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Unique Christmas Stocking Holders and Stands

Updated on December 7, 2009

Hanging stockings is something that most families consider a tradition.  A majority of families use Christmas stocking holders in order to stabilize each stocking securely on the mantle over a beautiful fireplace.  For most families, a dilemma exists because many have a difficult time getting the stockings to stay on the holders or finding holders that can withstand the weight of a stocking once it is full of goodies.  Most mantle stocking holders are made of a heavy material that is perfectly made and balanced in a way so it can successfully hold a stocking even when it is full.  Multiple stocking holders also work well because it acts like a scale as it holds the multiple stockings in place.  If you don’t have a mantle, then all is not lost.  The market is full of stocking holder stands to choose from.  Each stand typically has a topper and the pole is fitted with hooks that are scattered and perfectly spaced so the stockings can hang at different levels on the pole which helps keep the stand balanced regardless of the weight of each stocking.

Mantle Christmas Stocking Holder

There are many different sizes, materials, and figures to choose from when it comes to mantle holders for your stockings.  Some can be personalized with each family member’s name while others come with a small picture frame where a photo of each person can be inserted.  Single brass stocking holder sets have been the most popular type for many years because they offer an excellent support and many can be inexpensively customized or engraved.  You can however, find all kinds of sturdy holders make of materials such as glass, porcelain, and even heavy plastic or resin. 

To create a unique display of mantle holders for your stocking this year, you will need to use your creativity.  For instance, consider the number of people in your family.  Use that number to find a fun and unique way to display everyone’s stocking.  You can easily find sets that spell out your family last name or a special phrase.  You can even custom order a set that spells out your family name.  There are limitless options when it comes to personalizing an individual stocking holder and even a set.

Stocking Holder Stand Display

Stocking stands were creating for people that either do not own a mantle or for those that are concerned with the safety of stockings hanging over an operating fireplace.  You can find all kinds of stands which are also known as stocking trees.  The stands are usually made of metal which much be sturdy enough to withhold the weight of your stockings especially once they are filled.  I recently ran into the cutest reindeer stocking holder stand online.  It had Santa’s sleigh at the top and each hanger below had the figure of a reindeer. 

Some companies offer customization of stands including the option to engrave names on each of the hooks on the stand.  You can also opt to customize the topper which usually contains a figure like a tree, Santa, star, or snowflake.  Most look very much like a stocking tree or similar to a coat rack but there are many variations to consider including one with a base containing a line of metal holders where you can secure each stocking by a hook at the top.  I have also seen some that contain a small picture frames at the top of each holder where you can add the photos of each of your family members. 

Whether you choose a theme or simply one that catches your eye, it really doesn’t matter as long as you have fun and like the end result.  Some people choose Santa stocking holder sets because they have tons of Santa decorations in their home.  Others choose snowman stocking holder sets because it brings back memories of building snowmen as a kid.  There are many possibilities especially if you choose to personalize each holder or stand.


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