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Cinderella Costumes

Updated on October 27, 2015

Cinderella Halloween Costumes

What woman or girl doesn't dream of being like Cinderella, and in contrast to a lot of Halloween costumes available to wear, a Cinderella costume would allow you to be the queen of the party, as the many elegant costumes make a woman look great.

Of course all those little princesses of our own love the idea of dressing up as a little princess, and Cinderella costumes are among the most fun and pretty for the little girls to wear, as you'll see in some of those Cinderella Halloween costume photos shown below for our young ladies.

The one thing about a Cinderella costume you have to know about is, for the most part, you're going to be dressed in blue and white, as that's be far the predominate colors offered in Cinderella costumes, and they really do capture the royalty associated with Cinderella in a compelling way.

So following are some Cinderella costume ideas to give you an idea of what your children, grandchildren or yourself can wear on Halloween that will be a big hit at the party.

Cinderella Costumes for Young Ladies

The Cinderella costumes below are a good example of the types offered for the young ladies in our lives, and are really a great way to dress up our girls to capture the elegance and beauty associated with Cinderella and her wonderful story.

Pretty Cinderella Costume

Cute Cinderella Costume for Young Lady

Adult Cinderella Costumes

As you can see from the next photos, Cinderella costumes come in all types and blue hues, and I though I'd show you show you several different styles and colors, including a naughty Cinderella for those of you that are playful on that side of things.

But the other two costumes look great as well. And if you're attending a party which would include your children, it would be a fun way to dress up with your daughter together.

Cinderella Costume with White Top, Blue Bottom

Elegant Cinderella Costume with White Gloves

Sexy Cinderella Costume Idea

Wonderful Cinderella Costumes

As with all Halloween costumes, this one of Cinderella is a lot of fun to work with, and as you can see, can be offered in a very different ways, even with the limited color schemes and styles usually associated with her royal demeanor. That's because of the various blue hues and the inclusion of white in a variety of ways with the costumes. Lots of fun!


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    • profile image

      yasmine 6 years ago

      ys that is nice

    • profile image

      Miss Cinderella 7 years ago

      If you think that a Cinderella Costume is only good for Halloween you are mistaken. A Cinderella Costume can be used and reused many times over. Little girls love to play dress up and being a princess is dreams come true. A little Child Cinderella Costume will be worn over and over again till your little princess out grows the dress.