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College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

Updated on August 29, 2014

College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan. Every parent want the best future for their children and like what I always say in my other hubs about insurance, life plan insurance for children, these are ways to insure or secure the child's future, by getting them insurance plan (in particular -- college insurance plans for educational purposes). It will benefit our children in the long run and we have the peace of mind that their future are taken care of.

There are lots of college insurance plans which are not expensive and are affordable which you can choose from. The Gerber Start Smart College Plan is one of them and this is the topic of the hub, to explain this college plan and its benefits. I am not in anyway affiliated with Gerber and it is my way of helping parents that's why Iam discussing this college plan for your children. You are the one who will choose which one is the best option for you and you have the prerogative to make this option as one of the choices you have in getting college insurance plan for your children.

If you have time you can check my other hubs about insurance -- life and educational insurance for children and its benefits :

College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

The Gerber Start Smart College Plan-- this is an endowment life insurance policy in which you have the sole decision on how much you can give as the premium or contribution so that you will receive the payment benefits after ten to twenty years depending when is your child starting college education. The amount ranges from $10,000 to $150,000 depending on the amount you choose

  1. Since the company Gerber is a well established company and it is guaranteed that the chosen policy amount is received after it matures. One side to it is that earnings are taxable
  2. There is no risk meaning it is not affected by the fluctuations of markets
  3. Contribution tax are not deductible
  4. You can use the money for any purpose, not only for educational purpose
  5. Money is contributed depends on the amount set by the company annually, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.
  6. It pays the death benefit meaning if the one insured perished, automatically it will pay the beneficiary the whole amount of policy. Gerber Start Smart Plan "provides a guaranteed sum of money with the added protection of life insurance".
  7. It guarantees growth of your money.


College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

How to Apply for the College Insurance Plan -- The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

You can apply online here and look at Gerber sitemap - (make it live, paste it in your browser) and all you need to do is fill up the form and it will guide you supplying the age of your child at this time, your age as the insurer's, age, gender, status and your first name, plus your email address. Be sure to have an email address which is working so that they can send you your personal college plan information. Then you can talk to their representative after reviewing and receiving email and choices from them. You can then provide questions which will help you determine if you will avail of the college insurance plan they are offering. whihc is the Gerber Start Smart College Plan.

College Insurance Plan :: The Gerber Start Smart College Plan

Reasons why Do We Need College insurance Plans :

  • According to the latest data released the cost of college education is between thirteen to fifteen thousand per year in four year degree (in state students) and about twenty five to twenty seven thousand per year in out of state college students. It is more expensive for private college. The rate of increase for college education very yer is increasing.
  • it is advisable to have college insurance plans so that you have peace of mind that your child's future is secure, education is very important determinants in job placements for your child
  • You can never be certain in the future if you can afford a college education in terms of volatility of the markets and financial situation, it is best to save some now and then while building savings in the form of college insurance plans.
  • For one the The Gerber Start Smart College Plan according to their website -- "offers guaranteed savings at affordable premiums—no worries about stock market or interest rate fluctuations. Also, life insurance guarantees the full benefit payment for your child, even if you're no longer there".


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    • alexandriaruthk profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from US

      you're right it is disppointing, Did you try to explain to them your side? take care there,

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I applied for the Gerber Start Smart College Plan only to find out that they would not accept my application because I am active duty military on orders to deploy. They stated that they "must postpone further consideration of coverage until all overseas have been completed and you are back in the United States permanently."

      I am extremely disappointed, especially given that more people (percentagewise) die in car accidents stateside than they do while deployed. I have no idea why they consider this a limiting factor... how disappointing!

    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 

      9 years ago from Virginia

      smart informative hub, alexandria. I hope many can take your advice! Great job!


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