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Company Christmas Party Ideas

Updated on June 27, 2011

Organizing a company Christmas party can be daunting esp. for a big group with diverse tastes and preferences.  But then that is the beauty of the challenge of coming up with these company Christmas party ideas.  On the other hand, the small company is much easier to handle and organize I believe.  Budget may be lesser but creativity can make all the difference.

The first question goes up!  Your company is planning to have a Christmas party right?  Still doubting if you should have one or not?  Vote for yes!  People need a break and they deserve the party for the hard work done through out the year.  If there are people undeserving, let's not focus on them.  Let's be grateful for those who have worked hard.

Want a Poolside Party?

Party in a Function Room?

Choose the Best Venue

The venue must be decided upon first. Look for the best location to have your party. Options are numerous while you work with a budget. Include in your venue hopping, the number of people that can be accommodated, sound systems, facilities that you might want to use.  Does the place come with food or do you need to cater?

  • Restaurant
  • Function room in a hotel
  • Ballrooms
  • Pool side
  • Beach or resort
  • Garden
  • Mountain resorts

Theme: Masquerade Party

Pick a Theme

Themes give Christmas parties a different twist.  Kids are not the only ones who enjoy a themed party right?  Themes will determine what attire the people will come in with.  Here are some suggested themes.  You can definitely come up with your own!

  • Silly Hat Party
  • Masks Masks Masks
  • Prince and Princesses
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Hoodlums on the Loose
  • Wacky
  • Formal Dinner
  • Superheroes
  • Pirates and Gypsies
  • Christmas Halloween

Games and Activities

Prepare games and activities that will spice up the whole event. Come up with wonderful ideas that align with your theme. Contests can be included like Christmas caroling or a dance contest.

Grab some more ideas by visiting these great hubs on games:

You can also use games that you know and just put a twist to the idea to align it with your theme. For example there are many variations one can do with relay games. You can also have brain games, word challenge. Guessing games like actionary, pictionary are fun too. Other games like pass the message or pass the action game can also be hilarious.


Awards can be given to the employees too. Some of the suggested awards:

  • Best in costume
  • Early Bird
  • Couple of the Night
  • Perfect Smile
  • Miss Congeniality

Other awards can be thought of...again align it with your theme. For a SuperHeroes theme, you can have the Best Body. Hahahahah Or The Most Helpful.

Ooops before I forget, the gift or prize can be creative too. For a person who is Most Healthy, you can give a bag of vegetables. For Perfect Smile, give a box of toothpaste.  See, isn't that fun?

Other Activities

Depending on your theme, other activities can be included like swimming for pool side party and dancing for parties in the function room. Make sure you get to have photo shoot for remembrance.

You can also make everyone be part of the preparation by assigning the staff into different committees. Our Christmas parties (even in a small company) have always been something that our team looks forward to every year. In its simplicity filled with creativity, we enjoy the celebration and getting together-letting our hair down and simply having fun.

Enjoy your company Christmas party! Merry Christmas.

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