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Snow White Costumes

Updated on July 24, 2015

Snow White Halloween Costumes

Snow White costumes have really went through changes over the years, as it has been some time since I've looked around for some ideas for them, and shall we say, they cover everything from the traditional Snow White look, to the, um, non-traditional, to say the least.

But there's a little bit of everything for anyone who wants to wear a Snow white costume on Halloween, but in some cases they seem to move so far off of what Snow White looked like and represented, you would have to include something - like an apple - to let people know exactly who it is you're representing

Thankfully for young girls, the traditional and classic Snow White costume remains, and still looks cute and fun when they wear them.

For the adult ladies, there's some naughty Snow White costumes that range from cute to about as sexy as you're comfortable with showing.

Either way, Snow White continues to be a hot Halloween costume, and remains very popular to this day.

Traditional and Classic Snow White Costume

For those who prefer the classic and traditional Snow White look, here's a fantastic Snow White costume that still looks beautiful, and is a lot of fun for young girls - and older ones as well - to wear.

As you can see in the photo, the Snow White costume look is still as enchanting as it was when we were first introduced to her.

Traditional Snow White Costume

Cute Snow White Adult Costume

While you couldn't call this Snow White costume traditional, still I like it, and it's really cute and looks fantastic. You still get the feel that you're really looking at Snow White,albeit with a little more leg showing than usual. Very nice costume.

Cute Adults Snow White Costume

Adult, Sexy Snow White Costumes

These next couple of sexy, adult Snow White costumes, can be identified only with a pretty large stretch of the imagination. The one directly below has a little bit of Snow White left in her because of the colors, along with the black hair and red bow, but the two-piece Snow White costume below that one is pretty unidentifiable if you ask me. The colors are right, but the blond hair and bare midriff are definitely not the Snow White our parents would recognize.

Still, some of you may like them, but you better carry that apple with you too if you want people to know who it is you're dressing up as.

Sexy, Adult Snow White Costume

Two-piece Snow White Costume

Wide Range of Snow White Costumes

These photos of Snow White costumes show that Snow White is not quite the Snow White many of us knew as children any longer, and while the traditional Snow White is still there, you also get a wide range of Snow White costumes catering to just about every taste and comfort level there is out there.

Even so, wearing a Snow White costume continues to be a very popular practice, and that will continue on as long as there's a Walt Disney out there reminding us of her.


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