with the names of Santa’s reindeers.  I basically gave each one of my family members a reindeer name including Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolf.  My family loves the theme and so far, everyone that has visited our home has also remarked on the creativity of our stocking display.


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